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  1. ZealousStrategist

    Submarines Beta Test: Are You Ready to Submerge?

    Anyone know if there will be testing on the public test? :)
  2. ZealousStrategist

    Karma/Report - mechanic - discussion

    I am 100% sure that my karma has been going down. Which is why I assumed that I was getting reported. But I have never received a ban for anything, so I assumed that the karma was protecting me from that.
  3. ZealousStrategist

    Karma/Report - mechanic - discussion

    Prelude I was thinking of where to put this post under, but since it is a part of the gameplay (in a way) I decided to put it here. There is a post about a similar subject, but as I find it unhelpful, I have turned to creating this post in the hopes of finding a better answer to it. The reason I started this topic, is because I noticed that the player base is starting to report others a lot more then usual. Topic-start The Karma/Report mechanic is the score of "karma points" that show at your profile. It is basically a shield from a report. So long a player has a karma score of 1+ a report cannot have a high effect on your account/you. A high effect as in bans or the sort. Now you may be trying to ask me, how am I sure of ppl starting to report others more then usual, and the answer is that I am not 100% sure. But as my clan mate whom I use to play with frequently is getting bans to chat frequently (while he doesn't chat often without the ban), and as I have noticed my karma counter going down recently I have decided to see if others had a similar problem and found out that they in fact do, which is why I have concluded that there had to be a rise in the reports. Ultimately only WG can know for sure if there had been a rise in the reporting of players, or not, and it would be nice if someone from WG could confirm this for us. Now back to the problem at hand. One common problem in Wot (an unhealthy community example) is the player base. More specifically, the roasting and reporting of others. Or in more common terms, an unhealthy community. It is within reason to speculate that if things do not take a turn for the better, that the community we have know can and probably will become similar to the wot community which is not good, as eventually the player community will be filled with nothing but cancerous elements who can only contribute to further destroying the community and the player base. You may be wondering at this point. How are the karma mechanic and the health of the community are related? The answer lies in the fact that players are more prone to reporting someone who irritates them and has become a vent for their rage from a losing game (or something similar), rather then compliment a player who tries to help the team in any way. The main reason for that is that most ppl are simply too lazy to go to the team tab and go trough the "process" of complimenting someone, then they are to went their anger by reporting someone. A simple matter of gain. (as when reporting they gain the satisfaction of "putting someone in their place", where as complimenting can only leave them with hope that they will be complimented in a similar way in the future) In conclusion so long as the ratio of the ppl who report/ppl who "compliment" is in favor of the ones who report, this community is in a "passive" state of danger from becoming unhealthy. To conclude To conclude, the karma system could use a few "tweaks" to better do its job. I believe that by making the compliments more accessible for players to use, that that would drastically increase the amount of players who would actually press it. Also please do put your opinions and solutions to this problem in the replies (if you want).
  4. ZealousStrategist

    How to keep clan members active?

    Wish you luck. I have tried putting my clan mates into a discord chat (the main reason being Wows championships). Didn't work so well, but at least a few of em joined...
  5. ZealousStrategist

    How to keep clan members active?

    Hi. There is this situation in my clan... Most of my clan mates aren't active. Or rather to be precise, they are active, but they are just playing, and are not making "connections"/friendships with other clan mates. I bet there are such cases with many other clans, but I would like to reach for the opinions of others who have a similar problem or have even managed to somehow subdue it and make the clan more active. Opinions of higher ranking "officers" would be highly appreciated.