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  1. Kenliero

    Exp from Colorado to Nebraska

    Surprised to see people actually like that turtle. It is sooooo slow... I used 800% bonuses and got it to 131k pretty fast, around 20-25k xp games, just playing daily wins. There was a lot of T9 games, which gave a good xp, because if you play careful, never hover in the edges of the map(because you can not relocate) and take good shots near islands and don't hang around in open waters, it can do ok damage.
  2. Kenliero

    Suggestions thread

    My suggestion is to remove the submarines completely. They have totally ruined this game.
  3. Kenliero

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    No, I didn't really find them interesting in Halloween event... they did not seem like real subs at all, and was way too arcade... If this trend keeps up, we soon play Mario Bros on water.
  4. Kenliero

    Tier 8 CV unplayble

    CV is hit by far the hardest in T8... You can play T8 BB pretty well in T10 and damage ships, but T8 CV is pure spotter in T10 match...
  5. Kenliero

    RANKED and skills of peoples there...

    Yeah... it's just too long grind... last season I played something like 10 ranks down with around 70% winrate, then i thought that "this takes way too long" and quit... I came to conclusion that it's made "too much" for grinders. I bet there are a lot of good players who actually could reach rank 1 "relatively fast", but they still won't bother grinding that many games in a toxic environment, or just lack enough freetime for Warships.
  6. Kenliero

    Give me some Advice on Großer Kurfürst....

    Pretty much this. My favorite BB in T10, and the tactic he explained is pretty good. Never push too soon, but when you do, do it like Tony Ferguson.
  7. That is true, and also why I played all lines, but if person really enjoys something, then let him. It's up to him. if(and when) he gets bored and wants to expand knowledge about mechanics then it is time to play other ones.
  8. Yeah I know... Unfortunately. Outside CB you should play what ever you think is fun. Take hints and advices about being better, but play what ever you want in randoms .
  9. Clearly you must play what everyone else is telling you. Back when you were kid... didn't your mother tell you that you should never do what you want? Others will tell you what is fun.
  10. Kenliero

    WG, fix Tier 6 MM!

    Yeah, and T7 vs T9 is worser and T8 vs T10 is Worcester....
  11. Kenliero


    This reminds me of that time when I went to gas station to fill the tires of my car. I plugged the thing in the tire and pressed trigger to put air inside... Just to see tire going from loose to totally flat... And I walked to gas station lady and said " I think your tire filling machine is broken"... And the lady was kind enough to tell me that " You need to open the main air vent first"... And I felt so stupid :D
  12. FdG secondary build might not be ideal game style in randoms, but it works really well in ranked.
  13. FdG 271k game. 150k from secondaries I played that ranked T9 game with full IFHE secondary build. If they give you bow/aft, use secondaries (IFHE FdG pens all 32mm BB bows/afts, except German has higher than 32mm). If they give you broadside, then just use main guns. I have no idea how you could not damage even with 150mm... He was full broadside on you?
  14. Kenliero

    Großer Kurfürst need boost

    This advice makes absolutely zero sense. Why would you want to brawl the only ship in T10 that is immune to your secondaries from bow? You should avoid germans and leave them for your team fire spammers from long range. You should never try to kill German ships with secondaries, because your secondaries can not penetrate them and your fire chance is crap. No wonder you stopped playing secondary GK, when you played it totally wrong.
  15. Kenliero

    Großer Kurfürst need boost

    This is funny, because Conqueror is one of the easiest targets for GK from under 12km(and you get under 12km by using islands as cover). IFHE secondary build pens it everywhere and kills it so fast you hardly take any damage. You sure you actually ran IFHE build earlier? because I always try to focus on French and British BB's and avoid germans.