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  1. Super Containers Premium ships distribution

    0 ships from SCs (even since they introduced them, every day i get all 3 containers) while there are people who got multiple prem ships, and from 50+ santa container 1 ship (Okhotnik), while I know people who opened 10 containers and got 3-4 prem ships, it is all about luck aka rng
  2. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Sarcasm is what makes a ship famous
  3. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Glorious battle, on a historical map, with most historical ships ever Enjoyed tanking for muh 3 BBs guarding J10, seemed like you were having equal amount of fun. Pleasure seeing you
  4. Formula to get R1

    Best formula you say? Best one is something a lot of ppl nowdays in ranked, which is: 1) do nothing for half a game, let DDs die trying to get a single cap (those bastards trying to be useful) 2) if game win=continue doing everything you did so far - you are getting a star, if game lost=proceed to next step 3) after you seeing the defeat is inevitable, do as much as you can to farm dmg 4) get top xp, wont lose a star 5) ??? 6) profit and continue playing like that as eventually you get carried to r1
  5. It has to be Midway for me. People keep calling it OP, but every game I've played with it, it was full of deff AA and really strong AA ships, and opponent teams would just cluster up at 1 (sometimes 2 spots) and I'm mostly unable to drop almost anything, I just hate the ship and cba to play it. Not to mention how many of those annoying AS Hakuryus have I met with it. Lexi still remains my favorite ship in that line.
  6. Potential damage - as a measure

    Dont think the sites track it, but you can check it while in port by clicking profile and then summary, on the right you can see your highest potential dmg (overall or in certain ships) and average per game.
  7. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Met @TomBombardil today on Neighbors. All I'm gonna say is that we both had our own fails, but nevertheless was nice chatting and meeting you
  8. My personal premium ship wish list

    There is quite a few more, I'm pretty sure enough DDs to get to at least T7-T8 while for T9 and T10 I'm pretty sure they can dig out the archives
  9. My personal premium ship wish list

    Just give me JRN Dubrovnik, a DD that could pick between 3 different gun calibers, on top of all that, WG, just give Yugoslavian Navy some love. Poland got its ship, Australia, Canada, seems like Argentina (??) will get its ship, Yugoslavia deserves its presenter in this game, especially considering how many players from the area of ex country play this game, including other WG titles.
  10. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Snap. Would have at least said hi if I knew you were a forumite, but I'm pretty inactive on forum in past year or so. Good seeing you tho, was quite a tough match for me
  11. Has anyone does this so far? How long did it took you to get Texas on your acc? I did it more than 20-30 min ago, still nothing Nvm, got it now
  12. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    It's an achievement to have a team lose a game like this. Also, received some juicy reports, because, well you rek someone, he reports you, you get a chatban
  13. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Met @Leo_Apollo11 today in his Musashi. His team failed really hard and he was the only bright spot in his team. He got a Die-Hard from me because I rammed him with my Richelieu Nice seeing you