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  1. Too many dd

    Spotting mechanics, there are DD players in a set that do that, but it doesn't means a whole lot when an a team is just focusing on the opponents CA's and BB's. Also as I said before, if they are in the back or checking out what color dirt it is on the island their behind. Just spotting does not give DD's extra anything, but allows those who want to farmer damage from the rear with the gear at the DD's expense. It doesn't matter to me whether its just 2 or 5 DD's on a set. What matters is support for the DD's to accomplish what their suppose to be doing and in most sets ( not all sets) there is not much of that. Lol, to many dd's maybe they should take it back where in some sets its was just 1 dd on a team and he opponents didn't have one.
  2. Too many dd

    Ok, you can turn off the music now. The same old song and dance routine is old. It doesn't matter there will be a team with camping bb's and ca's that will push at the end when all the dd's are sunk. Doesn't matter if there is three dd's on a team or more it still happens. Bb's on a team will hang in the back as the ca's hide behind an island or hang back with the bb's. One team will push equally to a cap points and will sink the other team has those who hangs back farming damage and wonder why it was a loss after their dd's are sunk. What I find funny is that the pack of five dd's can do more damage before their sunk than half of those who are hanging back . When you have a pack of five that are on the pushing team with support of the ca's and bb's are a bit behind them cap two and maybe all three continue sinking those ca's and bb's that are camping or peta island huggers who are whining that their dd's are sunk first no matter if there is three to five have all sunk. Try this for a new song and dance theme:
  3. Torpedos go straight through enemy

    Wait, I have to stop laughing. Here one also, been called and idiot for launching deep water torps and one of our dd wasn't paying attention flew right over the top of them as he was firing he at a bb.
  4. Petition to remove storm

    Storms are fine and a good challenge. If done correctly a dd can capitalize on it, specially if they are paying attention to the mini map. Yes miscalculations will end badly for a dd. I have made those at one point or the other, but most of the time the set turns out ok. Its no different than the storm in the second Halloween set. Yep this bot recommends you an order of whine, crackers and a sack of nappies.
  5. DD problem

    Reply? hmmm No! Just pop open another Grolsch Kannon and enjoy. PROOST! Play more get better at it.
  6. Hard to Play with High Tier Destroyers!!!

    Radar is only problem when your team radar is out of range to assist in anything if your a dd. Specially if your on that team that wants to hang in the back. Then there is less chance to counter in seeing what the other team has and are doing. Its good if your on the team that actually uses it to assist in capping and or support. If not then your basically on your own in a sense.
  7. Bigger maps for T8-10

    Smaller maps and more islands will make it into a corridor map just the same as WOT is now.
  8. destoyer players stop whining so much

    and if this is the case then your not the first one to a cap in most cases but behind the other dd's on your team or your not alone when you do it, but have support ie. support ca's with radar etc. when your in your kaba. my complaint is that they nerfed the piss out of the IJN torpedoes detection range so that even Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can see them now compaired to what they were before.
  9. Ultimate frontier ruined

    Didn't notice any changes. Played it two days ago and the team finished with only two lost ships and ending it with five stars. Both normal and hard modes should be up to play, but with hard mode an bit more incentives received for playing a good set with the team though.
  10. Agree, most cruisers have radar and hdro, thus making DD'd even more likely to be sunk sooner. Narrowing the map is like WOT maps that were turned in to corridor maps. That is one big reason why I stopped playing WOT to predictable with maps like that. As for BB's if it is predictable there more likely keep doing what they do now " for those kit glove players". What is see most on sets I have played is that both CA's and BB's for the most part focus on the enemy BB's and some will focus on CA's from a distance " kit glove playing". In other sets Ca's get close to a cap to help team dd's with radar and hydro, problem is they have to stay behind an island so they will not get citadel. This renders their guns semi effective or not effective at all depend on positioning specially against enemy DD's. For the most sets I have been on set where both Ca's and bb's are huddled (at a distance or behind islands) together causing dd's to cap or contest a cap unassisted only to be sunk go up against enemy DD's that have aggressive enemy team that is supporting their side. On a aggressive team where bb's are closer to the cap, ie not right on it but close enough they are effective at both enemy BB's, CA' and their secondaries against DD's. This doesn't include if they have radar and or hydro for another supporting role. Besides there are those BB's that only focus their fire power on other BB's only and not on CA's. As well as CA's players only focusing on BB's and other focus only on BB's and CA's not assist in sinking DD's. Take the caps out and have a strictly a hunting party the set won't be over with for a while, but a have a respawn mode for another player to enter the game.
  11. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    Nope, don't find them to hard at all. They are better than playing co-op. Its a good break from the random mode. I play them a few times try to assist others in getting their stars. I already have mine filled. Besides after playing them a few times you know were the ships will be coming from.
  12. Chalk it up "Weekend Tester". Need we say more.
  13. The concealment upgrade is ok, but in all actuality it still doesn't matter when her torpedoes can be seen much easier than any other dd. She is not a gun ship and that is why WG came out with the gun ship line of IJN dds. If WG dropped the 20k and put the other two torpedo set up back the way it was before, then she would be what she was suppose to be and what she is suppose to do. The concealment is more of a bad band-aid when you have the glow in the dark torpedoes as she does now.
  14. Space Battles

    I find the space battles a quite needed break from the same maps and large groups sets on random battles. Its a chance to play two different settings which break up the same stuff. I like the fact that there is two different settings and very much enjoy it. If you don't like don't play it, there is always co-op and bots.
  15. The argument for longer vs shorter games

    I myself prefer what we have and or a tad bit longer in time. One of the reason why I stop playing WOT was the sets were so short in time and the maps turn to crap.