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  1. Allanagtig

    Republique barbeque

    So, what you say is that, theres is only that one thing you say and not anything else to it? Com on, dont drop words into my mouth already. You are not the definition of anything. Alot like you tries to be lexicons of wows. Im talking about facts here, not some silly homemade rule about a hundred games. Those statements are just stupid :) And please dont say that the ship is accurrate to you, when it has 322m dispersion lol. Again shooting better?, thats just stupid to say so, when taking into account that my stats are alot better than yours. Ill give in, I could just stop playing the ship, and yes I will. Tier X BBs imo shouldnt have 32mm armor all around as it makes them too vulnerable, thats it :)
  2. Allanagtig

    Republique barbeque

    I dont need to play one hundreds game to find out if she takes more or less dmg of HE dude... Theres not point in continueing getting pummelled on if you can see a straight pattern ;)
  3. Allanagtig

    Clan Battle Season "North"

    Teams of stahlingrads??? 5-7 on each team....
  4. WTF is going on here? There are teams with 5 stahlingrads on in clan battles currently! How is that made possible?? Com on wargaming!!!
  5. Allanagtig

    Republique barbeque

    The problem about what you say here is that, the ship has such a bad dispersion, which makes unreliable shots. Ive had numerous games where the dispersion on 3-4 salvoes are so bad that it cant hit a stationary ship at ca. 13km. Especially horisontal dispersion is the worst with this ship. A des moines for an example, shoots 6 shells of HE with its main forward guns every 5 seconds with reliable dispersion. That makes you take around 4k dmg on every salvo (40-50k dmg on a minute, not taking fire dmg into account). That fight cannot be won, since you would only last 2 minutes with the health pool of the republique. And since many cruisers stops to do this, it means that they know the republiques crazy weakness about HE. I think its really bad that you can choose a good secondary setup on this ship, but that it makes you 100% more vulnerable if you want to use it. Imo secondary setup is a semi brawler thing, but this ship lacks the opportunity to get that close and effective. You might get a kill, but you also bought nails for your own coffin doing so. And honestly, her range on the guns are nice, but since the dispersion is what it is, theres no need to try and hit stuff on 20km+, and that make you less effective. Too many BBs in randoms, are already afraid to take shots to their own ship and conserve their hp by sniping or sail away at the very beginning, and the republique will increase this further. *edited
  6. Allanagtig

    Republique barbeque

    Wargaming................... Why the F..... do you implement battleships to the game with 32mm armor all around at tier X!? Yes im talking about the Republique. Its one big HE pinata, waiting to get beat on. Ultra bad dispersion, crappy gun alignment, giant silhouette, slow turning, bad firing arcs, inconsistent guns and crappy concealment when you take into account you have a permanent fire going, which will increase your concealment further. When you get focused over DDs as a battleship, then theres something wrong. Even battleships wants to shoot HE at you suddenly. This ship is unplayable with the current meta. She cannot perform or take actions when she is one big HE magnet. She has some strengths, but those get overruled by her weaknesses. Cruisers can take you down so incredible fast, just by sailing away and spam HE at a distance, you can do 0! The guns are so unreliable that, trying to kill an angled cruiser sailing away spamming HE at you, is an impossible task. You just have to sail away and hope you wont lose all your hp doing so. You will eat those 30-50k dmg trying to get away once spotted. Secondary build is even more useless, as you have to get close enough to be able to use them, which makes this ship even more vulnerable to HE spam. It just doesnt work. Now for me, she is parked in the port till changes are made. Then hopefully later on something happens, untill then I will not sail her, but just laugh at the ones I meet on the enemy team. That ship is a true joke. What are your guys opinions?
  7. What you should know about this ship: (mostly things you have to be aware of, so you dont get disappointed) This ship can be hell frustrating to play. By that I mean, it depends on the MM and how lucky you are with dispersion. If you get too many HE spamming ships on the enemy team, this ship will not last a minute. Everything pens you from [edited]to mouth. Even smoked up DDs that has IFHE on their commander, can deal 20-30k dmg on you, if you just have to turn away after getting too close. Conqueror, Worcester, Des moines, Salem, Moskva, Zao, Hindenburg, Henri IV, Harugumo, Khabarovsk, Grozovoi, Gearing etc. They will eat you alive if you get too close. Also when other tier X BBs shoots HE on your broadside, you know something is wrong! Because of the 32mm all around, she makes up an easy target for any ships that wants you down, unless you sit in the backrow and snipe which makes you ineffective. Guns are inconsistent if you ask me, which is a shame. Wargaming gave her 320m dispersion which is far the worst of all tier X battleships. She is a very big ship and has a large silhouette, turns like a brick, and is easy to hit with torps. Gun alignment is crap, as you have to give alot of broadside, almost kurfurst like to get your rear turret to shoot. Id rather see wargaming putting the rear turret up at the front, and ill think she'll be ok and more competetive. Right now she doesnt really pose a threat to any ship, as she is too easy to get around. Only noobs broadsiding will get punished by you if your dispersion dont troll you. If you try to angle the ship, enemy BBs will just pummel you with HE and that will do full dmg to you. Brawling capabilities wise against other BBs, are not her thing though she have some turtleback armor. If you want to play her effectively, you want to be flanking and not being focused on, as you are not a kurfurst or yamato. But even angled, other battleships can deal somewhere between 6-15k on you reliably, just by shooting your nose or superstructure. Only really the turrets have armor, and you can hope they will bounce the hits. All in all you will get mixed games with her because of the inconsistency of the guns and matchmaking. Sometimes your guns hit and do alright, other times you struggle with the dispersion, which imo makes any good player with nice aiming, a bad player all of a sudden. Anyways, good luck with her if you decide to give it a try :)
  8. Allanagtig

    Ranking system

    To be honest, Ive payed a whole lot to this game and I've really enjoyed it. But wg not listening to their players who runs them financially, has made me quit. I've been over this in world of tanks aswell, about a ranking system that was missing, and its the same story here in wows. The skill based players are getting crap on, and only the mass is being listened too. For me, I've always just wanted fair battles and those comes with playing against equal opponents. Its sick frustrating to lose battles over and over again to that same daily problem that wasn't caused by myself. Random teammates that's not caring or having the slightes idea of game mechanics, roles, positioning, angling, etc, that sells the entire team 3 minutes into a battle. It's a hate and love relationship that miss balance. This, in the long run just eats the fun in this game, and made me jump of the train before I get diagnosed something mentally. Wg should really look into this or more players will vanish in the future, and here I talk on behalf of friends who already left and those who are about to, because of this problem
  9. Allanagtig

    Ranking system

    I get your point, but you could be set up against equal opponents, which imo is the most fair way. And work? eh? what are you trying to tell me? that you dont want to make any effort in getting better or winning?
  10. Allanagtig

    Ranking system

    So here we are again. A weekend just ended and you know the rest. Its been full of bad teams making bad decisions, kids being online and nobody cares about where they are sailing = making you lose 10 battles in a row. Yes I am talking about a thing here! Its frustrating to be online in this game when there are so many nonecaring bots playing this game. This game could REALLY use a ranking system, that makes you match up with equal opponents in random battles. Over and over again, you see so many not being the slightest aware of any sort of game mechanics, especially when you expect it at tier X. People broadside and take full citadel salvoes, eat obvious torpedoes, suicide run in their DDs and bla bla bla, I could keep going. Seriously what are your thoughts ? let me know, as this is getting me on for sure!
  11. Allanagtig

    Nerf or Remove Radar

    I agree with the current situation right now. There are too many radar ships. The last many patches, there has only been released more and more radar ships, which completely counters the DDs. Some radar ships even have hydro which makes it even worse for the DDs. And in most games the radar ships just sit stationed behind an island and block a whole cap point while they lob over HE shells. EXTRA BORING.
  12. Allanagtig

    Ramming mechanics

    Again Wilkatis, why are you even in this thread? All you do is comment on the situation and not the actual ramming mechanic post. If you dont have anything useful to say about the actual post, then leave! Argument about the actually ramming mechanic or be gone. Dont sit here and throw crap around.
  13. Allanagtig

    Ramming mechanics

    Wilkatis instead of being a complete donk, why dont you reply to the actually post problem. Screw the scenario on how stuff happent and relate to the fact! If you want the scenario explained and comment on stuff there, then send a private msg or dont post at all. This ship that i rammed into had moved closer to me when I came around the mountain, and was not where it was spotted last. That means none of us could stop even when going very slow.
  14. Allanagtig

    Ramming mechanics

    Miessa3, you get it wrong. You talk like its either this or that. Im talking about a balance, maybe something inbetween ? so its not as retarded as it is now
  15. Allanagtig

    Ramming mechanics

    What im trying to say here with my post, is there have to be a balance in this ramming mechanic and not just instant plob when scratching an enemy hull