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  1. Proposal

    Voted No for all , already have belfast , kutuzov and ... fujin not like u normies with your kamikaze . I'd rather watch grass grow that to play a low tr BB so nikolai gets a No .
  2. Ohh yeah you guys are right , i was thinking about the rotation + , still if yamamoto gets the 1 degree instead of 0.7 , it will be workable ?
  3. I don't see what's so good about the zao upgrade . u trade 1.3 km range for 20% rudder no thanks . On the other hand the Khaba one is interesting , range goes to 14.6 and reload to 3.76 but u trade the 40% rudder (math might be wrong ) Republiq is an obscene buff lose some range but get massive reload < 20 secs with AR might go to 15-16 secs ? rip cruisers for good since the guns overmatch 30 mm armor. Yamato one looks like a no brainer , reload , turret traverse decrease ( which is a god send ) and dispersion . DM again lose range and radar duration for what ... lol u are already a bunker next to an island so no need for rudder , acceleration maybe but not worth it for me . The CV changes lol ... wtf The remaining not particulary interested .
  4. Much fun this was ... game ended 4-12 in 8 mins
  5. No i'm not saying the skill lvl will improve or get worse it will somewhat remain the same , i'm saying the majority of people will reach the same stats ( big difference ) Yes there will be , but the big fish will start fighting only eachother after a certain stat treshhold , and as i previously said no matter how good u are , always fighting the best of the best and keeping your crap toghether will be very hard . Sure there will still be the unicorns , but reaching 70-80 % winrate will be extremely hard ( not impossible )
  6. I'm sorry from my perspective , skill based MM is a very bad idea : From my understanding , doesn't matter on what stats it's set ( wr,pr,exp,dmg it's irelevant ) it will mean putting Unicorns vs Unicorns , avg joe vs avg joe , and potatoes vs potatoes . Which in the grand scheme of things will lead to everyone going into the avg joe bracket aka going back from where we started , ok ok u ask me now why is that : Simple as a unicorn you cannot continuosly play like a rattlesnake on crystal meth and u have to do that to keep you stats and even so as u only play other unicorns things will reach a stale mate leading to the same wins/loss for all of you and slowly but surely you will all drop to the avg joe bracket stat wise . Avg joe will stay where he is , because as he improves his stats he will go up meeting the uncorns that go down leading to a to his downfall back to avg joe. Now the funny bunch , the potatoes since they will fight only other potatoes things will go the same way it did with unicorns but instead of dropping they will rise to the avg joe lvl . And so in 6 months -1 year things will go back to the randoms we all love but this time there will be no potatoes nor unicorns stat wise but everyone will be avg joe . Ofc as the good players start meeting the bad ones they will start to rise up in stats but will swiftly fall back since they will start fighting eachother again ( same goes for the potatoes that drop ) . So apart from everyone loosing the bragging rights , Skill based MM wont do crap to improve the gameplay ( it will only increase the queue time for the unicorns for that first period of time ) That's my 2 cents after i just woke up , and i've yet to get coffee .
  7. Warships weeb community

    It's time for the weeb nation to unite ,
  8. Not to brag but in most of the defeats i get better results than this "win" , like Jesus the lvl of competence on the average player hit rock bottom ...
  9. Maby it is time

  10. Russian T8 DD's

    Can't talk much about Ognevoi nor Kiev , since i was past them before the line split . For the others well , Udaloy : a very good gunboat and if u go Concealment build (recommended) you can stealth torp , works very well as a cap supporter for real DD's , in other words ; a very fun to use and extremly sexy looking ship ( almost forgot it can use DF). Grozovoi : i very much enjoy this girl , tied with Gearing as my favourite DD's , can get 6km detection so u are finnaly a real DD not just a gun boat , 10km torps , amazing guns (extreme velocity almost feels like Moskva railguns ) however one big downside she fat & clumsy ( u better take the 50% acceleration module ) , her AA coupled with DF is very strong and will make tr 8 CV's cry , 9's reconsider and screw the attack for 10's . Tashkent : played her when she was tr 8 solid gunboat , can't say much about her on tr 9 , but should be decent . Khabarosk : very powerfull Gunboat , she's a CL w/o citadel going 48kts , don't try to play her like a DD u will fail miserably . She can also use Heal Party ( same for tashkent ) but gives up smoke for that , a very strong ship and don't forget to use that speed . However she's too overspecialized for my taste , i like Grozo much more .
  11. Torp bug STILL not fixed?

    Literally https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/the-horn-section/ , i know checking news is overrated but still ....
  12. What you got in your Santa containers?

    Bought 5 of each type Biggest ones x30 Wyvern x30 Hydra x30 Red Dragon x1 Galant x30 Frosty fir camos Medium 2x15 Frosty fir cammo 3x15 Dragon Small ones 2x50 Zullu 2x50 Zullu Hotel 1x10000 free exp Edit bought 10 more big ones x30 Wyvern 2x30 Dragon x30 Red Dragon 3x30 Frosty fir x2000 dubs x30 Hydra x15 Type 59 And with that ends my gambling addiction and any future moneyz i'll give to WG .
  13. how long can you play? yamamoto: Campaign

    And yet that attitude , but that's none of my problem . Well i did find the image on one of the Discord servers i'm on . I monstly wanted to confirm that somewhere , WG did say it will be permanent and it wasn't just all in my / SHDRKN4792 mind .
  14. how long can you play? yamamoto: Campaign

    I feel a very angry attitude from you , but never mind that . I never said the post was from EU now did I ? https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/itsabouttime/