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  1. ZealousStrategist

    Lemmings on the horizon

    Then, what is it that you suggest should be done? What would you do in a situation where you (in a bb) are on 1 flank with uncooperative teammates stacked as a 4 against 6? Simply, what would you do to turn a similar situation around? To further visualize the situation, you are a battleship and due to the previous spotting from your carrier you are aware that 6 ships are eagerly approaching your flank from the last known location of around 19km. From your team, your cv, 1 cl, 1 bb and 1 uncooperative dd have started moving to intercept and possibly stall them. However upon nearing the cap the destroyer decides to wait behind the islands of the cap and refuses to move from the spot.
  2. ZealousStrategist

    Update 0.10.5 - Feedback Survey

    I agree with this, but let's not forget that farming is a thing.
  3. ZealousStrategist

    Lemmings on the horizon

    Gotta love them when they say, "someone kill stealed me...again". So cringe...
  4. ZealousStrategist

    Lemmings on the horizon

    You wound me sir. I would like to "hear" which words in the last post were unconstructive as you say. (So that I can learn from the mistake, since I don't really make posts all that often)
  5. ZealousStrategist

    Lemmings on the horizon

    I literally never got a single chat ban. Perhaps it is because I never insult anyone even when they deserve it. (in-game ofc) But all in all I never have such issues. When I see someone is a lost cause I instantly give up on them and formulate a new plan knowing that that individual will die in the next 1-2 mins.
  6. ZealousStrategist

    stuck on island

    I miss the days when ships could fly... Jk aside, it trully is a rare occurance, hang in there. o7
  7. ZealousStrategist

    Lemmings on the horizon

    I never mentioned any "orders". What I meant was something as simple as telling people who move in ways to simply correct them into moving in more acceptable/productive ways. Can you relate if I told you that I saw a dd player yesterday who refused to cap, but not because he had any plan in mind to deal dmg to the enemy or the like. He just stood some 6 km outside the cap behind the islands "waiting for the bbs to cap" (he said). I mean...I would have understood if he had ANY plan in mind in order to do something constructive, but he just sat there, did nothing and let 2 bbs, 1 cruiser and a carrier defend an entire flank containing 6 enemy ships... And he just left when he saw we were outnumbered... I don't blame him for running away, but he could have done something beforehand to at least protect the carrier, spot or anything for that matter...
  8. ZealousStrategist

    Rework ramming mechanics

    First and foremost in reality when ships ram it usually leaves catastrophic damages to both ships. Secondly if ramming got nerfed it would create a big in-balance between ships, and you would end up having far more long range ships in play over "knife fighters". My point being that the game would turn into a game of camping much like Wot and barely anyone would proceed to engage anyone, 1 common issue would become a frequent loss of dds as both teams will start focusing them more. The list of issues goes on...
  9. ZealousStrategist

    Lemmings on the horizon

    Greetings fellow captains, Dark days have come as I am sure you have spotted lemmings appearing from tiers IV-VIII or even IX. To most players this is something they might consider irrelevant or trying to against a raging river current. And you would be correct in thinking that... HOWEVER for those brave souls (like myself), who seek to attain their ideals this is nothing if but a challenge worthy of conquest. With the pleasantries out of the way let's talk reality. Less experienced captains have come back to the game from their long and boring days of lectures in schools, and they need OUR help. Namely when a battle starts we need to be more vigilant and warn any such players when we see them going in weird/wrong directions. I am sure you might feel reluctant to do that, as most people these days go by "I should mind my own business", but don't because this IS in fact your business. If they die early and leave a flank open YOU might just end up losing a battle, and if you don't really care about losing that much, feel free to ignore all this, but if you feel like helping some people in need, and upping that win rate ever so slightly this is for sure the way to do it. Fair winds and a following seas. o7
  10. ZealousStrategist

    CV - general playstyle guide

    I am writing this post primarily for myself, in the off chance I forget some useful methods in playing a game using any cv. I would also like to emphasize the fact that everything I write will be 100% biased. You have been warned. Because again I am writing this for my (future) self, but I will try to make it readable for beginners because it makes me feel "professional". With that out of the way, let's dive in. First off, when the battle starts regardless of tier or carrier you use. You want to start locating the enemy. As bb's have the worst concealment it is good practice to locate their "plans" of movement with your first squad sent out (preferably the rocket fighters). Meaning your first squad of fighters that you send out will try to locate almost all enemies on the map within the first 3 mins. - It is important to note that you should by all means stay out of the AA ranges of the ships you come in contact with (in most cases). - Depending on the map location you are starting from, you should decide your flight path in such a way that you can traverse "both sides of the" map - In the case you were forced to recall your planes due to unforeseen european dds or the like, you can still redeem yourself later in the game, but the loss of the potential information that you could have gathered from going around the entire map could have cost you the entire battle. - A way to avoid recalling early is to rush in trough the enemy AA bubble using the engine boost consumable on your fighter plane. - In a situation where you find enemy squads coming in your direction you can try and intercept them by placing a fighter just before the moment you meet each other. In the case they leave a fighter as well, recall and enjoy the free plane kills both cv's get from this transaction. Whether the team will have enough brains to use the information you will gather from that scouting is irrelevant, because let's face it, in Random battles teamwork is secondary to after battle profit for the tech grind. Now to analyze the information you have gathered with your first squad of planes. Let's assume you succeeded in locating more then 80% of the enemy ships with your spotting (it usually happens if you spot well enough with your first squad of planes). The first thing you might notice if you have the "previous known location" option enabled is that you now have a very good general idea of where most of the enemy will be heading. And the most important benefit...You will be able to detect early signs of lemmings -In the case you fail to detect a lemming in your first flight you may have well doomed your team and the battle you are currently playing. (reminder to self: Shift to plan B (maximizing dmg for post battle credits/maintenance)) -In the case there is no lemming...Everything is GREAT. -In the case you detected the lemming in you first flight...Good job, now your team will use their small brains to avoid the lemming and prepare a pincer attack (or start a lemming on the opposite side), either way you did your job and can now either provide air support or start harassing dds. The previous scenarios should have all played out in the first 6 mins of your game time. Now we are entering the stage of the "skirmish". Those that rush without backup will die quickly etc. Your job here is to: -provide air support for dds that are doing their job in capping caps, or being useful in some other way (which is rarely seen, but props to those that are). -harass enemy dds so they have a harder time fighting your dds in the caps. -if there are no caps support your dds or bbs struggling against enemy air attacks. -if there are non of those you are free to attack the weakest links in the enemy formations...Remember you avoid air bubbles made up of enemy ships and attack those that are alone, but do remember which ships have AA that will DESTROY you. Let's say the battle has been going horribly. - You have lost all 3 caps - You lost all your dds in the first 3 minutes of the game - You lost 5 ships in the first 3 minutes of the game - There is that 1 asashio or some other dd planning to attack you (the cv) and you are in a dilemma of whether to go hunt him and waste time. Well personally if you see the battle is as good as done there is only 1 thing left to do. You try to maximize your damage and team contribution (not actual team contribution). What your (mine) goal is now is to lower that ship and AMMO post battle maintenance as much as possible by contributing dmg. In these situations where your team is obviously going to lose you do not have any time to waste! You have to avoid ships that are too far out and focus on the closest ships to your actual ship. Try to place fighters whenever you can do get some dmg to enemy planes, because they give a lot of credits post battle, but again due to the need to survive as long as possible you should prioritize dealing with the enemies that are blocking your "escape rout". Needless to say you will not be running away from this map, but you will go to sectors that do not, or have little enemy presence in order to live as LONG as possible in order to deal as MUCH damage as possible in order to lower the post battle maintenance that will otherwise leave you penniless. That about sums up the general cv playstyle. Now let's talk a bit about plane types/usefulness. Rocket fighters are mainly used against destroyers, but doesn't mean they are by any means bad against other ship types. Superstructures and other lightly armored places are excellent choices to shoot at with those bad boys, not to mention the fire chance that most of them have, making excellent dmcon prockers. Next torpedo bombers...Slow but steady, these planes have a heal to help them survive long enough to deal decent damage against any type of ship. Even dds (especially if you take the torp upgrade skill on your captain). Needless to say it is ideal to prock a dmcon on a ship before sending out this squad to potentially deal flood dmg to it, preferably on battleships for that sweet juicy HP. HE bombers, not all cv's have em, but the American Helldivers can srsly bring some hell to their enemy. Fires are almost guaranteed if a good hit is placed on the enemy ship and they are excellent in that job, to such a degree that it might event be better to use the torpedos before using them. AP bombers, again not all cv's have them, but against targets with medium armor they can citadel them without issues, thus dealing insane damage in the process. The issue however...you need to know which ships you can citadel and which you cannot. I will mention it just in case but: -rocket fighters go well against: dds, and cl's, and lightly armored targets -torpedo bombers primarily against: battleships -HE bombers: anything -AP bombers: medium-heavy armored targets This would be all from my guide on playing cvs, I leave finding out the rest to you. If you stayed and read all the way here, first I have to say thx for reading, I don't write these all that often. But again I wrote this mainly for myself so no complaints ok? If you think I missed something or would like to share your opinion feel free to do so.
  11. ZealousStrategist

    New battle mode - Flagship mode - disccusion

    I digress as well. The player base is most certainly diverse as it should be. However I believe that most of the playerbase is limited, or should I say moves according to rewards and penalties, by that of course I mean the fact that capping gives a certain amount of xp as a reward, dealing large amounts of damage as well. And so their playstyles on their selected ships also take these things into account. For instance the action of showing the broadside could be seen as a not profitable action if poorly executed (for instance). Thus if "following orders" was an action that could be measured and executed then people would be additionally inclined to follow them. Leaving the implementation aside... The playerbase is more then capable of working as teams if the rewards and punishments are adjusted accordingly. No1 wants to get focus fired upon, because that is not a profitable action. And in random battles relying on your team, is a rarity. Thus if a strategist forms a formation that can be encouraged by in game commands from a flagship. The players will be inclined to follow it and support each other, thus increasing teamplay even among random people, because they are following something similar to military doctrine, or should I say protocol. Also let me correct you. Even without any in game functionalities to aid a "flagship" player in issuing "orders", there have been cases where players do step up and give them as "advice", leaning to orders. Thus with a few in game pointers and design, it should be very much possible for players to follow such things. Consider an FPS like Battlefield (most of em), you get an objective you do it and everyone is happy. A similar mechanic could be applied in this game mode, where instead of a strategic objective, well in a broad sense anyway. A non flagship player receives orders from the flagship on what to do, and for following orders receives some bonuses post battle, which motivates players to follow them. And again...The main prejudice players will have is about the flagship player himself. Because if the strategist is weaker (strategically) then the opponent, then the team will most likely lose.
  12. Greetings fellow captains. As the title says, this disccusion is based around an idea of a new battle mode, that I believe would be very nice to have, and would offer a new much needed experience. Namely...Taking a random battle as a starting point... Imagine having a flagship, which is either a bb or a cv. No problem there right? Now the idea is that the flagship carries great importance, so the idea is that the flagship unlike regular ships, weighs much more battle points, and as such the focus of each battle is to eliminate the opposing team while protecting the allied flagship, or alternatively sink the enemy flagship. I would like to point out that this type of mode will be exceptionally viable once submarines step onto the stage, as they will be able to sneak their way to the enemy flagship (if it is left poorly protected). Now what I also envisioned for this battle mode, is that the flagship also becomes the only ship to issue orders. I am aware of what you may be thinking but please wait a momment. A flagship (historically) is the ship where the fleet admiral resides. Thus it is only natural that it has the highest chain of command. And as we clearly see in random battles (mostly on weekends), "brain dead" players don't even give a thought about what they are doing (teamwise), etc. Thus wouldn't it be good, if only experienced players get the right to be flagships? And by that I mean is that they pass a pre set "admirallity test" (could be a mini strategic game), after which they get a badge or something that shows they have enough basic knowledge to issue orders that are strategic in nature for the team. Thus the Flagship mode would become a strategic battle between the 2 flagship captains where they have to assess the team they possess as well as their capabilities, positioning, etc in order to devise an adequate plan of action for the team to accomplish in order to achieve victory. Now I can imagine you would have several more issues to point out with this, and I don't blame you. But first...I ask you to please consider the following: -Is it, or is it not true that there are players that would rather receive instructions on where to go on the map and not have to think about it themselves? -Is it, or is it not true that there are players that have or could discover a passion for strategy? On another note less realistic note... There could even potentially be made a "selective matchmaker". Where the game (server) gives "exceptional" flagship captains the right to choose/build their team from the ships they are given from the game(server), thus making the matchmaker, completely selective and not random. Note again...That this is something that would suit the Admiral mode very well, would be completely optional and without practical tests, we will never know the results. With all that I would like to end my quick summary... I would be more then willing to elaborate on every little gimmick that would play a part in creating/existing within this game mode. But I would first love to hear your thoughts on this?
  13. ZealousStrategist

    0.9.4 - Submarine battle

    As I barely got to play them due to the fact that WG decided to not count submarine missions for dailies and other such missions. My opinion is based on the 5-ish battles I got to play due to much needed time at the time. Subs as a concept should definitely stay. But work on them could also be done. Homing torps definitely have a charm to them, but having a need to ping your enemy a "fair" amount of time is downright boring. The halloween subs did seem slightly more promising then this, especially since they had "some" AA, still better then this, as well as a secondary battery. Rather, why not make a separate mod that will count the same as random battles, but it specifically adds subs inside it. Over time ppl should adapt to the gameplay especially if they are compelled to play that mode due to missions/campains. And 1 day they would be able to come to random battles as a permanent resident. I think that would solve the question of subs.
  14. ZealousStrategist

    0.9.6 - Changes to the Modules Tab

    Give us back the OLD 1!!!
  15. ZealousStrategist

    Which build is better?

    link1, link2 or link3?