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  1. Glaukenstucken

    [-GOD-] Grumpy Old Dudes

    Grumpy most of the time.....old....always, being grumpy and old in a grumpy old group would make me, .....grumpy on a higher level.. Invite if you please and still have room
  2. Glaukenstucken

    [ LQM ] Legio Qui Mortis sucht noch Kapitäne

    Came across them and had the same experience..........insults....abuse...then some more abuse....some profanities ..abuse at own team....insults in general chat.....then ......well it just went on and on........ If it sounds like your kind of thing.... this might be your lucky day......just sign up.
  3. Glaukenstucken

    Paying Costumer....

  4. Glaukenstucken

    Alert your team of your intentions

    Alerting friendlies to hostile dd approx position, by giving a relative bearing line from own ship on mini-map would be sweet. (after spotting dd torps)
  5. Glaukenstucken

    Why WoWs sucks so far

    You can just imagine my indifference...............
  6. Glaukenstucken

    Bad weather in North map with "cyclone"

    Yes....it was a poorly thought through maneuvre from the start, (I did have one lonely dd with me that I hoped would get me some spots, but he was instasunk). But i did get extra confused by the weather, and it really added to the overall feeling of having made a poor decision
  7. Glaukenstucken

    Bad weather in North map with "cyclone"

    I got caught out by the cyclone in my Fuso, or perhaps it was the Nagato, in domination, when half the team went all the way to the left and the other half dashed to the far right. As B and C were being capped by hostile dd's the Cyclone hit and I backed off a bit, but thought it prudent to hang around to stop center to fall completely. I got a sense that "This doesnt feel right....." ...next thing I know, ocean is full of torps from 3 directions.......couldn't see sh*t..... ..oh well.....lessoned learned.
  8. Glaukenstucken

    No St Georges Day Event?

    In Scandinavia, we are well acquainted with the saint, but we celebrate no St Georges day I'm afraid, heathens that we are. I do, however, believe that St George is the patron saint of Moscow and is depicted on the Moscow coat of arms, so I guess for the russian community it wouldn't have been too far fetched to have at least a tiny special, a 1.0005XP perhaps..
  9. Glaukenstucken

    Low tier games

    I advance very slowly through the tiers. I play my highest tier ships, get a bit roughed up, drop down a few tiers and have a few battles where I am more comfortable and a little bit more competitive, then back up again. For a long time, around 500 games or so, I would drop down and play my St Louis or Wakatake. Later it was the Phoenix (I still rather love playing my Phoenix from time to time). Then it was T5 with the Murmansk and the Isokaze/Fujin that was the new comfort zone. Now at T8 I seldom go below T5. I agree that the lower you drop, the more randomness and chaos you get, and besides, the rewards for playing at lowest tiers are not encouraging.
  10. Glaukenstucken

    Please make Domination mode (or all game modes) optional already...

    The only thing that bothers me about domination mode is........people that plays it like standard mode. On the other hand I like options......options are good,...... but it might tip the scale so that we get even more dd's in domination and fewer in standard battle though ,,,,,,(pretending its perfectly balanced as it is).
  11. Glaukenstucken

    AFK prevention / punishment

    I've had a bug, where I get stuck on loading screen, a couple of times since the last big update. I can hear the battle start and all other in game sounds, but I'm still on the loading screen. A fast restart of the game client puts me back in the battle before much harm has been done, perhaps this is what happen to some of the AFK'ers. I'm sure all current AFK players cant be explained by technical issues though, there seem to be a lot of them. I even had an AFK team mate in my bathtub today.......heartless lowlife....you just don't leave your mates alone in a tub full of hostiles!!!
  12. Glaukenstucken

    aiming/lead since update

    I asked the same question in an earlier thread, got the advise to change my crosshairs mod. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/44740-053-leading-the-target/ I was using th Lemon T crosshairs in Aslains modpack, switched crosshairs to another and now it feels better.
  13. Glaukenstucken

    0.5.3 Leading the target

    Thanks I use the "Lemon T" (I think) crosshairs, maybe that is it.....I'll fool around with some other crosshairs to see if I come up with something.
  14. Glaukenstucken

    0.5.3 Leading the target

    Seems like I have to give a much longer lead (almost double the lead at times) after the update. Even at moderate range, target ends up almost outside of sniper view. If it's not just my mind playing tricks on me, what change in the update could have resulted in having to give a longer lead? I'm not much of a number cruncher or patch note analyser so I thought I'd pop the question here and hope for a simple answer....if there is one.
  15. Glaukenstucken


    I don't get the idea of not angling against HE,... anyone who doesn't will get AP as sure as the sun sets in the.......eh....west.