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  1. Swamp_Thing666

    30% coupon as a middle finger

    I got a coupon after a training room session. I felt speshul!
  2. Swamp_Thing666

    I will pay no more for this game

    I didn´t say they had tier 10 ships, i was talking of experience. The emblems are a good way to deduce experience, since emblems require T8 and above. Can an experienced player choose to use a patch over an emblem? Sure! But why would you want to pass for a less experienced player? I cannot present replays because i do not save them, never saw a need to do so. The DD advantage i talk about is something i posted in another thread, where i have kept track of DD numbers in my matches over the past 2 weeks. I noticed the enemy team was invariably 10 times more likely to have one more DD. For every match my team had the DD advantage, the enemy had 10. And not just in numbers, most times also in quality of ship, or experience of player. And i also see an enormous amount of pink players, though i have no way to tell how many there were on the other team. This is all anedoctal evidence, of course. There is no way to independently verify the veracity of this theory, it´s just that gut feeling that something is "off". And knowing how the industry works (i´ve been playing videogames for almost 40 years, since my teens), i´ve seen a lot of shady practices. Does it change anything? Not at all. When i pick up the mouse and decide to play, i do so fully aware that i play at a disadvantage over the other players that are more "forthcoming" with their cash. Consumables, ship upgrades, captain skills, even the very ships used, are all things that impact the outcome of a match. That´s why i don´t put much stock in ratings. With enough cash and a few buddies to division with, even the biggest potatoe is capable of stat padding to unicum levels. It doesn´t matter to me, really. I get my measure of fun out of the game as it is, i can´t demand anything more. But that doesn´t mean i should close my eyes to what happens, either. I just accept it as a "it comes with the territory" type of deal.
  3. Swamp_Thing666

    I will pay no more for this game

    3 players do not make an entire team. If you look closely, majority of enemy team are experienced in ranked play, members of high rated clans. Most of our team are free players like myself, no clans, no ranked matches, no tier 10 ships (you can´t see in the screenie, but most of the enemy team have +T-VIII emblems, while most of our team have not). And they had DD advantage. All in all, the MM was pretty skewed, and the results are showing, with only 3 enemy ship sunk, before they won by points (again, the DD advantage shows). In the last couple of weeks i lost 3% WR. I had taken a long absence from the game, only to return now and find a completely diferent game meta than what i knew a year ago. Now the meta seems to be to play peek-a-boo behind islands, or max range sniping. I´m having a hard time adapting to the new meta, and my WR took a nose dive. It´s hard enough fighting the new game as it is, i would rather not have to fight the matchmaking aswell. It boils down to WG trying hard to get me to spend money to bridge the gap, but i´m not having any. It´s a painfully long grind to T-X, but all i have is time, lots of time. I´ll get there. Eventually...
  4. Swamp_Thing666

    I will pay no more for this game

    A pic is worth a thousand words.
  5. Swamp_Thing666

    MM manipulation?

    I hope you are being sarcastic. I´ve been a free-to-player since the start, which means i had to grind all my ships the hard way. I have the grand total of ONE premium ship, bought a week ago. I never had any premium time outside the ones you get in-game. And my highest tier is VIII, a Mogami, in which i saw my WR and PR tank big time. Being slotted to tier 10 matches 9 out of 10 times is not fun. Having to slug it out without premium consumables, stock ship, etc, is not fun either. Having no skill 19 captains also hurts bad (my highest is 11). But i don´t complain, i get my measure of fun out of the game. Having said that, i am not blind. I do see i get pitted against much more experienced teams all the time. The DD "evidence" is just one of the things i noticed. For example, i´ve noticed the enemy team often has a lot more players with emblems, rather than patches, which means they consist of seasoned players, with tier 10 experience. I´ve also seen an awful amount of pink players on my team, though that might be unrelated. What does it all mean? Well, i get the gut feeling that us free-to-players are getting slammed into more experienced teams, to foster the urge to buy doubloons and level the playing field. It´s something i´ve come to accept, though. It´s just the way the cookie crumbles. Of course people will come out saying " take off the tinfoil" etc. I´ve been playing games for almost 40 years, since the days of the ZX Spectrum. And i´ve seen a lot of shady practices. Like in Path of Exile, where youtubers got an increased chance to get six links with a handfull of fuses, while the rest of the F2P mob got abysmal odds, spending thousands of fuses and get nothing. It´s all part of the industry. The MM in WOWs is just another tool on their belt to entice you to buy doubloons and ships. And the people that come out saying nothing is wrong, are usually the ones that had never suffered being on the wrong side of it. They have tons of premiums, tons of credits/doubloons to play with, lots of like minded buddies to division with. I´m off to game some more, need to milk the premium time i got to the max, it doesn´t come often.
  6. Swamp_Thing666

    MM manipulation?

    Anedoctal evidence, but... For the past week i´ve kept track of the DD ratio on matches, and for every match that my team had one more DD, the enemy team had it 10 times. That means i saw the enemy team have superior MM 10 times more often. What does it mean? Have no clue. Like i said, anedoctal. But it´s there, whatever it means.
  7. Swamp_Thing666

    A simple fix for BB camping

    I´ve seen some great ideas shot out of the water over petty things. Everytime something is proposed you guys come out and go "But...But.... And what of this, or that?? And that thingy?? What about the watchamacallit??" So obviously people get disheartened. Instead of pointing out peety flaws, perhaps you should try bouncing ideas around to get to a consensus that pleases all sides. But that will never happen if all you have to say is negative, and how foolish or idiotic any given idea seems to you. You killed the debate right off the bat, and that´s the reason why we are still here years later still fumbling about the same old issues. The devs come over, glance at this, and say "hey, they can´t agree even on the color of the sky, we are safe for a few more years!", and off they go to make more payed DLC and micro transactions. Hey, we might not get a fix to camping, but we will get ASASHIO!!! Hurrrah, right?
  8. Swamp_Thing666

    A simple fix for BB camping

    Lets see: -Which areas? Simple, the back of each base, which is where most campers stay. -Teams switch sides? Great! Nothing would happen. The subs belong to each team, if the teams switch sides, the subs have nothing to lock on to. They don´t roam the sea, only the back areas of each base. -Necessary to move to the strike area? I fail to understand any single strategy where going back to spawn is the "best attack vector". But assuming there is, nothing would happen. Again, the AI would need to be set, some parameters need to happen before a sub goes into hunting mode. Like distance traveled. If after 5 minutes, you have moved a whopping 2 or 3 kms from your spawn point, don´t you think that is a valid way to spot a camper? -Physical destroyable subs or not? I would hope they would not be targetable, otherwise campers just shoot it out and resume camping. As for the manner in which they present themselves, that would be up to the devs. But i would love a Kaiten. -Using them to troll own team? Come on, you can do better than that. If some one wants to troll the team, do you think they need any help?? And finally, are you defending ANY scenario where camping at the back is subject material to "new strategies"? You´re not advocating bot behaviour, i hope. I actually regret writing this thread, because i should know better. Over the years i saw this happening time and time again. Great ideas were put forth by members, only to be dashed to pieces by nitpicking of petty details. The truth is nothing ever gets done because gaming companies use naysayers like you to justify why nothing was ever done. It´s the same story over and over again, from one title to the next. Hmmm, yeah... Note to self: "Don´t bother, not worth the aggravation."
  9. Swamp_Thing666

    A simple fix for BB camping

    Teamwork? In random battles?? Give me the number of your dealer, i want some of that too. There will never be an end to camping as long as the game permits shooting from +20k and be effective at it. No one wants to get focused fired, no one wants to get blasted back to lobby after 3 minutes. The fact of the matter is that EVERYONE camps. Cruisers camp behind islands, DDs camp in choke points and wait for anyone passing. There is no incentive to play the game as it should, because the most XP goes to who manages to stay alive the longest and keeps his guns working. The maps are designed for campers. This status quo has been going on for years, and everytime someone suggests something, you nay sayers seem to pop out of the woodwork to pick flaws at it. And because no one rallies behind any one idea, nothing gets done. EVER! So yeah, excuse me all over for trying to put some ideas out there. You lot seem to just want to nit pick for the sake of being negative! Bah... i´m too old for this...
  10. Swamp_Thing666

    A simple fix for BB camping

    How about it targets the BB with least amount of travel, or going slow? A combination of parameters, that would dictate the sub to spawn near him, and start giving chase. Or the 2 subs could just have a patrol pattern in the trouble spots, one for each side of the map. With a bit of imagination and ingenuity, WG could easily cook up something awesome. An NPC air strike from outside the map could achieve the same result, but i feel a submarine would fit the theme of the game better. Maps that have land masses in the rear could even have enemy gun emplacements, that shoot any ship that goes near it. Stuff like that. If they put their thinking caps on, they can work up something a lot more enticing than Asashio...
  11. Swamp_Thing666

    A simple fix for BB camping

    I just had this bulb light up over my head. What if, there were NPC controlled submarines patrolling the spawns and borders? That should get those BB campers moving, wouldn´t you say? The sub doesn´t need to be too fast, or even powerfull. The simple knowledge that there is something lurking in the deeps, waiting to catch a spawn camper unaware and slam a couple torps up his tail pipe, would be enough incentive to get them moving away from those areas. And as a side benefit, the sub would deal with AFK ships! It´s a win win scenario. I´m getting this image in my head of a humongous Yamato running from a tiny little periscope that slowly but surely gains up on it, like that scene from Aracnophobia, when the spider general moves to attack the lead actor. That sense of impending doom... A Kaiten, perhaps?
  12. Swamp_Thing666

    Give all cruisers heal?

    I never understood why the best armored, best armed, and sporting the largest health pool got a heal, while the weakest ships get squat. I used to be a cruiser captain, but upon reaching T5 and getting citadeled into oblivion i simply parked my cruisers. As soon as a cruiser is spotted out in the open, you can almost hear every BB skipper yelling at his turrets to turn faster, and get a shot off before anyone else. It´s actually comic, watching as the number of enemy ships targeting you rises to 5 or 6, as soon as you get spotted. And who can blame them?? Heck i do it too, the chance to instantly remove 12 enemy guns from the match is too good to pass up. And so we are left with this aberration type of game, where cruisers play peek-a-boo behind islands, a la World of Tanks. And the BBs? Well, they play the sniper game, staying as far back as their machines allows them to. The game has evolved into a bloody mess... So how to fix this? Personaly, i would like the heals in the game to be dispensed from one ship to another, like the cruisers would need to stay within 1000 yards of other ship to give it a heal, sort of like a medic. No ship would be able to self heal, rather they would require the assistance of an allied ship to come to them, just like real life. This would add a layer of complexity and team work. And that system is sort of already in the game, so it wouldn´t require too much work to get off the ground. But honestly, i doubt it would ever happen. Changing the status quo doesn´t help their bottom line, there is no money in it for WG. And they are not in the business of balancing their games, we all know that. The name of the game is "power creep", and getting players to salivate over the next big OP ship, so they part with their hard earned cash. No one spends money to buy "average" stuff, do they? People want the OP stuff, not the balanced stuff. Balanced does not sell.
  13. Swamp_Thing666

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    About 90% of my matches were in cruisers. Up until tier 4, cruisers were ok, and i was having fun. Above t4 it is murder. Show your sides to a BB, and down you go!!! No wonder everyone shoots at cruisers, every shot is a citadel. And who doesn´t love seeing big chunks of HP go flying with one stroke of a key? As the old sayin goes:"If you can´t beat them, join them!", so i began playing BBs too. And immediately i saw why cruiser captains were abandoning ship in droves. I got some pretty insane salvos, not fun for those on the receiving end... So how do you fix this? Pretty much every match these days is 4 or 5 DD, 4 or 5 BBs, and a lonely cruiser/carrier. Cruisers cannot depend on passive armor to survive, so they need to dodge the shots. But how can you dodge, when your turrets turn like on a battleship? Evasive manouvering means you never get to fire a single shot. Cruisers need a big decrease in turret traverse times, so they can manouver and still being able to return fire. I´m not touching cruisers again., and its a damn shame, because cruiser gameplay is what i like the most. I unlocked the Myoko, and my first 2 matches lasted no more than 2 minutes. Firs match i got detonated. Second match the first salvo from a BB left me with 15% HP. Yep... such fun...
  14. Swamp_Thing666

    Removing the ranging/aim assist?

    Then i think we just spotted someone who can´t aim without the game holding your hand. See how that works? Ok, now without the patronizing, i´m not asking for the assist to be removed. I don´t care if you use it. But i would like the option to turn it off. Before WoWs came out, there was a game which i will not name, where WoWs drew a lot of inspiration from. That game had no assist, the shells fell where your cursor was at the time of firing (and then the game took care of the spread calculations), and i was doing just fine without it. In fact, my hit ratio was better. With a bit of practice, you could land long range shots on destroyers, something that is virtually impossible to do here unless the DD is motionless. Just now i was in a match, i had 2 ships running a paralel course along with me, about 10k from me. One DD, and a cruiser about 200m past it/behind it. Because the DD was closer, the game chose to target the DD, but i was aiming at the cruiser. Long story short, my shells ended up in the twilight zone. I don´t think it is an unreasonable request, to have my aim free of any assist, and depending only on my own calculations/course predictions. Those who feel more at home with the assist can continue to use it. But having the option to disable it hurts no one.
  15. Swamp_Thing666

    Removing the ranging/aim assist?

    How do i get rid of the game´s silly range assist? I find it does more harm than good. For example, when my target hits the map border, its a real pain in the proverbial neck to hit him. Common sense would dictate, that since he is not moving (his engines are running, but he doesn´t move), you should just shoot under the smoke stacks. But if you do, your shots go waaay wide, and you need several salvos to pinpoint the right spot where to shoot. Other example, i have 2 ships on my screen, sitting close to each other. If i happen to fire at the ship that the game has targeted, all is well. But if i fire at the target behind the one that is selected, my shots fall short, even though i am aiming at the water line. And the worst offender is trying to hit DDs. Because they are so fast, you have to predict where they are going to be. But the game keeps ranging my guns at the spot where the DD was when i take the shot, not the spot where i think he will be. I would like to disable all this stuff, so that my shots fall where my cursor is, but so far i haven´t found anywhere how to remove it. Is it baked into the game´s code?