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  1. Format is fijn as was all the other rank formats. Biggest probleem is the player base and if you get stuck on the side that play like Shirley Temple with there good ship lolli to farm damage (pacifist play) trying to get that that 1 star. Then your screwed if you a couple of other are actually trying to win the set, which is no different than what the other formats had. We Own the Night Tv is on and its time for a Kanon!
  2. Inked9

    2020 Anniversary Super Containers

    Yep, allot of camo and ramming flags. I'm not expecting much then it won't be a disappointment.
  3. Inked9

    Remove Detonation from Ranked Battles?

    I take it you have your signals automatically rest to the ship after you finish a set? Yes? If so take your autorest off and you will never lose track of how many you have. If you have it on manually then its on you. Denations are good if your one not getting det but sucks if you are. For me its a goed indicator i did something wrong and got sloppy in the set.
  4. Inked9

    The Fun has gone out of the game.....

    My only problem with the game is getting stuck in a set when most (not all) the the players on the team are playing passively and wait 3/4 the way through to actually move to participate after the fact all the cap circles have been capped by the enemy. Another good one is 3/4 of the team stagnates behind the islands around the cap circle being most effectively searching gofer holes and not in a real effective position to return fire on the enemy ships. It's not so much of the game ( other than the obvious), but its the player base and mentality specially if you get stuck on those teams more than you like.
  5. Logged into today and had a set where the same thing game freezing , but then get dumped out of WOW completely not just once but several times. Found out it only happens on random battles , not co-op or operation of the week mode.
  6. Inked9

    Server issues

    Anyone one else having server issues on the EU server?
  7. Inked9

    KotS Camo Code

    TY, worked.
  8. Inked9

    EU server is $hitting the bed

    NA, the hamsters are running half empty and need a full tank of Red Bull in order to run at full speed. Then in the back ground you hear a hamster with Scottish accent saying, " I'm giving her all she's got, Cpt!"
  9. Inked9

    Remove ship health status bars,

    Isn't always the case with these wine and cracker threads? (For the majority of the time.)
  10. Inked9

    Poll about Ranked Seasons

    Rank is a smaller version of random with better things to get. The reason why I say that, there are to many times one gets on a team where most hang back supporting themselves or plugging gofer holes keeping an island floating. It doesn't matter what mode rank is played in. Also has to do with what day it is and time frame were those window lickers get off the short yellow bus and start playing. I play to see how far I can get on the rank chain and stop when it gets annoying.
  11. Inked9

    DD rework thread

    I am not holding my breath on a goede rewerk to done. Something will be subtracted and other things will be implement not that they will be good implements or even the subtractions.
  12. Inked9

    Broken ranked, some questions to WG...

    Its not only in rank there been plenty of that in randoms also. Most of the time their the furthest away and barking. Not all of them are that way. I seen only a few that actually have done something that beneficial to the team. It doesn't matter what mode rank is, its about those who have there tongues stuck to the frozen window frame trying to get the most damage so they can get that star if their on the losing side.
  13. Inked9

    Lags, Spikes And Disconnections

    could be their using all their hamsters for their twitch broad cast to make it easier for them to hit something or they need to refuel the hamster with a few more redbulls.
  14. Inked9

    Lags, Spikes And Disconnections

    I have the same issue this evening as you do. And I thought it was just on my side.
  15. And they could get worse. Specially if you on the team that doesn't support which were most of the games I played last night. In a few Tier 8 to tier 10 ships BB's and DD's ( haven't done CA's yet). The torp mod is a goed for Tier 8 and above but its makes torping from a DD much much harder to hit anything.