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  1. Can someone please post address for ASIA server? I tried this but IT DOES NOT WORK <host alias="WOWS ASIA" csis="http://csis.worldoftanks.eu/csis/wowsjp" ids="IDS_JP" realm="jp" wgnrurl="https://jp.wargaming.net"> <master addr="login2.worldofwarships.jp:20020"/> <master addr="login1.worldofwarships.jp:20020"/> </host> Can lo to EU account, but can't log to ASIA atm. EDIT: looks like installing aslain mod and using "region changer" did the trick for me.
  2. The Mighty Mo

    I played Missouri without premium account and 300-500k was normal credits from good game with premium over mil games. it's obvious that it makes less without premium. Who said it makes million without premium? You seem to argue just for the sake of arguing. It makes ton of credits with or without. Premium account is not needed if you play Missouri a lot. Ps. The only reason I have premium account is to make XP grind faster. Not because of credits.
  3. The Mighty Mo

    [edited]. This ship makes ton of money without premium and without flags. You don't need premium accpunt if you have Missouri.
  4. The Mighty Mo

    Long story short. You play Missouri for a day and you can buy T10 with those credits. I don't like battleships, but i like my Missouri. . Ps who cares if there are flags or not. It's not competition... the point is it makes crazy lot of credits.
  5. I tried to learn it and even got Solo warrior in it, but after all the hard work and effort I'm still Scrub, what comes to Izumo.
  6. Most Fun and Least Fun Ship & Why

    Most fun: Atlanta (million xp on her dakkadakka), Gearing(84% solo winrate) Disliked: Ognevoi (when breaking turrets. Had no guns at all in my first game after first 2 minutes...all turrets destroyed. Can't shoot at all wtf?) Krasny Krym(awful awful nightmare)
  7. Loyangs were a huge mistake

    I played Lo Yang and Akizuki in ranked and I would rather use Akizuki of those 2. You can always spot Lo Yang first and stay out of hydro range and just wreck it with IFHE.
  8. [Guidance] Khabarovsk or Grozovoi?

    I have both. Grozovoi and Khaba. I like Grozovoi a lot more than Khaba.
  9. Radar and Tier V & VI

    To fix this problem, we probably need to buff Kamikaze...
  10. Tier 6 premium Cruisers

    I made an account to asia and the only premium I bought, was Atlanta, but I can not recommend it for beginner.
  11. True. Famous ship that offers nothing in the game... (I have it)
  12. By missing that you didn't miss anything.
  13. Wondering

    While in Thailand. Created account in Asia and bought Atlanta IMMEDIATELY, lol. Nice boost for money, because at start you can't even play random battles. :D
  14. this is why carriers are UNPLAYBLE

    Interesting conversations about fighter/DB. I am no pro in carriers, but back when I played them, I used a method to send single DB to dd. Drop bomb on it and leave it there to circle around, then I brought another DB and drop bombs on it and send the previous DB home. I don't claim it's ideal way to play CV, but I hsd 100% enemy spotted and after few drops dd was dead, because DB can damage enemy dd a lot PERCENTUAL damage and dd can not heal it... so just food for thought there. Whst do you think about this?
  15. Can we please stop the T10 spam?

    Using your free xp to unlock Izumo B Hull is propably the smartest way to spend your free xp. What comes to not being able to pay repairbills.. no comment on that one...