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  1. If you can afford get Scharhorst while it's still on discount , and sure it's higher tier ship than your curent level but that doesn't mean you have to play her now ( u can try coop if u are eager to play her ) . If you want credits low tier premiums are the worst ships u can buy , get 1-2 tr 7-8 ships while they are on Discount , and there's a pretty big discount atm , which might not come any time soon . But remember you dont have to play them right away . And dont do what i did . Bought quite a few low tier premiums as recommended by the " all knowing forummites " and now i despise playing below tier 7 , which got me stuck with ships i haven't touched in years , wish i could trade them for dubs .
  2. I wasn't talking about the response you made to the Quiz . Heck i'm not sure what the best answer is to that , mostly depends on what's the overall situation . But with no knowledge over anything else I would rearm the fighters as fast as i can then send em over to support the 3 ships trying to cap .
  3. Hay , While i'm not a CV main , i play them occasionally . From your whole rant @Butterdoll the conclusion i came to is you have no idea how CV work and i'd recommend you try one out . CV ain't easy to play trust me on that , there's a reason why it's the hardest class to play and the most influential .
  4. Hay, While idk what to blable about , i feel like joining this discussion . So i've been playing carriers with hit and miss , took me around 1.5 years to get to the Essex (mostly cuz i rarely play CV ) , and i have to say it's pretty damn hard to play ( while i've been getting to terms with her lately ). Currently i'm trying to play 2-3 CV matches a day , and i always pray to RNGeesus i face a weaker player than myself while playing Essex , after i got a traumatizing Fisting by the top EU CV player by stats , like i couldn't take 1 plane from him , while i still managed to do ~ 80k dmg and a Devastating , but boy i felt so bad for the team since it was quite good and the only reason we lost was my sheer incompetence . Taiho in competent hands is my bane so far , Essex as adversary is hit and miss but i can say i'm able to handle it no matter the loadout he uses . On the IJN side i'm at Hiryu atm , and while i dream of myself owning a Taiho some day , there is a really big issue if i'm past the 6 key on the keyboard ... things don't go well . While i played Taiho on PTS a few times , and i did have really spectacular results ( mostly cuz noob opposition ), but those 7 squads man ... i can keep them under control for a while but if i lose it ( 1-2 mistakes ) everything goes to crap :( . Ryujo was a blast tho , Hiryu i'm strugling a bit mostly cuz that god damn 7 key . But i have no plans on getting the Hakuryu , i'll leave Midway as my tr 10 CV when i'll eventually get it , but looking at the future changes ... 6 squads ... well [edited]me sideways . Please excuse the occasional curse word and my poor English . Forgot to add smth
  5. I'm using my Gearing with these captain skills ( i don't know on what to use the last 2 points tho ) . Why i don't use RPF( RL) mainly because it's a double edge sword ( sure it points to the closest enemy however he also knows there is someone close to him , making oblivious targets aware of your attempt to pray on them ) And as said before , with enough situational awareness you can get the same result , so why not invest the points into something more useful .
  6. There edited for you
  7. Ohh yea you're right ... can't believe i missed that , well time to find excuses ... quick think of something ... ohh yea i haven't retained captains in quite a while , also having a good stack of elite exp must have made me not give it much importance .
  8. Heya. I'm afraid u got Retraining and Re-specking wrong . The retrain cost for a 10+ point captain is capped at 100k exp , so if u pay 200k credits u get that to 50k exp which can be elite / free exp or normal grinded exp with your Atlanta . Re specking is the one u are calculating there which is 10k exp per point , so for a 19 point captain will pay 190k elite/free exp for a point resset . Edited some grammar mistakes .
  9. No if u have cleveland let's say with 14 points captain , u will get a tr 6 Pensacola with 14 point captain and a tr8 cleveland with 8 point captain , all exp will stay at it's current tier . so if u have baltimore with 100k exp u will get buffalo with 100k exp . And if u have cleveland now , after the change all ships below the tr 8 cleveland will be unlocked BUT not purchased , aka u need to only buy them , No need to research . I feel they will give Pensacola her old stock hull with 8x203 mm guns so she should be fine in tr 6
  10. As i said in the main discussions thread . Midway with tr 8 planes , Hakuryu will run circles around it even harder . Maybe just decrease the rearming CD for Essex/Midway by 25-35% for start then see what happens . Also when a squad dies the CD needs to be reduced it's over 1 min 30 secs now , in that time a Haku rearms and launches all of it's planes . Lexi/Ranger changes are looking good tho .
  11. Tier 8 planes on Midway . Now Hakuryu will run circles even harder around it . They should just reduce the rearming CD by 25-35% , and also reduce the CD when a Squad dies .. like it's 1 min + now in which a Haku can rearm and launch all of it's planes . 2-2-2 idk how to feel about this , but we have to wait to see the TB drop pattern .
  12. Everyone worrying about how OP the Pensa will be at TR 6 , she will probably have her old hull with 4x2 203mm guns and 15 sec reload which will be in line with the other cruisers at that tier . On another note , [edited]yea this got my interest to play the game again . Tho it will probably be gone by the time the split will arrive . Still Buffalo Hype , i was hoping it was tr 10 but 9 is fine too .
  13. Is this considered Sealclubbing ?
  14. While yes a Yamato can punish angled BB's , it does require very precise aim and decent prediction skillz and a bit of blessing from Rngeesus ... but Why bother when u can use a Conqueror to obtain 150% the results while only requiring meh aiming skillz ?