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    Just wanted to add that "CC" and "BM" could also be understood as CC = Community Contributer and BM = Bad manners, if we are talking in-game or even gaming related. Just to add more confusion to the mix :P But really, I think you guys are just barking up the wrong alley for the fun of it here, It is not rocket surgery, you know :P
  2. SnailofDoom

    installation issue

    Well, a few common tricks would be to disable your anti-virus temporarily while trying to install and run the installation program as admin, if you don't get prompted. Else I would also advice you to send support a ticket, we can't edit any potential faulty code in the installer, after all :) Best of luck! Sincerely,
  3. SnailofDoom

    [RNSF] – Royal Navy Surface Fleet recruitment

    Bump! Still open for new applicants!
  4. SnailofDoom

    [RNSF] – Royal Navy Surface Fleet recruitment

    TTT - We are still recruiting :)
  5. SnailofDoom

    Compact info on the different Tech Tree lines?

    I have written a "list" of pros and cons with slightly more info, but very similar to Domen's overview, but Domen's overview is much more concise. If you can make things work with Domen's nicely done overview, great! Else feel free to poke me in a message and I can send it to you :)
  6. SnailofDoom

    [RNSF] – Royal Navy Surface Fleet recruitment

    We are still looking! Come one, come all! :)
  7. SnailofDoom

    When to change ship?

    A medium-in-between would be the best way to go, i think. Play a ship long enough to do well on the score board at the end of a match, but not so long that you start to get bored with the ship. The most important part of the progression up the tech trees should be to understand why you did well in the ship, not how fast you can do it. A word of advise tho', going from mid- to high tiers (tier 7 to 8 usually) the ships usually shift drastically in some way. Take the American cruisers as an example, from 1-7 you are a lightly armoured cruiser with good guns and decent fire rate. At tier 8 and above, you start to get more armour which makes you slower to turn and your rate of fire increases dramatically. Of course, there is exceptions to this, but as a rule of thumb, I think it works well. Good luck on the high seas, Captain
  8. You cannot just fire your guns while they are still aiming. Let's say you have a target that is broadside to you and is looking away, so you want to swing all of your turrets around to punish him. You start to turn and your aiming reticule turns green, you double click and only two of your four turrets fire, even tho' you are broadside. If that is the issue here, try looking at the small picture of your ship and turrets in the lower left corner, just below your HP. If all the turrets light green, they are aimed and ready to fire. If some of them are orange/brown, they are not in position yet and when you double click, you will only fire the turrets that green or get a message saying something like "Guns are still aiming" if none are green. You can try to take notice of this if it occurs again or reply back, so we can try and get this solved :)
  9. SnailofDoom

    Clan Battles - Skill- and Modification Discount

    I have now gotten access to the captain reset without contacting customer support. Perhaps a slow database update?
  10. SnailofDoom

    Clan Battles - Skill- and Modification Discount

    I have the same problem as @len5256 Is there a need to contact customer support or is this being looked into already?
  11. SnailofDoom

    UK Royal Navy [UK-RN] recruiting

    I have had the pleasure of going a few rounds with these guys in some "after hours clan battles", and when they say "Good banter, in fact it's all about the banter. " - They are not lying :P I have only had positive experiences with these guys, be it skill in-game or banter skills in the waiting lobby! I would humbly encourage you, should you be in the range of their requirements, to check them out.
  12. SnailofDoom

    Tier V vsTeir VI

    Yes, the Bogue is very similar to the Langley, besides the slightly higher number of reserve plans and the slightly faster carrier speed. As for playstyle, it is what you would expect from low tier CV play, try to engage enemy fighters in friendly AA, try not to be wasteful with your very limited plane reserves and so on. Remember, CV's are always mirrored to the best of MM's ability (At least as far as I know) with perhaps the exceptions around tier 7-8 (since there is more than just one American and one Japanese at those tiers.) And how to tell which CV's planes you are engaging? Look for the Roman numeral above the enemy squad and compare it to the tier level of planes of the enemy carrier. It is always a good idea to "scout out" the potential enemy CV's stats in the tech tree, knowing is half the battle, after all :) As for the Bogue, it starts with tier 4 (IV) fighters, which can and should be upgraded to tier 5 (V). Hope this helps.
  13. SnailofDoom

    New player looking for advice on lines

    I am sorry if this will come across as spam or even incorrect information, but I have written my take on a generalized description of the ship-lines in this game, but it is not in depth per se. I will go out on a limb here and post it, so I am sorry for the textwall: Japanese ships in general: The Imperial Japanese navy (IJN) is all about stealth, good speed, really good torpedoes and big calibre guns. The drawbacks are, not so effective armour schemes as other nations, very slow turret traverse, raised citadel on many ships and underwhelming AA. Japanese DD: The Japanese destroyers are the very essence of the Japanese playstyle, stay out of sight, whilst firing long-range, high damaging torpedoes at the enemy and only engage with your large calibre, slow turning guns when you safely can or if you are forced to (as in destroyer vs. destroyer engagements). Japanese CA/CL: The Japanese cruisers are all about the ambushes, either with torpedoes or their big, but rather slow turning guns and using their low detection to get in and out of the enemy's line of fire. The Japanese have good fire chance on their HE shells, but their AP shells are devastating when the opportunity presents itself. Japanese BB: The Japanese battleships are all about the guns! (The Yamato at tier 10 has the biggest calibre guns in the game.) This line has good speed, good torpedo protection, of course huge guns and are stealthy-ish for a battleship. Japanese CV: The Japanese Aircraft carriers are focused on their surface striking capabilities. With lower quality planes, fewer planes per squads, but more numerous in both the amount of squads and spare planes. This line is about being sneaky, unpredictable, strike where people don’t want you to and strike hard, and be everywhere. The carrier itself has really good concealment but poor AA. This line is mainly focused on their Torpedo Bomber squads. American ships in general: The American Navy (USN) is all about really good AA protection, good armour layouts and high gun arcs. Some of the drawback is decent armour schemes, but with a rather raised citadel and the gun arcs takes a bit of getting used to, since the shells stay in the air for longer than average, making it harder to hit targets at longer ranges. Most high tier (tier 7 and above) Americans have access to the longest lasting surveillance radar consumable in the game currently, making them able to spot unspotted enemy ships within radar range when activated. The American radar is longer lasting than other nations, but with less range to compensate. Special note, the American AP shells have better normalization values than other nations, making them able to penetrate armour when the target starts angling. American DD: The American destroyers are a hybrid, jack-of-all-trades type of ships. Good stealth, good torpedoes, good manoeuvrability, good guns and great smoke. Their only main weakness is their gun velocity is slow so they should only engage other DDs at a close a range as possible, unless safely in smoke. American CA/CL: The American cruisers have really good AA, high firing arcs with rather good accuracy, making them able to hit ships over islands, good HE fire chance and gets access to the surveillance radar consumable at higher tiers. Some of the drawbacks are, they are usually rather low armoured, with a rather exposed citadel, their firing arcs and the shell flight time takes a little getting used to and the gun calibre is rather small, but it is balanced out with rate of fire. American BB: The American battleships are your almost “cookiecutter” battleships, with good armour, excellent AA and torpedo protection, decent secondaries and large calibre guns with really good penetration, accuracy and damage. In the lower tiers however, these ships suffer from a terrible lack of speed. Some of the drawbacks are lower-ish speed compared to other nations and the citadel feels like it sits a tad bit higher than in other BB lines. American CV: The American CV line is with their high quality planes, few but high unit count squads, a fierce force in the air. The carrier itself has really good AA mounts, good speed but rather poor concealment and can feel hard to turn. This line has it’s focus on its dive bomber squads and somewhat on its fighters. Soviet ships in general: The Soviet Navy (USSR) is all about their long ranged guns with very fast shells, good HE fire chance, good accuracy and really good speed. Some of the drawbacks are low-ish armour for the lower to mid tiers and really bad rudder shift time. The higher tiers of Soviets cruisers also get access to the surveillance radar consumable, but unlike the Americans, the Soviets have more range at the expense of duration. Soviet DD: Soviet destroyers are the epitome of gunboats. Sail them more like a super fragile light cruiser than a DD. Forget trying to sneak around torping enemies from concealment at long range. Most have a higher detectability range than their torpedoes. They are awesome at shooting/burning down preoccupied BBs from as long a distance as possible. Just remember to keep dodging incoming fire! Soviet CA/CL: The Soviet cruisers are long range fire support cruisers. They are equipped with medium size calibre guns, good fire range, almost railgun like accuracy in some cases, with excellent HE fire chance. Some of the drawbacks are, almost none existing amour in the low to mid tiers, terrible rudder shift time and turning circle, and poor AA. German ships in general: The Kriegsmarine (KM/KMS) is good all-rounders, with really good armour layout, decent AA, fast, medium range torpedoes, good speed, some of the best AP shells in the game, good range, really good secondaries and the best hydroacoustic search consumable in the game currently. Some of the drawbacks are, poor accuracy and underwhelming HE fire chance and damage. Most German ships have a “turtleback” citadel armour scheme in place, making them very hard to citadel at closer ranges. German DD: German destroyers are similar in playstyle to the Americans but with the unique advantage of having hydro (with exception of premium Lo Yang). This makes firing from and into smoke a lot safer. They also have the best AP for DDs which can really hurt other DDs sailing broadside, and even lightly armoured cruisers! German CA/CL: The German cruisers are jack-of-all-trades with a focus on getting close enough to effectively use AP shells. Good at hunting DDs, providing good AA cover and can brawl other cruisers. This line has large calibre guns, good AA protection, tough armour, good speed and amazing AP shells. Some of the drawbacks are rather lackluster HE damage and fire chance and a rather slow turret traverse. German BB: The German battleships are your typical brawlers, with tough, “turtlebacked” armour, big guns, really good secondaries, good speed, good AA protection, torpedoes and the Hydro Acoustic Search consumable. Some of the drawbacks are rather inaccurate guns, this line tends to be larger ships, so a lot of superstructure, can feel rather slow to turn and they have a strip just above the main armour belt that tends to be very weak. British ships in general: The Royal British navy (HMS) is a very iconic set of solid ships. The armour is in the lower end, decent speed, good torpedoes and can be rather “high risk/high reward” ships, especially the cruisers. The British have access to a unique ammo type, semi-AP, which results in less penetration and damage on highly armoured targets, but they have some of the best HE shells in the game currently for their battleships. The British have the best Repair Party consumable and are the quickest accelerating of all nations. British CA/CL: The British cruisers are all about rate of fire and using smoke to their advantage. They have quick turning and firing guns, single-fire torpedoes, good AA protection and they accelerates the fastest of all the nations. This line also gets access to a really good heal. Some of the drawbacks are paper-thin armour with a very exposed citadel, rather slow shell speeds and only able to fire semi-AP shells. British BB: The British battleships are decently armoured, rather quick, good AA, decent secondaries and have access to the best Repair Party consumable in the game currently. This line, with its average sized guns for its class, are all about its HE shells and punishing bow-on battleships, cruisers and even destroyers, should they wander too close. Some of the drawbacks are rather low torpedo protection, most of the AA damage comes from the short range AA mounts and the guns is lacking range compared to other nations. Pan-Asian ships in general: Currently there is only a destroyer line for the Pan-Asians, so it may be a bit hard to tell what the general design thoughts are. But going of off how the destroyers handle, it would seem that most of the ships from this “nation” will be equipped with the unique deepwater torpedoes and have great concealment. The Pan-Asians are not a nation per se, but more a collection of gifted ships given to the Asian navies from other countries, such as America and the Soviets. Pan-Asian DD: Pan Asian destroyers are the newest line to be released. They have unique deep water torps that can't hit any other DDs. Although these torpedoes are supposed to have a longer range and harder to detect, they aren't really any different to normal torpedoes. This line have generally more than average smoke charges and a lower cooldown on said charges. French ships in general: The Marine Nationale/La Royale is all about high speeds, good HE fire chance, long range torpedoes, decent accuracy, long range guns and superb rudder shift times, making them highly manoeuvrable. The drawbacks are very thin, but spaced, armour, poor rudder health, rather highly placed citadel and mediocre AA protection. French CA/CL: The French cruisers is lightly armoured cruisers, but with spaced armour, very accurate, large calibre guns with great range and really good HE fire chance, really good speed and manoeuvrability and long range torpedoes. Some of the drawbacks are poor rudder health, mediocre AA protection and a citadel that seem to be accessible from almost any angle. The French cruisers get access to the Speed Boost consumable. - if you disagree with any of the postings above, please let me know and I can try and correct it :) Sincerely,
  14. SnailofDoom

    new player on steam

    Allow me to put this here: https://eu.warships.today/player/547879766/knave_england Now, Columbus, please look through the "PvE" tab and see where Knave have used most of his time (As he stated in his opening message as well, mind you. " just learning in the coop battles ") Sorry to the rest of you, Columbus' comment just didn't sit right with me. Sincerely,