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  1. Inked9

    Czech flag (cosmetic) bonus code

  2. Inked9

    WoWs flaws and how to fix them (maybe)

    Hmmmmm, Some of this I agree but not all of it. Ja there maybe some real ships that are over-powering, but for the most part its the fact is allot of players haven't a clue how to used there ships still or how to play the game effectly. Agree that more better tutorials could help, but again that if players actually watch them. No, U-tube community contributors mostly show all the good battles and less of the bad-ones whether its their bad-ones or other's bad-ones to give the novice a better understanding of the environment and what random play are really like from both sides of the spectrum. The good plays are good for that one environmental set played with everything is just right for that set. This what the novice sees and predicts his game is going to be like that also and then whines for nerfs and everything else. Maps are also a big issue in Random Battles. The caps are in the same spot so most can assume where ships will show up, thus starts the sinking. This is no different on WOT with how there maps are sit up in alley fighting on a postage stamp where everyone knows what going to happen. That is why I quit playing WOT. The only real difference is that WOW maps on higher tier ships are not postage stamps. 20% leaving WOT is the fact is the sets never last over 10 minutes and if they haven't really change anything as for maps, alley fighting etc. Then I can understand why the players base has dropped that much and more than likely move to WOW because of this. As for Seal Clubbing, doesn't happen that much on any team I've been on and if there is seal clubbing going on its not one game after another by the same person doing it or one game set right after another . Maybe by chance he was on the receiving end of the Seal Clubbing aspect of this or taking the word of others that were in this position by different players because of what ever ( to me more a whine section without crackers or kaas). And for sale I partially agree the ships are to high in cost for a pack, but also look at how many players play WOW compared to WOT. There are more players on WOT and they can keep there price down for that, with what ever they put out, by just the numbers that do play WOT, which is allot more than WOW. So all in all, it is his opinion. Some good points and other points well I'll leave that to the rest of You.
  3. Inked9

    Chinese Whispers

    I have seen this clan when I started out on WOW.
  4. Inked9

    [EXCERPT] WGFest 2018 - RUBBs and RNCVs

    Yay yay, more ships means more threads that they need to be nerfed for this and that. Guaranty!
  5. Inked9

    Four codes from Wargaming fest

    Many Thanks!
  6. Inked9

    Gameplay is now a joke

    The biggest problem for all this, is all the same random maps, same cap points. Change the maps, really change the maps and the cap locations on each map. I found that the arms race maps a hell of allot better to play than the stale damage farming random maps.
  7. Inked9

    WG can you please lower the xp reward for last 4 players

    Definite a tangent off of the main subject of the title. Its not just DD's but the whole team. One team will push and support their DD's, That team will also cover more than one cap, thus not lemming behind one cap with allot of islands, etc. While the other team from CA and up hang in the back or dirt sampling an island next to a cap and the all to well known lemon train to a cap, to stagnate around it until the dd's are sunk etc, thus not supporting their DD's. This is also why a team looses the match to the aggressors. The team that looses as stated above, the higher ships will have higher XP because of damage farming because of those who few are trying to be aggressive (with sense) are taking all the fire and getting sunk. That is why each set has a large difference between the winning team and the losing team. Its just not DD's at fault but more than often its the whole teams fault.
  8. Inked9

    WG can you please lower the xp reward for last 4 players

    Better yet, Just make it "You have to sink something, to get something"! Then there would be no pissen and whining from anyone. Just sink it and keep the pie hole closed is all that need.
  9. Who can't resist a good large furry taco?
  10. Inked9

    Server Problems

    This has been a very good night of just plain "They can't hold it together any longer CPT it going to blow". I finished my Krachtig Kanon and was very good. While waiting for the hermit team to jump start the hamster group with a giggawatt condenser and still after all that, it will take more hours for the Hermit group to figure out what is wrong. Yes and we will all hold our tongues with our fingers and repeat "The server was born on a pile of ships" Good night CPTs.
  11. Inked9

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Keeping calm as the server is down! But a chances for a cols one while waiting for the server to come back on line.
  12. Inked9

    Server Problems

    Did that amd still a NO-GO at this station.
  13. Inked9

    Server Problems

    Same can't log in still. Hmmm maybe its time for a Kanon!
  14. Inked9

    Server Problems

    Lol, pre-weekend overload. Time to feed the hamsters Red Bull!
  15. Inked9

    Server Problems

    i sent a ticket in also. The game dropped right in the middel of a set.