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  1. Kenliero

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Yes, I was that someone who asked in the stream and I totally agree with you in this matter. By adding T11 mm and -1/+1 would solve so many problems.
  2. Kenliero

    Missing saipan and kaga.

    Start looking for tier 8 ship, not tier 7 ship
  3. Kenliero

    Games + / - 2 tiers.

    I have zero problems in playing T8 surface ships in T10 battle and I don't understand why people keep whining about it all than time. You can always damage T10 surface ships with T8 surface ships and sometimes even completely outplay them, but with uptiered CV you just hit AA wall and all you can do is spot... So... my question is... what fun is playing game with weapons if all you do is just spot the whole game? I don't know about you people, but I want to shoot or drop bombs in this game. Also, people who whine about CV's and say that "All CV players are just cowards who want to sit far in the back and be untouchable" have some real EGO issues themselves. They try to get rid of CV's just because they "can not revenge" person who touched their precious ship and hurt their feelings.... Most CV players just want to bomb stuff. I don't see any whine where people whine about their CV being shot. I see people whine about not able to bomb stuff and do damage.
  4. Kenliero

    Games + / - 2 tiers.

    Says man who has zero battles in Lexington or Shokaku after rework... EDIT: Didn't notice this sentence: "Low tier as CV though, that's something else. The problems are real. Work in progress, I guess. " ....So, I guess you have been in t8 match with Ryujo
  5. Kenliero

    CV- We are in for a world of hurt

    Flying Baby?
  6. Kenliero

    CV- We are in for a world of hurt

    And the only reason his concealment is "down to" 16km, is because HE TOOK CE just to make sure you see the finger motions with binoculars. I don't remember the exact value, but it is around 18km without CE, which is absolutely ridiculous...
  7. Kenliero

    CV- We are in for a world of hurt

    Legendary Henri says hi.... From 16km
  8. Kenliero

    Tier VIII CV in tier X game

    Good advices, but unfortunately the situation is often that you have just one or two of these T8 ships in the game, and if those 2 hang near AA ships, you can't get to them, and it becomes super frustrating.
  9. Kenliero

    I love the cV rework, here is why.

    How about this. Planes can spot +200 meters of every minute played... Starting from zero. They would need spotting help in the beginning, but in the end they could even kill a single DD if needed, when their spotting is 4km in last minute of the game THAT SAID... it would cause strange blinking, because even when you're flying right above the ships you could not see them until like 200 meters...
  10. Kenliero

    New game mode: Competitive

    I personally like it that we get break from CB and can play just relaxing random battles for a change. There was very good suggestion in other thread about "Permanent personal ranking", where you are matched against player with equal skill. I think this game mode could be called "Competitive". In this model you have permanent "rank", which never resets, for example start from rank value of 5000, then you just play 6vs6 games with player who has similar ranking and when your winrate starts going above 50%, you are set in games with HIGHER RANKING opponents, to balance it back to 50%. This winrate is completely separate from normal winrate. This is only your competitive winrate and the balancing keeps it in 50% at all times. Only ranking value matters. Winrate could be your average from last 100 days or something like that. This model would give you very competitive games against opponents with similar skill and you actually have ranking value that is very good indicator of your real skill in the game. Like also suggested in other thread, if you don't play games for long time, your ranking starts to drop automatically, which motivates you to keep it up and play games.
  11. Kenliero

    Went to the dark side.

    Shokaku also has 2 torpedoes, so it's not going to change anytime soon...
  12. Kenliero

    Ranked battles rework - Stars retirement

    How about this addition to make grind faster: Last in losing team loses 2 stars First in winning team wins 2 stars
  13. Kenliero

    Ranked battles rework - Stars retirement

    I like it. #funtimes #ranked 2019 #wishihadmoretime #rank8andstillstuckwith73%winrate #6vs6isbetterthan7vs7
  14. In their latest stream WG said they will try to improve those fighters, because at the moment they react too slowly.
  15. Kenliero

    Unique Commanders / Captains - on what ship to use them?

    They really should give us more IJN captains... So many good ships to put them into ..