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  1. Pulbah

    Update 0.6.9 Feedback - Bug Reports

    I obeyed and used app cleaner and reinstalled everything which took eons. Worked for ten battles and then crashed. Imac 21" procured in 2016. I know WG say they don't support imac, but they are missing out on a vast market in the USA with this short sighted attitude.
  2. Pulbah

    Update 0.6.9 Feedback - Bug Reports

    Tried this, but mac still crashes. Also how can I change from DX11 to DX9 if I cannot get to settings to do change? It has been some days since I have been able to spend my US$ £ € and ¥. Have tried all the suggested ways to get to my port, but no luck. Maybe you do not want mac money?
  3. Pulbah

    Port is rather heavy for GPU/CPU

    In dry dock I get a ghost impression of my ship. Just the barest skeleton outline. I just use ocean as that is satisfactory would not risk paying for a premium dock as I might not see my vessel. On ethrenet I am on 70mbs so no problems there.
  4. Pulbah

    Ranked Battles Season 7 - Technical Issues

    Me too. I can only see the identity flags. Then when I zoom back my ship also disappears. It can be almost impossible to hit a BB and CC and DD are impossible. What should we do? Clutching at straws as I am drowning as unable to play game. And WG said there would not be submarines in the game. All of can see is the equivalent of periscopes that fire back and sink me. My conection is is via Ethernet and receiving 70mb per second do no problem there.
  5. Pulbah

    MAC Wrapper Feedback

    Latest challenge 6.3 is that during a cyclone the sea becomes multi coloured and then disappears and ship is left sailing in space. Ship still works, but in an unusual environment.
  6. Pulbah

    Santas paypal

    yes it does seem strange that they are loosing loads of money by not having Paypal for some of of us to give them even more cash
  7. Pulbah

    Santas paypal

    i have tried to buy Santa present, but it does not seem to take Paypal. There are three other ways and American Express, but I usually buy via Paypal. Is it me or is Paypal not allowed for Santa?
  8. Pulbah

    Not a good shooter

    Yes I have been having success with the tier 5 Russian DD. Well there is one very good IJN Destroyer gunboat at tier 3, but it is a cruiser with punchy guns and DD Performance fish. I think I might move one of my destroyer captains to her and see how I perform.
  9. Pulbah

    Not a good shooter

    Thank you SF for all the info above. Yes it has been a great help and the Notser film was also excellent. I have been driving my IJN cruisers more and there seems to me an improvement in my hits and even a few citadels. However my experiences with my new IJN DDS has been a disaster. I feel that I am not helping my team at all and in one instance a BB saved me from some deadly fish.
  10. Pulbah

    Not a good shooter

    I usually at long range start at about number 10 and then adjust according to where the ordinance lands or how the victim moves. It can take up to three attempts to get it right with BB, two CC and for DD it is down to what nations DD is being used. Actually I find the USN cruisers and BB to be the worst, but that might just be me. The lone British DD seems the most accurate with her two titchy guns and have sunk USN DDs in knife fights, which seems all wrong to present opinions expressed by others on youtube.
  11. Pulbah

    Not a good shooter

    ScriptorFaust, I use the Dynamic crosshair. Yes I still intend to go down the German Cruiser line.
  12. Pulbah

    Not a good shooter

    Not sure about staying with a pack. I seem to get rammed or torpedoed by friendly DD when I follow pack. I find the lone wolf DD IJN fish firing preferable. Rocky, yes I knew that and I have just had a few games with the new IJN destroyers and I find them rather good and will persevere. The campletown is very similar and I was wondering if the eventual RN destroyers will be like the IJN destroyers. Maybe they will as the IJN originally based its tactics on the RN. E.g. Perl Horbour was a copy of the RN raid on Toranto.
  13. Pulbah

    Not a good shooter

    Rocky, Right, I will take up with the IJN destroyers and give them a go. I have HMS Campbeltown and have done very well in that, in fact I find that the two guns that can fire to be very accurate and pack a fiery punch. The fish are slow, but have a stealth type range. Then I will go back to the IJN cruisers as they have good stealth.
  14. Pulbah

    Not a good shooter

    Dear Rocky, which are the best vessels for the action you suggest please? Dear dasCKD, thank you for a very informative explanation. I will certainly take note and try and follow your advice. Also thanks for checking out my stats. The Scharnhorst was only procured the other day as an impulse buy and your advice is more than good as so far I have been spifflicated every time I have taken her out for a drive. I will return to my IJN heavy cruiser and try and be a help to my team.