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  1. How about random level of water? Island can be sitting deeper in the water.... islands could be different size this way? :D
  2. Does anyone know what this actually means? " The Public Test of Update 0.6.14 will not feature the entire new tech tree. However, once you complete a dedicated chain of missions, you'll get access to the Tier IX destroyer Chung Mu. " What "chain of missions".... and do we get access in Test or Live server?
  3. It's been more than a year since I suggested 112 for Lexi and ranger...
  4. Not sure if using them in clan battles is any better?
  5. All types? I see only battleships?
  6. I would advice playing all ship types (Battleship, cruiser,destroyer, maybe even carrier) before progressing to higher in tier. grind them in same level. I grinded ALL lines at the same time, which made me understand how everything works. I could tell what all enemies and allies were capable of in their ships and strategize based on that info. PS. you can also check "Kenliero" in youtube and open playlists in channel. There are SHIP SPECIFIC guides and reviews.
  7. I see what Autobot means. At some point meta changed to radar-strong and F3's didn't really work well anymore, thus I also started to dislike Yugumo A LOT, but after recent changes, I've considered getting it back. Torpedoreloadbooster + 12km torps sounds like fun to me. Also 1.7km stealth is bad but not unplayable. PS. Stay away from F3 or you'll just frustrate yourself to uninstall...
  8. Namolis had some good points... (like leaving Mino in trouble) yeah, watched the vid and I can not understand why that Z-52 was sailing around in the distance behind everyone else on his team when he could of been screening those enemies & torpedoes... Half his team was dead when he engaged enemies for the first time... It would of been better to not post anything here...
  9. Err...Yeah... There is clearly a lack of Soviet Premium ships in the game.... hmm...
  10. Belfast is super strong in solo. I mostly play solo (don't know exact percentages/stats) and with Belfast it's just easy mode...
  11. This is the reason I stopped buying premiums a while ago. You don't really know what you buy, because they can dramatically change how that ship works.
  12. I've played pretty much all ships and Perth is still my favorite. Last season 100% winrate in ranked with Perth :P
  13. And you need to wake up and realize that after 2230 battles he is not new, old, colorful, religious, young or any other similar convenient excuse. He is just plain slow. This is not bashing. This is a fact. I mean how can you not see in 2230 battles that there is concealment mechanic in place? You'd have to use some serious hallusogenic drugs or something to think that all that blinking just happened for no reason at all.... 2230 IS A LOT.
  14. Just buy that T10 premium camo and stop complaining. All this whining and problems... because you can not buy one camo? You basicly get a premium T10 with that camo. I make profit without premium account using only that camo... Oh, also. .. always choose "flags" from container to get them zulu flags.
  15. I've done ship reviews of all British cruisers for youtube, except Henry (and I have Henry).... Now....while I was testing ships for my reviews/guides, I did experiment with secondarybuilds, just to make sure and out of curiosity.... and I came to conclusion that it is just not worth. Like people said already, they are German BB only, if you want good build. I hope this was helpful. If you want to take a look at my reviews of ships. Check the playlists in my youtube channel "Kenliero". :)