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  1. I am still missing the FU and FOFF command.
  2. Shiratsuyu - sold it!
  3. This and because in WoT targets actually hide in foliage.
  4. Ranked battles are neither fun nor a waste of time, cause I don't waste my time on them.
  5. Correct, nothing has broke the game individually, yet the game has become so frustrating and at the same time so boring that I contemplate skipping the Dunkirk campaign.
  6. I have my own theory why the RPF skill was introduced in the first place. They simply modified what was in the game already, namely what all the regular PvE bots have (coop bots, not those the scripted operations). If you played the PvE, you will know exactly that this is how bots find "humans". God forbit they find a destroyer, for they would all jump on it like dogs on a rabbit. So the real reason is lack of imagination. RPF has been in the game since long.
  7. But there is a pattern to all this. Anything historical, be it flags or camo, comes at a premium effort or price, often unreasonable. Anything stupid bling bling comes at no effort (win a single game). WG knows exactly how to milk the naval buff, while nurturing the (lets say a casual) with junk. And I hate it.
  8. No, I actually grinded the Udaloy twice, without much regret. But opinions on the Grozovoi were so negative at that time that I decided not to bother.
  9. So tell me what is good about it. I have the ship for 4 months in my port without having played a single game.
  10. The sad truth of it is that high damage low winrate ships/players proves that in this game a few good people cannot realize their potential because they get dragged down by a swamp *Edited skilless *Edited that make up the majority of the target audience. Been there, seen them.
  11. OK let me check in battles, cause maybe I am wrong Checked! Thanks God I was wrong! Edited the OP.
  12. Corrected, you are wrong
  13. It is 100 percent legal. The popular mini-map mod, which is included in the official WG mod pack, got a new useful feature. A cross that shows the range of the main guns on the map. This mod help shooting targets in smoke. A target in smoke is difficult to hit for several reasons. You need to find the correct range, lateral position and have a lot of luck since without a target set the salvo will be very inaccurate. Now you can reliably get the range, especially if the target was spotted before disappearing in smoke. Just superimpose the range cross on the last known location and hope that the RNG is on your side. With a stationary large target (say a British cruiser), you chances to hit increase significantly. I will try it out. How about you? Other mods that I recommend: navigator, running lights, and especially the one showing who just used which consumable (nice for carriers and HE cruisers for permanent-fires, salty quits guaranteed). EDIT: Ok, useless because it works on allies only. The mod shows fires on enemies. Not really usefull either cause you can see them anyway. Russian video:мод-на-прострел-дымов/ Sorry if this is well-known.
  14. Give the man a Texas!
  15. Nope, turning Post Processing (which I had on High anyway) does not change anything. They ruined the graphics by making everything dull, like on the OP screens.