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  1. Thx to all the answers, i will look arround at all of your homepages!
  2. I'm tired of playing alone, so i want so play in a division every once in a while. Nothing too tryhard serious and daily basis but serious enough to win on a regulary. - I play DDs, CAs, and BBs equally. - I play between tiers 6-10 (i lack behind at the German BBs (tier 6) and the american CAs (tier 7), havent touched the brittish CAs as i dont have enough free XP or money to skip to tier 7. - My english is decent. - Premiums: Arizona, Kutusov, Atlanta, Nikolai I. - I like: My Fletcher, my Amagi and my Atlanta
  3. fdykn

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    Same here, at the moment every second or third game CTD. Sometimes at the most critical moment.
  4. fdykn

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    I get this message, had six CTDs today...
  5. fdykn

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    Same here. Never had CTD mid match before.
  6. The whole thing isn`t working for me atm. Installed latest version as always, but no damage counter, no minimapmod, no tracers....
  7. i need the minimap mod and damage counter
  8. fdykn

    German Cruiser Feedback

    THE RAGE IS REAL! The Karlsruhe is the most ridiculous ship in the game. I had to run from japanese dds with this scrap ship! The Furutake is pure joy against this horror. Slow fire, inaccurate, nearly no damage. After two games i invested 17000 freexp to get to the Nürnberg. Remove this ship or buff it in every way.
  9. Conclusion: Don`t sell them and let them rest in the harbor
  10. I mean the ships which are coming woth the 49€ pre order package. Gone forever? Do i have to rebuy them?
  11. fdykn

    The worst ship i have encountered so far

    Grind complete, got to the next ship with clsoe quarter combat against BBs, but with the torps
  12. fdykn

    The worst ship i have encountered so far

    The problem is the 20sec reload time, fastsqitch impossible. But i will try the AP with the Furutaka.
  13. fdykn

    The worst ship i have encountered so far

    So i should use AP instead of HE?
  14. fdykn

    The worst ship i have encountered so far

    No thx, But i would think something a little bit closer to the Omaha, i had much more fun with it.
  15. The Furutaka The ship is outclassed by every other ship in the game. Only six Turrets with a reload of 20 secs and the turrets turn soooo slow. To play with this and grind for the next tier i a pain in the a**. Pls buff this poor little thing, for example with half the reload time it currently has. Pls?