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  1. Not to brag but in most of the defeats i get better results than this "win" , like Jesus the lvl of competence on the average player hit rock bottom ...
  2. Maby it is time

  3. Russian T8 DD's

    Can't talk much about Ognevoi nor Kiev , since i was past them before the line split . For the others well , Udaloy : a very good gunboat and if u go Concealment build (recommended) you can stealth torp , works very well as a cap supporter for real DD's , in other words ; a very fun to use and extremly sexy looking ship ( almost forgot it can use DF). Grozovoi : i very much enjoy this girl , tied with Gearing as my favourite DD's , can get 6km detection so u are finnaly a real DD not just a gun boat , 10km torps , amazing guns (extreme velocity almost feels like Moskva railguns ) however one big downside she fat & clumsy ( u better take the 50% acceleration module ) , her AA coupled with DF is very strong and will make tr 8 CV's cry , 9's reconsider and screw the attack for 10's . Tashkent : played her when she was tr 8 solid gunboat , can't say much about her on tr 9 , but should be decent . Khabarosk : very powerfull Gunboat , she's a CL w/o citadel going 48kts , don't try to play her like a DD u will fail miserably . She can also use Heal Party ( same for tashkent ) but gives up smoke for that , a very strong ship and don't forget to use that speed . However she's too overspecialized for my taste , i like Grozo much more .
  4. Torp bug STILL not fixed?

    Literally https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/the-horn-section/ , i know checking news is overrated but still ....
  5. What you got in your Santa containers?

    Bought 5 of each type Biggest ones x30 Wyvern x30 Hydra x30 Red Dragon x1 Galant x30 Frosty fir camos Medium 2x15 Frosty fir cammo 3x15 Dragon Small ones 2x50 Zullu 2x50 Zullu Hotel 1x10000 free exp Edit bought 10 more big ones x30 Wyvern 2x30 Dragon x30 Red Dragon 3x30 Frosty fir x2000 dubs x30 Hydra x15 Type 59 And with that ends my gambling addiction and any future moneyz i'll give to WG .
  6. how long can you play? yamamoto: Campaign

    And yet that attitude , but that's none of my problem . Well i did find the image on one of the Discord servers i'm on . I monstly wanted to confirm that somewhere , WG did say it will be permanent and it wasn't just all in my / SHDRKN4792 mind .
  7. how long can you play? yamamoto: Campaign

    I feel a very angry attitude from you , but never mind that . I never said the post was from EU now did I ? https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/itsabouttime/
  8. how long can you play? yamamoto: Campaign

    From the announcement for the patch .
  9. How do I get my standalone launcher back?

    Thanks man , you're a life saver . In my briliant wisdom i decided to do a clean reinstall of wows ( BIIIG mistake) there was nothing wrong with the game however that's what i do from time to time . So of course i was forced to use Game Center .... . Boy idk what's wrong with it but i hope they don't fully release it like this . Main issue some weird [edited]crashes mid game , or at start , and even if i manage to recconect there's a 70% chance game will crash again imediately . I NEVER had this issue with the old launcher , even with 8 GB of mods running just fine .
  10. Are you sad to see USN CV AS Decks go?

    Well was going to buy premium time , but due to someone being highly triggered today , guess i'll pass .
  11. Are you sad to see USN CV AS Decks go?

    Apparently you guys do bite ,Edited This post has been edited by the moderation team due to discussing moderation.
  12. Are you sad to see USN CV AS Decks go?

    I would have been more happy to see them tweaked a bit . Like these wild ideas Ranger , 1-1-1 stock , 1-1-2 strike , 2-1-1 AS cancer . Lexi , the same as Ranger . No silly AP bombs Essex (current one is a nerf) , 2-1-1 stock , 1-1-3 strike , 3-1-1 AS Edited , and no stupid tr 8 planes nor AP bombs . Midway , 2-1-2 stock , 1-2-2 strike , 3-1-1 AS Edited, same no tr 8 BS , nor AP bombs , also wtf is 2-2-2 , why not go back to 1-2-2 .... . And most important ADJUSTED loading times 15-25% less than it is now . Ohh another wild idea why not make Torpedo Armament Expertise work for DB , obv it's in the name but that can be changed . Well that was my rant , now i'm gonna [edited]off since forums are a scary place . This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inappropriate remarks.
  13. Ships weapons

    U forgot Gneisenau
  14. Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    Skin collection v5.1 Pan Asian DD's added https://mega.nz/#!ZMIA0JJC!LlxkP9fmyuB44IaBv8e169lPF4Xwh9ePC5OgHfMlr_w Pictures https://imgur.com/a/Dp4F9 This is not a Modpack , it's a skin collection which I've nourished over the years . I DO NOT own any of the skins , credits go to the original makers which i'm grateful they shared such magnificent art . Credits got to : VikingRDD Xandier59 ReNation Compass_Rose Hoshimiya_Hibiki Hptm_Erica_Hartmann Red_Knight SEA_Group Hakabase I know i missed quite a few of them and i apologise for that . These skins are what i like ( with some placeholders ) therefor i do not take responsibility for anything you guys might dislike aka deal with it .