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  2. Hello , Wonderfull skins , thanks for sharing and keep up the good work .
  3. Hay , Yes , after a 10 min search i was able to find the author , I'll send u a pm with the details . Also welcome back to EU forums , we've missed you .
  4. Ahh yes that was silly of me , meant it in a manner that i don't like it 30 looks more fitting .
  5. While that is an even better solution , for how long have we cried for a BB cap , lets see at least a year now , did something change ? nope we just see more and more BB's . And not to be rude but do you really think WG will do the sensible thing and change BB's ?
  6. Hay , With the smoke changes , I finally got of my [edited]to write these ideas i've had for some time . Due to the current BB heavy meta , cruisers are having a hard time so it got me thinking what should be changed , God forbid nerf BB's ... haha not gonna happen , therefor what can we do to make Cruisers more reliable ? Well what cruisers need ? 1 More survivability . 2 More utility ( on certain lines ) 3 Some adjustments to the firepower of certain ships . Ok on the first point , I was thinking all Heavy cruisers ( and light cruisers that DON'T POSSES SMOKE GENERATOR //edit looks like peeps miss this part ) STARTING from tier 5 should get a special Repair Party consumable . Why special ? well it should heal 1% of the total hp per second , with a duration of 20 seconds //(might as well increase the BB time from 28 to 30 secs only because i don't like it ) . Also make HP scaling between the tiers more linear , example : -tier 10 cruisers should have 50000+ hp // taking into account Des Moine but looking at Moskva's 65k i don't care go wild BUT minimum 50k . -tier 9 45000 - 50000 +/- 1000 // Roon -tier 8 40000 - 45000 +/- 1000 // Atago/Kutuzov - Printz Eugene . -tier 7 35000 - 40000 +/- 1000 // Myoko -tier 6 30000 - 35000 +/- 1000 // Cleveland -tier 5 25000 - 30000 +/- 1000 // Furutaka Lower i don't care ( don't play ) . This should be similar to how BB HP scaling is : Kongo tr 5 havin 54k hp and GK tr 10 having 105k Almost forgot , adjusting the concealment for certain ships // preferably to not be outspotted by Battleships . Looking at the tr 10's : A 1km drop could work for : Moskva 18->17, Hidenburg 16->15, Henry IV 16.6->15.6 // didn't check everything will add later(Poi=maybe) Now utility , Was thinking about moving the hydroacoustic search consumable for the Japanese/German/French lines into the plane slot . That's because a cruiser's " job " should be hunting DD's , while the Russian and American line have Radar in the plane slot the 3 mentioned above have nothing. While yes I am shafting CV's by making DF available to every cruiser , in the current state of CV that's the least of their problems . Third Point , Well this one is tricky but what caught my attention : Reload: -Hipper/Printz Eugene , 13s -> 10s , this is major but i think they need it + using same guns as Roon/Hidenburg . -Mogami 203's/Ibuki/Atago , 13s base reload , a bit too much maybe but i don't think it's excessive + all using same guns . //( Zao - 12 s ) -Pensacola/Indianapolis , 14s ( maybe 13s since no torps) + same guns . // New Orleans 11s . Range : // where do i start ... Should be a bit linear going up the tiers : Tier 6 : Aoba 14.9->15.5, Cleveland 14.6->15.1, Leander 13.2->14.4 Tier 7 : Myoko 15.6->16.1 , Pensacola 15.7->16.6 Tier 8 : Mogami/Atago 15.7(8)->16.8 , New Orelans 16.2->16.9,//Kutuzov 19.1->17.6 Tier 9-10 no range changes needed due to the 6th slot module . Any ship not mentioned apart from hp/heal changes , from my perspective is fine , also i didn't touch on Light Crusiers ( RN CL's ) nor other classes of ships . Note i didn't play some ships therefor i didn't draw any conclusions on them but any ideas you guys might provide should be helpful . That should be it ( if i forgot something will edit ) // i use it to mark notes style which don't change the context or are of less importance TLDR : Give all tier 5+ cruisers heal if they don't have smoke ( from my perspective it should be Heal OR Smoke in the same slot ) , increase HP to be more linear , give more utility vs DD's for certain lines (ijn , german , french ) , Increase range,reload on certain ships ( mainly tr 8 cruisers ) . // excuse my poor English because i'm not a native , also if this gets positive responses i might share some of my other ideas . // Made some edits
  7. I encounter this issue daily :/ , but i got used to waiting 3-4 secs before pressing battle to check the ship , tho i did go into battles on multiple occasions with the wrong ship most annoying it was when it switched from shinonome to molotov last ranked season and i didn't get to cancel .
  8. You got it all wrong i don't keep backup of older stuff , that is my whole mod collection: skins , ui enchant and a few other things which i have a copy on another drive , and i lost the mods when i uninstalled Aslain ( it deletes everything ) . That's why i said i manually do things , while i'm not a modder i know what does what and where it goes , and if there is a problem i usually can identify it and remove said modfile w/o damaging other stuff .
  9. I don't think you'll find many skins in that , ( i also have some nsfw skins ) while your idea will make things way easier to avg Joe and i think it should be implemented but only if we can keep this modding system too . Last time i tried to check WG modpack i lost everything i had in my res_mods folder . As for Aslains there is nothing of use in it for me , also lost all my mods 3 times while tinkering with it tho that did teach me to make backups regularly , because loosing this will make me uninstall really fast , which is why i like to manually do everything .
  10. Closing modding , i find that a really silly idea , if it weren't for mods i would have gave up on this game a long time ago. Leaving my 130+ ship skin collection in WG hands no thanks , the current modding is just fine , lets me manually put in the game what i want , tho apart from the KC enchant and skins i don't use anything else well ok and some fancy tracers/explosions .
  11. From Flamu's vid she doesn't look op but quite balanced , she has worse armor than amagi , worse torp protection ( not that it matters much ) , AP bombs might be a problem but she gets better AA , from the looks of it , for me it feels like bismarck-tirpitz style balance which i find good . But i bet you guys want another Belfast style ship ... cuz umm she has no gimmicks and no she doesn't look like a straight up better Amagi .
  12. Since this thread appears to be KIA , i'll try to breathe some life into it . This is not a Modpack , it's a skin collection which I've nourished over the years . I DO NOT own any of the skins , credits go to the original makers which i'm grateful they shared such magnificent art . This is a list with what lies behind the download link: https://imgur.com/a/gE7zf DL : https://mega.nz/#!8Q52xSjA!lBAprBiJpCAfhiVjkVlMkIovJZC-cE2mdf0Qpl6cmN4 Unzip , place in : game containing folder -> World_of_Warships -> res_mods -> current patch number . Edit.1.0. These skins are what i like ( with some placeholders ) therefor i do not take responsibility for anything you guys might dislike aka deal with it .
  13. Ohh yes i was overconfident , how dare I a mere DD try to kill a mighty GOD BB
  14. Del
  15. While i agree IFHE nerf wasn't needed ( i like muh Belfast/Kutuzov ) i'd like to think we can live without it like we did before it came out , now you just slot DE and try to get the max fire chance to deal with angled targets and when u see a bit of broadside just switch to AP , the RoF of CL's should work well with it . Disclaimer i'm only trying to think beyond this Nerf ( since it is coming because it's not a BB nerf ( ahem bow/aft plating reduction) which never saw the light of day )