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  1. Voreian

    Update 0.9.1: British Heavy Cruisers Part 2

    Narai was the onlu interesting and somewhat challenging scenario in this game...not to mention that was not a Tier6 scenario and could offer some really good returns to whoever chose to play it. You have removed the T8 scenarios and all those that included enemy CVs abot a year ago and we are only left with some scenarios that are tedious to say the least. Bad choice....some high tier scenarios are needed for all those who want to JUST PLAY for half an hour and dont get involved in high Tier random madness.
  2. 22nd bunddle (not surprising) and not a single silver ship on the Italian line although i managed to get all containers that were available through grinding. Genova in pretty good but highly situational. You manage to shoot some other poor CL broadside.....bye-bye...my regards to fishes. However, you are always afraid that if you beach her....it will shatter like a glass vase.
  3. Voreian

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    What's wrong with that....dont be critizing........However it should have been September 31st and September 39th. A little bit of humorous trolling is in order for you WG after all the "torturing" you have subjected over the past year... Happy birthday and all the best with less decisions of dubious results or effects.
  4. Voreian

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    Many good suggestions, many good alternatives proposed, many-many different BUT interesting paths this could have been implemented that would ameliorate the problems detected. What happens?? WG thinks that it addresses a bunch of 15yo with dads that have a big, fat wallet...........with a lot, easy to misplace credit cards........ Sorry to dissapoint you WG but the VAST MAJORITY of your players are in their late 20s, 30s and 40s.....in know people in their 50s and 60s too... Lets see how many will be convinced by your arguments so as to regrind......
  5. Voreian

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    Do not fall for that it is most certainly misleading and i can prove it.... During the recent reset of the coupons for ships in the Armoryit eas said that all coupons would be reset on the 25-26 June. Guess what, i have used my last ship coupon on the 25/12/2018 and i thought "OK everyone will be getting 3 ship coupons this year", which was a rather logical conclusion. So i used mine as it arrived on the 25/06 and waited for a new one on the next day........SUREEEEEE..... When i ticketed WG to say "hey some people will be getting 3 coupons this year and i only got 2" they repplied with a polite and magnificent "F**** off". Therefore most likely whoever regrinds will get a bucket of manure instead of snowflakes. If you want to take your chances with what the sneak peak claims be my guest, probably it is more likely to have a Belfast or a Kamikaze R dropped randomly to your account from a supercontainer than successfully get all the bonuses.
  6. Voreian

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    If WG wants to repopulate low tier battles they can create new campaigns for T1-2 and T3-4 and T5-6 ships. Complete all three campaigns get the tokens necessary and exchange for Colbert or anything else you want. You can modify this so as to make some money too out of this is some was (no harm if a company wants to increase its revenue). However, regrinding lines that were PAINFUL for a player or wasting hours and hours of playing or tons of game currencies and resources ARE AN INSULT TO ALL DEDICATED PLAYERS. Personally i have 18 grindable T10 ships, some i love some i dont like much, some have been nerfed to the ground (i.e. Yueyang).i dont intent to get frustrated all over again in lines i didnt like, i dont intent to lose my favourite ships. I have about 130 ships in total and almost everything from Tier 6 to Tier10 (apart ftom CVs which i dont play and never will), i have 2mil FXP and overall considerable ammounts of ingame resources and i could do the regrind in a click........naaahhhhh does not worth it.......for Colbert?????......and 20+ million XP on my ships wasted on Tier1s????........ NEXT JOKE PLEASE
  7. Voreian

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    Well how about this......idea...... I have about 20 Tx ships (i dont play CVs, i never will), so 18 grind-able T10s. I am willing to reset them ALL...TODAY.....IFFFF...... WG fires all their marketing and business development (thats what people that can read an EXCELL chart) call themselves and hire in their places some more developers so as to get this game fixed.....i.e. new maps, new content in general and whatever else is considered a drawback with respect to us "having a good time".
  8. Voreian

    Update - Ranked Sprint Fix & More

    I dont know what can be called "experience about the topic" and dont care what your experience is or your overall stat status. The fact that tyou deny someone the freedom of speech is at least appauling.You need to look into it seriously. Calling people noobs of course is not polite however i have seen a people playing T9s or T10s like they have never played a single battle in the game EVER. I saw once a YueYang freeXP his way and trying for 10mins to torp a Gearing, SERIOUSLY, and end up calling Gearing a cheater. For example someone else can say that he has spent 50k Euros in the game and therefore to say to you "get the hell out of the server it is mine". Why argument is more valid?? NONE, both useless, stupid and expressed by people lacking ANY sense of what democracy or freedom of speech is. Now, what will it take for all of you and WG to understand that the CV case is a DEAD END. The mechanics of both CV consumables as well as ships' AA is now fully automated. The CVs impact on the outcome is too great. The impact of a single ship in the game is too much. You have someone capable, OK you may do well and you may win in the end. You have someone with the IQ of a 10yo you have NO WAY to turn the game even if the enemy is a bunch of muppets if you lose 2-3 ships in 2mins cause the enemy CV player brought his brain along. I dont like CVs, i dont play them, i will never play them even in coop cause they are toxic, AS SIMPLE AS THAT As far stats are concerned noone should bother with stats, stats ARE ONLY an indication. Whatever argument, action or whatever else is based solely on stats review is NOT VALID. Even more so when someone is denied his righ to express his thoughts based on stats.......SERIOUSLY??
  9. Voreian

    Update 0.8.5: Rogue Wave

    why only three CVs per side?? we need more, we love being circled around by clouds of flies like buckets full of manure........ every ticking sec can add another CV to the lineup...... seriously now this WILL NOT SOLVE whatever problem it was meant to solve...happy rocketing torping and bombing
  10. Voreian

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    Well....the continuous dedication of dev resources in the CV issues are either becuase the CV class in itself is problematic and has too much of an impact on the outcome of a game (IT DOES) or WG has a too large of a dev team and needs to keep them occupied with "something". In both cases this damages the game in is whole and this is not wanted by anyone. I would not mind even a buff in CVs IF the CV squadrons had a FINITE number of planes as was also previously commented. All other classes have finite health, a finite number of consumables to use, cannot regenerate somehow their AA defences and the list goes on. It is utterly ridiculous to be in a ship, shooting down 40-50-60-70-80 planes in some cases and still the CV to come at you while you sustain damage and the CV does not give a rats a**** if you shoot its planes down. Therefore, BUFF CVs if necessary, STOP this infinite swarm of planes they can throw at you. It is unrealistic, ridiculous and unsportmanlike to say the least.
  11. Sorry Mr. Conway but makes perfect sense and its called "economies-of-scale", single R&D costs, 2 platforms to implement. Sorry again but some of us are not infants. Could not agree more.....and of course and since we are on the EU server it is needless to mention 1 more time that WG is in full violation of all EU legislation concerning consumer rights. And yes, consumer rights also apply to virtual goods, (no matter what your lawyers may say or not matter what loophole WG have found). The treatment and constant changes in the specs of PREMIUMS or even FREEMIUMS cannot be carried out so lightly. I have explained this is in numerous posts and i will not go into further detail.
  12. Voreian

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    This is utterly and totally against all European Union related laws concerning corporeal and actual goods or, as in our case, virtual goods. Having said that when you buy a Ferrari......well, you buy a Ferrari. Your Ferrari cannot, by some magic hand or some other means, be turned into a whatever may be called "premium" cause this is against EU legislation. What you buy is what you get and certainly not something like that instead.......... It may be common practice outside the EU to treat your customers like that, but i would not advice it...at least on the EU server.
  13. Voreian

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Hotfix of the hotfix of the coldfix (i.e. rework).I look forward to the green, red and yellow fixes but my personal best is this fix. Cheers. Another week of sorrow and misery for many of us.
  14. Voreian

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    No you are not wrong. But the computer system gathers whatever its user has instructed it to gather. What matters is why you gather something and how you plan to interpret it, or more likely how it suits you (meaning the analyst) to interpret it. A computer is impartial, a statistician is not. You want to end up claiming that the computer is impartial and feel content or to understand the motivation of the statistician and what it hidden behind the numbers??
  15. Voreian

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    How is it so difficult not to get it?? It is as simple as this: Someone said that he liked or disliked the update. Some other makes a post saying that the previous guy has bad statistics and he should STFU or that his opinion is biased or is invalid (whatever you may call it), without saying something about the problem discussed. *edited* I react and say that recalling someone's statistics to say that he is not entitled to an opinion is bullying. What is it that you dont get? How can you miss the whole point??*edited* And please can you clarify what are the facts in this case i should be discussing about?? The nerfing of the CVs or the buffing of the AA?? Really?? How about WG carrying out constant rework and re-balancing that affects my game experience without proper justification apart from recalling some vague and arbitrary "statistics". Now next time please do bother to read a 2nd time, just in case.