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  1. WTF? @Syrchalis is back! It must be even more boring elsewhere. @Kazo, sorry for slightly hijacking your thread. I agree with your post 100 percent though.
  2. Same here. I find this game a little frustrating (like all PvP games) but extremely boring. That is why I practically stopped playing this game two months ago. I just cannot see how any amount of new content, hell even clan content, would make me change my mind. I miss the buddies though...
  3. Well, I have some hopes in that game, but I don't know how fun it will turn out to be. I well know, however, that I have only played 3-4 battles in this game over the last month.
  4. I meant Steel Fleet Supremacy, but I don't want to advertise other games in this forum.
  5. Don't worry guys. A new ship MMO has entered the alpha test and it looks very promising.
  6. ...but there is a youtube comment (immediately below the vid) with bookmarked times for super containers.
  7. Russian videoblogger z1ooo opened 1000 containers over a more than two hour video: He got 54 supercontainers, in one of which was a ship (ahem Krasniy Krim). 1000 is a rather large sample, from which we infer 0.05 (or 5 percent) as the chance of getting a supercontainer.
  8. We also had viceadmiral123 of the HAMI clan on our team. No chance to lose with allies like these.
  9. So, which skills and what ship? Cruiser? Galland? Or Warspite for the future BBs?
  10. ☆The current meta is fine ☆
  11. Some ineresting info from the RU server: Bolognese will be renamed Spaghetti Ragout in the next patch, for historical accuracy.
  12. To all who think there will be less teamplay. A new viable tactic (definitely in tourmaments, but to a lesser extent also in ranked and randoms) would to set a strip of smoke, shoot from behind the smoke (not from inside), carrier or a stealth destroyer spots. Great, but too complex for this games' audience. The smoke timer could be confusing.
  13. We may not have full information. They might increase the baseline smoke duration so that: 1. Nothing changes for the shooter 2. Allied ships still can hide if they don't shoot Overall a reasonble change if done this way. Yes it would nerf smoking divisions, but only them. I am OK with this.