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  1. And how long time does it take to invent Legendaries for Harugumo and Daring anyways? All you have to do is increase some fire or flooding resistance with expense of main battery reload, torpedo reload, concealment, hitpoints, ruddershift, AA, armor, speed and give it long cooldown in smoke, and there you have a proper"sidegrade".
  2. Kenliero

    Captain Skills vs Crew Skills

    I also played wot before and Wows captain skill system is definitely improvement over old Wot system. When they made it, they specifically wanted to make better system and even though it is not perfect, it's still much better than in Wot.
  3. Kenliero

    Unique Commanders / Captains - on what ship to use them?

    Honore is great for Henri and Republic, to boost their already fast reload. Ovechkin is great in destroyers for extra SE bonus, for example Gearing. Jutland is in my Hindenburg.
  4. Kenliero

    Gameplay is now a joke

    I agree. It is too late. Epeen is like a greenhouse effect. When it passes certain threshold, it will take over and there is no coming back. I believe we are doomed into this world of Epeens and we just have to accept it. The only road we take from here on, is to embrace the grind led by marvelous Epeens... and eventually submit to their will and obey their ruthless commands.
  5. I have something like 80 extra slots that I don't even use
  6. Kenliero

    Gameplay is now a joke

    I agree that this can not be achieved by winrate, because it would balance out over time. It should be done with combination of other stats that reflect your effectiveness in battle. That would also equal winrates by large margin(but would not balance your overall effectiveness as much), at least this model could work and generate interesting matches.
  7. Kenliero

    Gameplay is now a joke

    I'm not talking about putting unicums to their own games and bad players to their own games. I'm talking about distributing them equally in ONE same battle, also this would be great if it could somehow distribute radars at least little bit. Maybe not 100% though, so that you wouldn't automatically know the setup of enemy ships. For example maximum of +-1 difference in radared ships -rule.
  8. Kenliero

    Gameplay is now a joke

    The problem is not weak players. The problem is distribution, which leads to landslides
  9. Kenliero

    Yamato- How to position?

    General rule for playing Yammy is to avoid going middle. You can push with it, but do it in one of the flanks and make sure you push in time, or you will be lagging behind everyone. I never play Yamati ftom 20km. It is slow to react for torpedoes, but it also has excellent torpedo belt. Just go full fire resistance and make sure you are not targeted by too many HE spammers at the same time. NEVER give broadside to anyone.(this is why choose one of the flanks if possible)
  10. Kenliero

    Gameplay is now a joke

    I think the biggest problem for landslides now is that there are radars everywhere and DD's often get rekt no matter how they try to predict what is a safe place to go, out of radar range... and when few DD go quick, everything else falls right with it... Very often you see one side 12-1 where they just have more radars. "If no one shoots or challenges that Wooster in the mid cap", DD's can't do anything at all and it is just automatic landslide.
  11. Kenliero


    You could of course increase your speed of battles by joining a PRO Coop Clan (PROCC) and grind wins faster.... faster grind, faster credits, right? It is a thing, right?
  12. Kenliero

    Why would anyone ever play high tier CVs?

    To sum it all up: When CV rework hits live, it is time to stop playing DD's and play CV for a while, until it gets too repetitive and boring.... so maybe a week...
  13. Kenliero

    Shimakaze - unique upgrade - opinion

    Almost all legendary upgrades come with severe downsides...
  14. I think WG is doing this so that people would keep their T9 ships...
  15. Also one reason to shoot you continuously is if they set you on fire before, you used heal right away, then they want to set you on fire again, because they know you are in cooldown, instead of switching to other target...