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  1. I got it and opened it last week, before thursdays patch
  2. Some 50+ crates no supa. Then got 5 mil credits from supa. Still get moneys
  3. Best gunboat: Khaba Best torpedoboat: Fletcher Best Cruiser: Many options. I like Des Moines and Henry most. Best BB: Yamato
  4. There is nothing wrong with smoke mechanics. They should focus on those AI controlled invisible planes who circle around 8 kilometers away and spot enemies through islands and fix them instead.
  5. Buff Kutuzov. Give extra smokes
  6. I thought it was ALT-F4?
  7. My personal opinion is that Atlanta works with OR without IFHE. For dedicated Captain I would propably take IFHE+AFT+CE, but I use it for Captain training so I either take or not, depending on what ship it will go to.
  8. Your build is exactly the same as mine, with exception that I don't have BFT yet. It will be my next skill. PS. That said don't look too much into my Atlanta stats. Atlanta was my first premium ship and it was the only ship for long time. I had zero games in Wows when I started playing it and it shows... since then I dragged my winrate +10% from what it originally was :D
  9. My favorite DD already before buff :)
  10. Because i have played only 3 ranked battles... at R14 atm :D
  11. Racking up bonuses
  12. Op is right. In fact BB's should pay for what they have done. We need justice!
  13. EU players are too smart. They would totally abuse that to get regular containers ;)
  14. It usually helps if someone actually spots enemy destroyers. You can't expect BB's to push ahead when in minimap they see "traces" of enemy DD spotted right in front of them... and allied DD just sits in his smoke and is raging for BB....
  15. Yeah, but some of us could care less about free slots and is only interested about ACTUAL doubloons. I have 52 extra free slots that I don't need... :P