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  1. woppy101

    What is going wrong with the game? Mods issue?

    Hot fix hasn’t worked for me I’m stuck on the battle loading screen
  2. I though if you has the GK, once they removed it from the German BB line you were supposed to get the Preussen in return, I have just logged into the game and it’s showing that I need to get the 200k+ exp to unlock the Preussen
  3. woppy101

    Cash back coupon use

    The way I read it was you had to claim your gifts within 7 day, not use them within 7days
  4. woppy101

    Cash back coupon use

    Says I don’t have any coupons, even though I logged in within the week of my birthday and received the other gifts
  5. woppy101

    Cash back coupon use

    Couldn’t find anywhere to apply it, which is why I thought it did it automatically
  6. woppy101

    Cash back coupon use

    I got a cash back coupon for my birthday and bought some dubloons but for some season I didn’t get my free ones, is there something special you have to do to use the coupon?
  7. I normally only have time for 1 or 2 games a day now so I save my tokens for the weekend and it’s twice in a row now it’s shafted me on a Friday night
  8. Really, lucky guy, it’s happened to me twice now
  9. So how many times have you guys been shafted by spending your 4 super ships tokens and then getting a measly 100 coal instead and then having to wait 12 hours for your next go
  10. woppy101

    Mass resignation of CC's

    They won’t do a thing, doesn’t matter anyway, they are about to be banned in country’s for illegal practices with regards to gambling
  11. woppy101

    Outta this house

    Do it the proper way, do a charge back, that also pisses off WG
  12. woppy101

    Outta this house

    I hope all you guys that are deleting the game are doing a charge back as far back as you can go on any purchases you made. That will make the greedy corrupt people at WG take note
  13. woppy101

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    They are a bunch of coward pussys, that have no bollocks what so ever, also does anyone expect anything different from a company like WG, they are as corrupt and fraudulent as they come
  14. They are pissing on everyone and don’t even have the courtesy to call it rain