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  1. Zao
  2. I run Akizuki with IFHE, BFT, CE and some other skills(can't remember all the rest). NOT using AFT... Works great for me. 75% wins solo. Edit PS. I got Aki AFTER stealth firing was removed
  3. Wasn't it more like 0-10 if all allies died? (and if numbers represent remaining ships) PS. I sometimes get similar 0-10 results where I am the only one killing something...
  4. Citadels are good. With citadelhits your aim actually matters to some extend. Everyone who says it's random, just camp too far away... yes, it is totally random from 20km...
  5. It't not map. It's Anti-Map. If Map and Ocean would touch each other physically, it would destroy the universe.
  6. It is a sign, which tells you that "If you wander too close to map borders, your soul is lost and the gates of hell will open to you"
  7. Yes, unless there is an island blocking your line of sight.
  8. As it turns out. Risk is even lower because you can smoke up with DD and STILL see him and shoot him and stay unspotted yourself due new mechanics. This is specially powerful for russian DD's who has guns in front.
  9. Mixed feelings about this. It nerfs RNCL, but it also adds skill factor (high risk vs high reward) to DD play. Doesn't really increase DD xp or credits, but you can improve your winrate by spotting those ships sitting in smoke.
  10. Ok, got it. Basicly we have one extra way for detection. Yes with this system you can smoke up 6km from Neptune, still spotting him and firing, while he can not see your ship if your "smoke detection" is less than 6km and you have line of sight (excluding smoke cloud) Thanks for Clearing it out.
  11. Sounds like assured detection, where you don't need line of sight. Would be nice to get confirmation on this?
  12. So what really is important question... are these values assured detection ranges, which normally is 2km and extended to 3km with vigilance. OR are these NORMAL detection values? First ones you CAN detect while sitting in smoke yourself
  13. No, you can not smoke up and spot. The moment you smoke up, your spotting ends(after smoking you can only see assured detection, right? Or is that 6,9km assured instead of normal detection?). Smoke up only if you are spotted by someone else. You can even shoot him and he can not see you, unless someone else spots you.
  14. That is the whole point. You are NOT detected from 6km, but you can keep Neptune permaspotted. He has no idea who is spotting him. You smoke up only if someone else spots you.
  15. This doesn't effect Kutuzov much at all, because MK doesn't have to come close due good guns. I am more worried about the "shadowing meta" where DD' s just keep spotting those RN CL... they can go slowly bow on to 6km from RNCL. If spotted, then just smoke up and make sure to stay out of hydro range. Torp smoke and leave if spotted.