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  1. Ranked Battles Season 9

    I'm going for Akizuki+Yueyang.... "unfortunately" I will spend 5 weeks in Thailand(2.5-6.6), so I might not have chance to get high rank. Could end up grinding some Asian server ships.
  2. About winrate

    I would say reason that "no ship type has advantage in winrating", is because there are also equal or larger amount of bad DD players too, who make their DD winrates dramatically worse.
  3. About winrate

    I am sure those are factors as well, but I would say in EU server I also have approximately 5-7% better winrates in DD's compared to BB's, simply because it is easier to carry with them when playing solo. BB's are just too slow to make quick adjustments during the game to fix situation, which is heading to loss. Of course if the player is not good with DD's, it's not going to just improve the winrates by magical 5%.
  4. About winrate

    This is correct. I play almost all my games in solo. Now.... In EU I have played all lines and 95% solo games. In Asian server I have played only DD's. And only solo. Not a single division match. My winrate is 10% better in Asian server, because I can carry with Solo DD.
  5. Idea for Indianapolis buff

    Give it DWT!
  6. I want my last pinguin ufo patch

    You can get space patches without playing space battles...
  7. Yeah. And if MM is manipulated by the number of radars.. you can basically know what setups enemies are running in their ships.. That said 4 radars per team is a bit overkill and causes frustration due permaspotting. Like said. Not so trivial to solve
  8. Radar is ok. It would be too easy without them.
  9. Have anyone noticed?

    With that single player those dead warships could also drop loot, so you can improve your own ships... Let's make this totally different game, because..... We can...
  10. MM manipulation?

    MM can not be manipulated for you, because it is manipulated only for me me me... I know it, because I FEEL that way!
  11. Have anyone noticed?

    Imagination. You have just learned a thing and you realise that others don't understand the thing. Later on you will understand msny more things and you come to realise that no one in this game understand anything. This is the moment in your life when you understand the true nature of potato. It will reveal itself when you least expect.
  12. lol mode?

    Reaching 1000 points won't happen very fast and isn't a big problem. The problem is you can go negative in few minutes and lose battle before you have even chance to do anything.
  13. Ranked Season Ship Selection

    Yeah, Strong torpedoes are real thing in Gearing. In randoms I've used torpedo acceleration, but not sure if it's good idea in ranked... I always run Gearing in torpedoboat setup, because guns are still really good without any captain skills. What comes to Grozovoi. The main reason I don't like it so much, is because it just takes soooo much damage if in open sea. It's sluggish and so hard to maneuver when under fire. Long hull and Rudder shift twice as long compared to Gearing(2.6s vs 4.6s). You basicly need to use torpedoes or just shoot from smoke with Grozo. it gets totally wrecked in open sea, unlike Gearing. I used to like Grozo, but nowadays I've shifted more into Gearing/Yueyang/Khaba and to be honest I've liked Shima a lot lately too.... It might be a good choice in ranked after stealth buff. It can detect everyone else so much earlier. But can it use it in radar meta?.... so yeah... there are really no bad ships in TX. It's more like what fits in your hand and what you're used to getting results in.
  14. A simple fix for BB camping

    You know what? That would be step to right direction. And once we improve AI even further, we could do that to good players too, and soon none of us have to play this game anymore. It can play itself. Problem solved.
  15. While everyone is assuming that they are better 50% of players and benefit from SBMM. How do you think it works for those who are not very good? If you have poor wins. Does it mean that you always have to play with bad players? How motivating is that for a new player who just haven't figured out the games secrets?