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  1. woppy101

    Mass resignation of CC's

    They won’t do a thing, doesn’t matter anyway, they are about to be banned in country’s for illegal practices with regards to gambling
  2. woppy101

    Outta this house

    Do it the proper way, do a charge back, that also pisses off WG
  3. woppy101

    Outta this house

    I hope all you guys that are deleting the game are doing a charge back as far back as you can go on any purchases you made. That will make the greedy corrupt people at WG take note
  4. woppy101

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    They are a bunch of coward pussys, that have no bollocks what so ever, also does anyone expect anything different from a company like WG, they are as corrupt and fraudulent as they come
  5. They are pissing on everyone and don’t even have the courtesy to call it rain
  6. This is blatant THEFT
  7. woppy101

    Christ, how bad is the Zao now

    PMSL, Zao is mega bad now, she is still my no1 played ship and is the only ship in my top 5 that I have under 50% win and only 1 or 2 under 50% in my top 10. Come back when you have a few more battles under your belt
  8. woppy101

    Christ, how bad is the Zao now

    I do play the petro, I was just having a bit of a Marathon yesterday going through most of my tier 10s and used to really love my Zao but I was shocked how bad she is now
  9. woppy101

    Christ, how bad is the Zao now

    pounded more times than a £2 hoe
  10. Played my first game in the Zao for a while, Christ how bad is she now, almost unplayable
  11. woppy101

    Lock on bug back

    I have noticed over the last few days, that I have been getting some very poor dispersion(wonky) with my normally very accurate ships(yammy, thunderer, Kremlin), I’m actually not having to unlock and then relock a target before I fire. Anyone else getting this lock on bug?
  12. woppy101

    Problems logging in

    Is anyone else having problems logging in to the game? For about the last 3 days or so when I start the game, it sits on the logging in screen and stays there for as long as a leave it, but when I switch to desktop and then back to the game it logs straight in, I have just sat for 10 mins 3 times in a row on the log in screen switched to desktop then back to the game, once I switch back to the game it logs straight in. Very strange
  13. woppy101

    Game crashing

    Another reinstall seems to have sorted it
  14. woppy101

    Game crashing

    It’s worked fine for the last 5 years, all of sudden this morning it’s borked, I have done a fresh install and it’s still bit working
  15. woppy101

    Game crashing

    For some reason my game keeps crashing when I get to the login screen, I have checked the integrity and repaired the game twice, but I keep getting “could not load system resources, please check and repair the game” message