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  1. ALUCARD1476

    Goodbye friends

    Good luck mate. Was honor knowing you Wish you all the best!
  2. Money can only help this game develop and be better. Yeah some new players will buy T8 premium but that doesn't means they are noobs give them a chance and they will learn how to play with that ship. Also some old see wolves will buy this ship or ship so you will have balance in MM, as Kurbain said "Statistically there should be more noobs on the enemy team than your own since there are only 9 to 11 randoms in your team but 12 on the enemy side." LOL so have fun playing this game and don't think much about noobs
  3. ALUCARD1476

    Dasha Perova as RU captain (random thought)

    Greek is in LOVE
  4. ALUCARD1476

    POLL: Which ships are you waiting for the most?

    Ohhh mtm stop trolling people let them have some fun
  5. ALUCARD1476

    0.5.3 Speed / Rudder HUD Insanity

    Well for me it looks just fine, I'm playing on huge led tv screen and doesn't appear to big. I know some people having problem reading it in the past
  6. ALUCARD1476

    Ph3lan reporting for duty!

    Welcome and I hope we will have a nice time in this mental game ;)
  7. ALUCARD1476

    1. of April

    Its going to be a bunch of submarines torping all around
  8. ALUCARD1476

    Draws, there must be a way of deciding a winner.

    Guys just learn game theory from math and you will see world from different perspective
  9. Just to add these two videos MisterCroo (March 21)
  10. ALUCARD1476

    Is this a bug or intended?

    Looks like working as intended but it can be frustrating , so best thing is not to chase DD on that way
  11. ALUCARD1476

    The islands in WoWs

    And if you make open sea battle forget that anyone will play DD or CV. Why? Well where to hide. All maps are fine but the Ice islands map are to much I admit that. To much ice for cover...
  12. NDA is lifted so anyone can stream and post video of his/her games, but all material prior CBT (from closed alpha) is till under the NDA.
  13. ALUCARD1476


    What a troll post gg on this
  14. ALUCARD1476

    Remove the cap system...

    @Panzerschreck198 I know that cap system isn't perfect but for now it stays like that, I personally hate capping but some people like. If you have any suggestion how the cap system should work propose it to WG and who knows maybe they implement that system into the game.
  15. ALUCARD1476

    Remove the cap system...

    Well if you read what you wright you will see that you are talking about winning and losing, but ok, game isn't perfect and it going to stay with this caps for a long time