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  1. brutalos_gr

    I want tirpitz

    What a shame.. One less Tirpitz in WoW...
  2. brutalos_gr

    North Carolina newbs

    I actually fall for that and went looking for the Jet Fighters. I would love to have an F-18 escorting me
  3. brutalos_gr

    The Colorado... seriously?

    Try to learn the ship. I had the same issues at start, but the fact that it uses 16" cells makes it different from NM. You must aim differently. Under 13km this ship is brutal. It can actually one shot (salvo shot) all the CA's from tier VI and under.
  4. brutalos_gr

    North Carolina newbs

    Oh! And yes it does work to shoot HE's on Tirpitz'es. But is it balanced for us to shoot HE's and get shoot at with AP's?? Who will win versus that?? I like they way WG thinks! Lets pay to win...
  5. brutalos_gr

    North Carolina newbs

    Fighter JET? What are you talking about? Btw the Tirpitz must be addressed. Its a ridiculous ship that ruins the whole gameplay. If it continues like this, I will stop playing TIER VIII until fixed. Nough said.
  6. brutalos_gr

    North Carolina newbs

    What "citadel" hits? I have successful hits on Tirpitz'es more than 50 times. Not a single was a citadel hit. Even once I can recall a salvo fired from 5km range, directly on the weak spots (or maybe the weak spots I was used to hit before!). Guess what? 0 (yes ZERO) damage -I saw all the cells being absorbed from its hull without even hearing a sound of ricochet, I thought it was a glitch of the game or something...- . Totally realistic when firing 406mm cells from 5km with North Carolina nevertheless...
  7. brutalos_gr

    North Carolina newbs

    Now that's a topic that is made exclusively for my case. I feel and am n00b in her for the time being. Came through Colorado with pure grinding. No free exp used to bypass it in order to reach NC. So yes I was eager to get her.. First impressions are wow.. a great ship. Cannons have the same diameter, seems a little better, but can't do crap against most Tier VIII BB's..? Whilst in the Colorado I could actually do some damage. Maybe its me, and I need to learn her cannons and timings better. I will try harder to adapt to her play-style. Upgraded turning and speed, only played one game with those upgrades and still she feels heavy and sluggish. When you decide to turn you loose 7-9knots which is actually hampering her.. Anyway. I like her, she is a great ship. I found out that there is almost no way to hurt a tirpitz with her 406mm cannons, which is actually ridiculous since Iowa can bend it to her will. And please don't tell me that some Mk's higher make the cannons so much better at penetrating.. Got the distance upgrade and yes it was a mistake. Going asap for the AA upgrade..
  8. brutalos_gr

    North Carolina success

    Is this supposed to answer the d00ds question?
  9. brutalos_gr

    The Colorado... seriously?

    Thumbs up for that comment. I finally got the exp needed to get the NC but still miss the credits. And you know something... I dont want to sell this ship. I became fond of it at the time I finished the grind. Also after the patch indeed it hits harder. You must learn the way to play it. Try hitting without salvos from very far. Use salvos when u are close. Its cannons can now give some serious punches! Have patience, and this ship will reward you. My only complain is still its low HP pool. It should be much higher. Also when you research hull C your AA will shred enemy planes.
  10. brutalos_gr

    The Potato ship can do some work

    There is no such thing as main battery mod for increased accuracy..
  11. brutalos_gr

    The Potato ship can do some work

    I would like to add that after the patch the ship Either became better and can actually hit where you shoot your cannons Or I managed to learn its ways of shooting. Whatever the case maybe today I had fun playing the Colorado. I actually had high hopes they did something and maybe they did. If someone can observe, their artillery rating went up to 81 from 61/62 as well.
  12. brutalos_gr

    The Potato ship can do some work

    I always am close to my group never drifting away. This ship makes for everyone who plays it a bad name... gbgroger, on 30 August 2015 - 07:06 PM, said: After the guns were buffed about 1 month ago, it can dish out serious damage and actually do good in rounds. When and IF it hits... Are there any helpful hints from those people that claim the Colorado is actually good?
  13. brutalos_gr

    The Potato ship can do some work

    Can someone for the life of me tell me how the hell you can target using the Suckorado and actually hit? I mean have mercy! I came grinding with NM with very good games and scores, and suddenly with this barrel of a ship I pray to hit something! I tried lowering my aim -nothing- (I noticed alot of misfiring cause the cells where going over the target). I tried adjusting my speed, not doing anything fancy while shooting... to no effect! It has huge disperse, very unpredictable RNG for its guns and really is getting frustrating.. Watched videos, again and again from people playing this ship. I dunnot shoot differently (!). Somehow though, I cannot get the hits I was getting with NM. Not even close... Yesterday I was flamed by my group for not being effective against the enemy ships.. How can you respond to that, when you try your best aiming, and have no effect? I cannot claim that I am a super pro WoW gamer, but for sure I am not blind. This ship has simply its own mind. In some previous games with it I did fine. But in most of them, it seems very hard to get good hits. I am trying to get good results all the time. To learn its ways and be a supportive ship for my team... But it seems it just does not want you to achieve that by simply playing as with all the other ships! I am not complaining here for something that I cannot achieve. Its simple to achieve good hits if you get the hang of it. It is of course supposed to get harder when u change Tiers I absolutely get it. But! Not harder to achieve hits! I would never get to a forum and start this talk if I wasn't so damn pissed about this ship.. And I really could not wait to get her.. Anyway I hope I do something wrong in the end, and it is not the ship! See you in game folks..