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  1. Kenliero

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    No, I didn't really find them interesting in Halloween event... they did not seem like real subs at all, and was way too arcade... If this trend keeps up, we soon play Mario Bros on water.
  2. Kenliero

    Tier 8 CV unplayble

    CV is hit by far the hardest in T8... You can play T8 BB pretty well in T10 and damage ships, but T8 CV is pure spotter in T10 match...
  3. Kenliero

    RANKED and skills of peoples there...

    Yeah... it's just too long grind... last season I played something like 10 ranks down with around 70% winrate, then i thought that "this takes way too long" and quit... I came to conclusion that it's made "too much" for grinders. I bet there are a lot of good players who actually could reach rank 1 "relatively fast", but they still won't bother grinding that many games in a toxic environment, or just lack enough freetime for Warships.