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    Ich dachte das geht nicht mehr

    Lustig das bin ja ich auf dem Bild Der TE hatte sich Extrem über mich aufgeregt und wollte mich sogar Reporten soweit ich weiß Bringt wohl nur nix
  2. DevouringKing


    Thank you for the Details and Personal Thoughs on this Ship. Maybe you put Main Gun Reload Time, Secondary Range in the maindata Framelist in the future and Modul Slots are Unknown too.
  3. DevouringKing

    Ishizuch- Tier IV Premium IJN BB in Premium Shop

    30 Sec Reload with the Main Guns Right ? How is the Standard Secondary Weapon Range ? 3km or 3,5km ?
  4. DevouringKing

    Please Nerf Destroyer

    dont spam my topic with offtopic. your 5 kills in a cruiser storys has nothing to do with the problem about i talk. you can be the skillest battleship player, you cant fight against a destroyer, because you cant spot him. he throws Barrage after Barage Torpedos at you, and you cant evade them all (for example minekaze can shot 3 times in different angles with double torps wide spread). and you dont see the enemy, you just see the torpedos at 2km range incoming. and then one good player tell me, that he can avoid all of them in a Battleship. DtXpwnz, on 30 June 2015 - 07:38 PM, said: please show me a map where you cannot cap Please dont post if you are new to the game and dont know even this... are just noobs here ?
  5. DevouringKing

    Please Nerf Destroyer

    and one more thing. if you dont see the enemy, he has first strike advantage. if no one is in front of you for a long time(lets say 5 minutes), you sail straight to reach some spots on the map. and thats it, he can damage you very heavy at this first strike point. after that, if you survive, you dont sail straight anyway, you try to avoid, but if the enemy has more salvos then one, and can spread them, and can time then, then you cant avoid every torp. dont forget that the enemy is invisible all the time and he has enough time to repeat this 3-5 times minimum.
  6. DevouringKing

    Please Nerf Destroyer

    i didnt sail in a straight Line. you ever heard of torpedo Barrage Spread ? You know that a good destroyer dont shot all torpedos from the same spot ?
  7. DevouringKing

    Please Nerf Destroyer

    you never player world of warships or ? if a invisible ship launches torpedos at 10km range, you dont the see torps at 10km range. you see the torps depending on your torp detection range thats far less then 10km.
  8. DevouringKing

    Please Nerf Destroyer

    On this Map we cant catch the enemy and we was wide spreade on the map. we was all Us Battleships with 20knots top speed. So think twice before talking non sense please. And of course, a DD can stay easy out of 8km range. with color or captain skills he is spottet after 5km or near. and he just need to come between that 10km torp range gab und this 5-6km. i have good friends that play destroyer. they say that they even never need cloak screens against Battleships. Because they manage to drive so good, that they never come under 8km range to the battleship. they go under 10km, turn, drop torps in wide spread to ensure that One Torp Must hit 100%. Often they reach more then one hit, but never less then one. Because the Torp are seen much later. edit: and we cant cap, because that map has no basis for Capping.
  9. DevouringKing

    Please Nerf Destroyer

    that has nothing to to with IQ. If an enemy is not spotable, and your team is not in team speak or skype, you cant coordinate for a trap. so what will you do ? you dont see the enemy. your mates are 20-30km away from you, and he kills one after one because he is invisible.
  10. DevouringKing

    Please Nerf Destroyer

    That has nothing to do with islands. T5 Minekaze: is Spotable at5,9km And its Torping Range is 10km. We was Tier 4-5 Battleships and without any Chance. He was Uncatchable and Torped without any Danger to the end of the battle.
  11. DevouringKing

    Please Nerf Destroyer

    it was impossible to evade because you see the torps to late and the battleship take to long. our cruisers was death.
  12. DevouringKing

    Please Nerf Destroyer

    Please Nerf Destroyer, the are Very OP ! Reason: i have fight many battles with this lategame. Our Side:. 3-5 Battleships. Enemy Side: 1 Destroyer The Destroyer Pilot never used is Turrets. He stayed away from spotting Range, and Torped us to the end of the game without any problems. Becaus we cant spot him. His Torp Range is Far Higher then the range for beeing Spottet. Its Unfair that a single Destroyer Can Kill 5 Battleships without Taking any Damage because he is unspotable,
  13. DevouringKing

    Commander Skill Point Cap

    In Closed Beta many Players had Reached that 19 Points. I Know in Beta it was an Xp Modifier Activ, but that was just nothing. A Good player can get 1000 Average Xp with a Montana easy. So for 10 Million XP that Montana Player just need 10.000 battles. With Premium Account its just 5000 battles. With 50% more Xp Flag its even less and possible to reach at in 2500 Battles. This is a Joke. In World of Tanks you can manage New Skills for a Tank even after 10.000 battles. And now Mention the Weekend and Holiday Crew XP bonus up to Modifier 1,5-2x more XP like in World of Tanks. I Guess Wargaming will make such Bonus Weekends in World of Warships too.
  14. DevouringKing

    Commander Skill Point Cap

    Greetings Yesterday i heared something and i thinked, No Way ! Its Just Possible to Get 20 Commander Skillpoints for a Commander. Well, i come from World of Tanks and the Mainreason why i Grind Weeks and Months a Single Tank/Ship is, the Skills. I Think Many Many Many other People have the same Motivation. If that 20 Skill Cap is True, it will be Very Very Very Devastating for the Game. So Fix it.
  15. DevouringKing

    USS Arkansas missing anti-air armament + turret 4 not firing

    I Hope They Fix it. In Wartime the small Rescue ships dont Hang in There. The Smallship hang just in peacetime that High.