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  1. Cptn_Z3r0

    OKTYABRSKAYA REVOLUTSIYA in the shop & mission

    PPl, can some1 tell me this.. If i buy the ship from prem shop.. do i still get to do the marathon with other ships and get the the ship at the end? And if so, do we get doubloons equivalent of the ship?
  2. Cptn_Z3r0

    My free Xp went missing..

    i may seem so, but i still didn't make any mistake..
  3. Cptn_Z3r0

    My free Xp went missing..

    nope. As i mention before, i am not a new player, i know how stuff works in the game..
  4. Cptn_Z3r0

    My free Xp went missing..

    Hi Captains 2 days ago, it seems i had a bug in game and for some reason 70k free xp went missing from my account. Some of the admins told me that i used it to buy some ship but i did not make any purchases and research with either free or regular ship xp since i am gathering it for Nelson. I am not a new player and i am not an idiot WG thinks me to be. And it appears WG don't give a damn about that bug and don't even bother to resolve it, fix it and they can't return my free xp back. Did anyone else had a similar issue or has a suggestion on what to do?
  5. Cptn_Z3r0


    i used my DD to hit every class of ship and still no achievement or reward..
  6. Cptn_Z3r0

    Economy [edited] up again?

    basically what you told us is that 10k damage on a BB gives you less money then 10k dmg on a DD.. If that would be true, why would anyone bother to shoot CA or BB?
  7. Cptn_Z3r0

    Economy [edited] up again?

    1. Losing credits at T10 is a very big thing, since getting a t10 is the goal of getting that one ship you love and wanna play with, only to get it and realise that you need to make 200k dmg per game to not LOSE too much credits.. 2. If you don't have any useful information about the topic and you are here just to flame and make fun of people who got no premium time, don't comment anything. 3. math wise, the loss would be 38K, which brings me to the point of this topic. If you lose so much credits per game, even with premium and so much dmg at a t10 match, why would you even wanna play it? Why bother spending a lot of time and effort to grind your way to a t10 only to leave it at port?
  8. Cptn_Z3r0

    Economy [edited] up again?

    look at my profile and see how many games i played in my Zao(with and without premium), this low amount of credits is like playing a t4-t5 game and not at a t10 victory with this much dmg..
  9. Cptn_Z3r0

    Economy [edited] up again?

    you are a F2P player aswell, so shut up.. EVEN with premium that would be +50% credits, adn that would still make me at a loss of -70k credits in repairs
  10. Cptn_Z3r0

    Economy [edited] up again?

    had a 100k game in a t6 budyonny and had over 200k credits from that game, so something is really fucked up ..
  11. Cptn_Z3r0

    Economy [edited] up again?

    Can someone pls explain why is the economy broken for the last few days? is it the new patch or? T9 and t10 games are impossible to play.. a very good game in my Zao today( as seen on the SS) , 160k dmg and only 156k credits earned and -113k total repair bill? for real?
  12. http://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/516709696-Cptn_Z3r0/zTa_WtBqQHUheX32w814cnWEdMs/ I've forgoten about that, sorry.. Here is the link.
  13. Hi there lads.. I would like to join if possible? I don't really meet the WR expectation but i do have 2,3k battles and 6x t8 ships and some t9 and t10.. I do know that i need to improve my game so i would like to learn from the best.. Fast learner, adaptable player.. I can almost every role( still learning to play CV's), best at cruisers, and i do spend a lot of time playing, at least 3-5h a day.. i've got a mic, razer comms, ts3, can speak a few languages so communication won't be a problem..
  14. Cptn_Z3r0

    0.5.3 Permanent Camouflage Patterns Feedback

    the pricing is bonkers.. TBH just give us permanent camo link on WOT, price it at 200-500gold and be done with it.