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  1. Inked9

    first game in rank 0.8

    I find this Rank season enjoyable and fun and is not as the same boring predictable Rank Season. Its also give DD's a chance to do more.
  2. Inked9

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    I don't mind playing PTS giving real constructive feed back during PTS. The biggest problem with PTS is in most cases (and depends what else is going in regular WOW, time of day, etc) player base is low, causing long wait time to get into whatever is suppose to be tested for a patch. The time wasted in waiting for a set and even in between set. I just go to the regular WOW in order to stay current with dailies, combat missions and what ever the event maybe and not going back to PTS. Yes, you do. It showed with this upcoming patch.
  3. Inked9


    Nah, your all wrong. That's new enamel on the egg shell not wanting to be scratch is all.
  4. Inked9

    Servers Down?

    Time for the hamsters to have a case of RedBull.
  5. Inked9

    Servers Down?

    Yep same here servers out
  6. Inked9

    Lack of Objective Gameplay

    They had a controlled environment (to include ships used) deathmatch with the last mode of the Halloween Set. This mode is ok the first few set but more so become quite boring and quit as the sets on WOT. This mode doesn't really make a player learn and earn the experience as in Random mode. Ha,HA, lol, yes agree and there are plenty of players that will not go near a cap until they lose there dd's and that not even a guaranty.
  7. Inked9

    Lack of Objective Gameplay

    Yes and it also is indicated by what OP plays the most and the other indicator is by the lack (how many) for devastating strike and first blood numbers is that OP doesn't do much caps. So again really this thread is more of the same whine thread as Op usually puts out about game play/players.
  8. Inked9

    This game is missing a little somthing...

    Could have CV. bombs in camo brown, and all torps used, camo as an Oscar Meyer Wiener.
  9. Inked9

    Tier 9 Ranked: ARMSRACE???

    Agree, cruisers will also have to use their radar more wisely than just sit behind and island and pop it like they do in the normal rank season. To add cruisers might even support DD's better than they do in the normal rank season also, but we will have to see on that. As for DD's they will be more functional (depending on the player and skill) to perform a better role in their role. Agree with this also, but in some case the cruisers are even further back than the bb's. The whole thing about this type of rank mode gives a player the versatility to really play their ships as its suppose to be to the different the map scenario and in theory lessen pacifist(non aggressive) players be a bit to be more aggressive in fight to win (not just the top spot on the losing team) and supporting. Its also makes a player actually have to earn that losing team top spot also. I look forward to something different other than the same stale rank mode where everyone knows what going to happen.
  10. Inked9

    Games Continually Ruined by Bad CV and DD players

    I think your old vinyl has a skip in it. Kick the player now. Stand up and take a breath of fresh air allow your brain to get fresh O2 please.
  11. Inked9

    Carriers are Trash

    Could be one in the same guy. Good or bad players they are for the most part are doing what there suppose to be doing, just the same as DD's in most cases. The question is, Does those CV's force you into that lemming train also and you can't farm damage at a distance, thus actually having to make you do something besides stagnating in one area? Or are you already in that lemmming train and got spotted? Could be time for that BBingo card! I lost mine in the deep blue.
  12. Inked9

    Happy New Year!

    With an Krachtig Kanon, pop the top, hoisted up the mass in a "proost". "Happy New Year to all you weathered, salt beaten CPT's of the High Seas!
  13. Solution for this is to change back to the old maps were its not corridor fighting, its just plain and simple. The old maps were not postage stamps and were more open that allowed players to move on a map unlike the newer maps, players are pinned in by corridors, causing game sets to basically be over with in a matter of a few short minutes. This was the start and part of the decline in WOT playersThat is the main reason why I left WOT and came to WOW. WOW is more open with bigger maps that allows a player to move about and not pinned in like farm animals on a very little plot of land, plus the game play is much longer in a set than WOT. AS everyone has stated there is places in WOW for you to play your style as you want. Random is and I said Random is more for individual players to play against one another individual at the same time on a team to win either by Capping and controlling that area while sinking the opponent. There is more than one objective other than sailing around just sinking ships. Random, also an individual to monitor his own progression (in the game). You also have to fight against many other individuals and their own play style and logic, which is more difficult and more of a challenge. This is the challenge that I look for to actually see how good or bad I am with the ships I have in port and how well I have learned what they can do in every possible situation in supporting the team I am on in Random. What your proposing is to hide the fact the average player will still be an average player and not have to learn to play there ship or to even really carry themselves without the help of other to support them. Thus presenting a real false sensation that they are doing well, when infact its not the individual that doing well but only the team or group specially in the game style you purposed. In this conclusion at all the disgruntled Posts you have suggested about team play is the fact you fit this category I just stated in this paragraph. Now the horse has been long been beaten dead, just bury it and move on.
  14. You can do that, just start up a clan for clan battles and then you can do just as you suggested.
  15. It was something different to add into Random to give Random some diversity with the forts. Scenarios mode is the mode with all the other things you mentioned and in some of those scenarios mode have more than one set up. Everyone who does pay attention to how the scenario is set up knows how and were everything will enter the game, thus players will play as if in clan battle much more than in random. The thing is WG has more than one mode to play in. Training room- where one can do what ever they want for battles( minus all the goodies you would get in Random, Rank Battles to eliminate the abuse on good and award collecting. Clan Battles- More organized battle between teams. Scenarios Mode- this setting has more of an objective for a player who wants to play that. Co-Op-more of a training supplied by WG for new players. Rank Battles- is a chaotic random version of clan battles mixed together. Random Battles- are exactly that Random were the only thing that really doesn't change is map lay out and is a free for all mad chaos set made for the individual player in a sense, but at the same time one can have sets were everyone does work towards that win. Most if not all games have these modes in one way or another with different names.