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  1. Nagine

    Floatplane Comparison (What're the best at which tier?)

    Where are the thumbs ups?! It was real nice and informative read. Big thanks!
  2. Nagine

    Food for Nachi

    Always nice when community helps each other and manage to do this in an interesting and non-shady way. Perhaps there should be a list of people participating in these divisions that everyone who encountered them could compliment them.
  3. Nagine

    Tako finally hitting the EU server

    It is actually the same. In both cases it will need approximately 100 battles for an average player. The biggest difference is that EU gets 2 months for that and NA only 1. The only problem is that EU forces to use ships that you might not want to use.
  4. Nagine

    Tako finally hitting the EU server

    Thanks for the info! It is good to know that at least the port carousel will have some space after the grind.
  5. Nagine

    Tako finally hitting the EU server

    Does anyone know a secret how to avoid duplicate ships/captains? E.g. I want Kongo, but not yet another Kirishima, which I can't sell/dismiss.
  6. Nagine

    Team Killing punishment is a joke.

    Maybe you should consider not launching torps into friendlies? You pull the trigger, not they.
  7. Well, he already proved many times that he can change his viewpoint depending on who pays his bills. So it is handy for WG to have a "specialist", which will back up WG's ideas. Simple
  8. Nagine

    What is the point in the Mutsuki?

    You could go for a twist, and play it as AA DD. Surely not the most efficient build, but it is quite fun trolling those scouting CVs. Although might not work anymore with the decreased numbers of CVs and increased numbers of gunboat DDs.
  9. Nagine

    Green color for positive Karma players?

    Yah, this might be an issue. However, if division members can be excluded, so are the upcoming clans. As for unofficial clans, if a player managed to get such a big list of friends (which remember each other without additional tags) that his karma is significantly skewed, in my eyes he deserves to have high karma - he must have did something good to befriend so many people. After all, groups of assholes are more of an exception than a rule Even if karma would be associated with bonus XP in specific battle, it is difficult to meet friends reliably. So the easiest way to artificially boost karma and rip rewards from it is to simply be nice to everyone. And that is kinda win-win situation.
  10. Nagine

    Possible solution to sniping

    An interesting idea. However, as I see it, the problem is that the same snipers will still snipe. The only difference will be that the team chat now will be full of messages "Spot, you ****!". And if there will still be no targets spotted, most campers will simply stay at their places blaming everyone but themselves. You can already see situations where people are sitting on those "perfect" spots and refuse to leave them no matter the combat situation.
  11. Nagine

    Green color for positive Karma players?

    To my understanding, this is the very reason why positive karma thingy exists. Although I agree with you that votes from the same division members should be excluded.
  12. Nagine

    Play together / available in EU

    For anyone, who is interested in sustaining this game, attracting new people (who are likely to be your friends) should be a reward by itself. And you do get a bonus veteran flag, which you'll be able to proudly use in order to boast in front of those lazy newcomers. I kinda understand that WG wants to implement a safeguard to prevent old players creating bogus accounts (not giving a financially valuable reward does this nicely). Perhaps they learnt something from WOT referral program.
  13. Nagine

    New ribbon proposal

    The problem is that with a ribbon you can't actually know, whether it was a torp tubes that were destroyed or a turret. However any similar destruction is a help for the team, so if that ribbon is rewarded with XP, I would vote yes.
  14. How many there are islands, which are not represented in the map? Nevertheless, if this feature will not attract resources from other, more important aspects, I can see the uses of it (as long as it can be turned off).
  15. Where do you see an attack? There are many different groups of people who play this game (e.g. preference of more simple vs complex game) and WG simply favors some of them more than other. That's quite a natural thing.