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  1. Spectre__

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    I have 107 in the belfast that should be enough to have credibility
  2. Spectre__

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    Yup can confirm Nep Nep needs a bit of love , i'd say lower her concealment from 10.1 to around 9.3 , considering the upcoming CE changes she will be at 9.5 . Which should be fine i'd say . ay .
  3. Spectre__

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Bought 5 Mega containers . - T-61 -Mutsu -Monaghan -2000 dubs -30 Leviathan Last year i bought 45 got 1 Galant ...
  4. Spectre__

    Captain respec over already?

    You need to play a Clan Battle first to unlock it .
  5. Spectre__

    [] Anime related skins collection modpack

    Ohh so that's why i was getting an erron when trying to install Scharhorst Albedo skin :(
  6. Spectre__

    [] Anime related skins collection modpack

    Hay , about the skins in PNF mods , The skins from SEA group for Fiji,Yugumo and your Scharnhorst (albedo) dont work in Dx11 . All was great since i used to run Dx9 , however since the latest patches i have major frame issues with Dx9 so i switched to Dx11 , if you could possibly address the issues would be great Edit: Well now i feel dumb for writing w/o doing some more research , found Fiji/yugumo skins that work from your modpack
  7. Spectre__

    Zao - New class cruiser : Featherweight cruiser

    I still think they should have just undone the nerfs they did back when stealthfire was a thing . Just give back it's 12 sec reload , the 44800 hp and remove the 12km torps , maybe give her 10km torps like on ibuki .
  8. Spectre__

    Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    Hey at the moment I'm away with work , when i get back I'll try to update the collection ( i need to remove / change some skins which don't work anymore ) , thanks for helping :)
  9. Spectre__


    Voted No for all , already have belfast , kutuzov and ... fujin not like u normies with your kamikaze . I'd rather watch grass grow that to play a low tr BB so nikolai gets a No .
  10. Ohh yeah you guys are right , i was thinking about the rotation + , still if yamamoto gets the 1 degree instead of 0.7 , it will be workable ?
  11. I don't see what's so good about the zao upgrade . u trade 1.3 km range for 20% rudder no thanks . On the other hand the Khaba one is interesting , range goes to 14.6 and reload to 3.76 but u trade the 40% rudder (math might be wrong ) Republiq is an obscene buff lose some range but get massive reload < 20 secs with AR might go to 15-16 secs ? rip cruisers for good since the guns overmatch 30 mm armor. Yamato one looks like a no brainer , reload , turret traverse decrease ( which is a god send ) and dispersion . DM again lose range and radar duration for what ... lol u are already a bunker next to an island so no need for rudder , acceleration maybe but not worth it for me . The CV changes lol ... wtf The remaining not particulary interested .
  12. Spectre__

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Much fun this was ... game ended 4-12 in 8 mins
  13. Spectre__

    Steps are being made - Matchmaking !!! Still needs work.

    No i'm not saying the skill lvl will improve or get worse it will somewhat remain the same , i'm saying the majority of people will reach the same stats ( big difference ) Yes there will be , but the big fish will start fighting only eachother after a certain stat treshhold , and as i previously said no matter how good u are , always fighting the best of the best and keeping your crap toghether will be very hard . Sure there will still be the unicorns , but reaching 70-80 % winrate will be extremely hard ( not impossible )