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  1. the_british_admiral

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery, many thanks
  2. the_british_admiral

    Warships Premium Account

    so, how do you make your choice off account ??
  3. the_british_admiral

    jean bart captian skills

    thanks , how about upgrades to complement the above
  4. the_british_admiral

    jean bart captian skills

    what's the opinion on the best captain build for the jean bart, with so much going on with it what skills would best suit it. ????
  5. the_british_admiral

    30% coupon CAN be used for Jean Bart!

    sent a ticket to support and got the coupon sent again , purchased the JB.
  6. the_british_admiral

    Is WoWS becoming as Toxic as WoT?

    it's half term in the Uk at the moment so all the kids are off, always spikes in the hols
  7. the_british_admiral

    The "What-is-that-thing-on-my-destroyer"-thread

    sweep floats as mentioned earlier
  8. the_british_admiral

    cossack captain skills

    so what are everyone's thought on the best captain skill for a theoretical 19 point captain.
  9. the_british_admiral


    gent's, are you still looking for new members.
  10. the_british_admiral

    Hearts of Oak recruitment thread [HAERT]

    looking for a relaxed clan with the social chat side to join, have a great interest in the history side especially the RN as did 10 years in the senior service. let me know if any places. Up Spirits.
  11. the_british_admiral

    belfast set up

    what would be the best 19 point captain skills set up?
  12. the_british_admiral

    [-GOD-] Grumpy Old Dudes

    Mrs says I'm GRUMPY so this bunch of misfits sounds great to me, application sent
  13. the_british_admiral

    Gold to Doubloons

    why is it so hard for WG to do a simple transfer of gold to doubloons from WOT to WOW's, I'm sure there are other players wishing to do this.
  14. the_british_admiral

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    Very impressed. The_british_admiral. Dunkerque
  15. the_british_admiral

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    loo yang received today.