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  1. Spectre__

    Stalingrad captain skills and upgrades

    I use this build with the flag i have 45.6 secs cd on dcp , i find going for AA pointless , if a CV wants to strike you he will , heck he can slingshot into the blob and drop you .
  2. Spectre__

    I need advice for Moskva gameplay

    I'm currently the designated Moskva player in my clan for Clan battles , i run her like this : https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=3,5,12,14,17,21,23,28&ship=Cruiser I'd suggest getting the legendary as soon as possible , the accuracy is crazy good and it also gives a boost in range to 21km . For the most part you can tank a lot with her so she's good at hugging an island to cover your side and then denying caps with the radar , she can also be played on the move if needed but you need good situational awareness , don't show broadside under any circumstances , unless you're in deep trouble then it might be better to risk it and turn if you consider you can't win the fight by staying bow in . She's a fine ship with very good guns and armor , here's some silly things she can do
  3. Spectre__

    Yoshino 310mm Shell Weight?

    I feel this thread is still relevant . Looking at the reviews i feel this ship barely competes with Alaska/Kronshtadt , it's so far behind Stalingrad it's not even funny ... Could she by any chance get it's historical planned 561 kg shells ?
  4. Spectre__


    And the fix is comically simple , cut the range of the torps to ~ 4 km But knowing WG they'll change everything but that .
  5. Spectre__

    Black or Flint

    Having both of them , i'd say get both once you have the chance . Flint is a tr 7 Worcester with smoke also the captain syncs very well on both ships if you use CE+IFHE+AFT so minimum of 18 points to play at it's true power . Now the Black it's a very good ship , however that smoke+radar makes me overly aggressive which most of the times results in me getting obliterated or getting out with far too low HP to be of any use in another gunfight which results in me having the use the sea mines ... can't say i have good results with this tactic , also i had to use a dedicated captain since it doesn't sync that well with my Gearing .
  6. Spectre__

    AFK people in start of a match

    So by your line of thought , if i buy a product and it comes broken from the factory , its my fault that it's broken ... what , get a grip man that's not how the world works . And as i stated above i haven't had any issues with disconnecting lately . Also i wasn't specifically talking to you , but more in a broad sense that it doesn't matter what computer you use sometimes it might be an issue with the game itself which you have no control over .
  7. Spectre__

    AFK people in start of a match

    I wouldn't consider my pc a toaster : i5 9600k , gtx 1070 , 16 GB of DDR4 , 1TB SSD and i play at 1080p , internet . Sure it's not super amazing but it's more than enough for wows at the given resolution . On the other hand didn't have a crash for about 3 days , and nothing changed same mods same settings .
  8. Spectre__

    AFK people in start of a match

    Yes i did , heck i got a new pc 2 weeks ago , it's because of the last patch , before it i had a crash maybe once per 2 weeks , i'm waiting for the next patch since such problems are eventually fixed .
  9. Spectre__

    AFK people in start of a match

    So what will happen when you get the situation i have since the last patch , game crashes at about the middle of the loading bar and it only lets me in after 2-3 restarts of the client . This happens once in about 10-11 games ... . Not even gonna complain about the reports i get for a situation out of my control .
  10. Spectre__

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    I have 107 in the belfast that should be enough to have credibility
  11. Spectre__

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    Yup can confirm Nep Nep needs a bit of love , i'd say lower her concealment from 10.1 to around 9.3 , considering the upcoming CE changes she will be at 9.5 . Which should be fine i'd say . ay .
  12. Bought 5 Mega containers . - T-61 -Mutsu -Monaghan -2000 dubs -30 Leviathan Last year i bought 45 got 1 Galant ...
  13. Spectre__

    Captain respec over already?

    You need to play a Clan Battle first to unlock it .