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  1. IamTroublemaker

    Looking for a clan

    Looking for a clan (Croatian or international) to play the current clan battles season with, I don't want anything ultra serious and but a certain skill level is desirable (I guess around 60%WR or 2000PR?). Hoping for a team that has good balance of competitive and relaxed atmosphere. Don't know how long this corona thing will last but as soon as it ends I will probably go inactive due to rl responsibilities. For any other info msg me.
  2. IamTroublemaker

    [OSC] Recruiting exclusively Balkan players

    Sexy prima sve
  3. IamTroublemaker

    [OSC] Recruiting exclusively Balkan players

    BUMP We had to switch to English because Croatian, unlike other languages here is forbidden if you ask quasi-moderators from AWG (who?)
  4. I always thought about doing it, but I lack both the hardware and the necessary video editing skills. Most (emphasis on most, not all) EU CCs are too busy showing how "good" they are sadly..
  5. I would definitely recommend the 12 plane one, pretty easy especially if you div up with CV, although since you've mentioned Missouri, it can take down pretty easy as well, especially T7 ones which isn't an uncommon MM for Missouri + T7 is quite populated with CVs. Doing the campaign with BBs is quite grindy, you will see on stage 4 and 5 too, they have some designated cruiser missions which aren't that tough, would definitely recommend trying to grind a DM or even a Cleveland. Well, lucky me, as I wont be playing during summer Yeah, the usual ones were "croatian idiot", "croatian ape", and the most common one is "nazi", and you can guess by whom... Also, having "CRO" in nickname felt kinda childish now, in my defense I made the acc as a teenager Aye, there isn't much I can do about it, that's why I changed my nick, 0 nationality based insults since then
  6. In stage 3 I was repeating tasks 4,6 and 7 (and did 1 and 2 once or twice, cant remember) and in stage 4 I did play DM actually, I was repeating tasks 2,4 and 7 As for the nick change, to keep it as short as possible, 2 reasons: one I had some extra doubloons sitting in port and I got nothing to spend them on because WG just adds ships to store instead of tech tree, and second is that I got sick of getting reported when I do not type anything, and I came to the conclusion that it might have been because of the "CRO" in my nickname as I was insulted based on my nationality so many times in this game, so I guess it was the source of reports that weren't deserved by my pettiness in chat
  7. IamTroublemaker


    To be fair most lines struggle from T8 and above and are paper, and I'm pretty sure there were some crazy designs in Yugoslavia, but I'm afraid most of them were destroyed later.
  8. IamTroublemaker

    What ship line next?

    Pretty sure its RN DDs (maybe on gamescom they will tell us more info about future lines?) but I'm hoping more for those sexy Italian cruisers, plus cruisers definitely the most fun class to play imo. Later, as said before, we might get Soviet BBs which I'm quite interested in (and don't kill me for this) because of paper designs because I like imagining how they "might have performed" IRL. Also I think we might get those IJN T9-10 DDs inbetween RN DDs and RM CAs
  9. Stages 1-4 were relatively easy. Now doing the 5th stage slowly, cba to play that many american ships as even before the campaign I've played them a lot.
  10. IamTroublemaker


    I'd personally prefer to see those Yugoslav DDs in a Yugoslav DD line (although I'm pretty sure we will never see it as WG loves ignoring one of biggest parts of its player base unless its Poland ) or a Pan-European tree, also it would actually make more sense to put Austro-Hungarian ships in the Yugoslav tree as Yugoslavia inherited all its ships (and quite a few were build in Croatia) and had more ships on its own, that is if you want to mix those two in first place. Maybe they might make something like an Adriatic or Mediterranean line? But yeah, I'd love the idea, I just feel like we need to make ourselves loud about it for both Austro-Hungary or Yugoslavia on reddit (best example for that would be Haida which is a clone ship as well)
  11. Just met @xxNihilanxx in his Monarch with my Missouri, sadly the MM didn't favor us (him even less ) and the enemy team had WG balans aka Conqueror which tilted me so hard, nevertheless we won! Nice seeing you
  12. IamTroublemaker

    Winrate on stats - how is this even possible?

    Its basically when a player has, lets say 5-6-7k battles, earns the needed skills to play the game, but isn't happy with his stats and feels like they aren't mirroring his skill appropriately so he creates an another account to grind all over again but with better stats and continues playing on it.
  13. I came here to comment from my own point of view, which can differ from yours or anybody elses due to various factors. Even though I kinda agree with you that its not "players job to google rumors" WoWs team does it in such a way that if you want to be informed for your own sake (possibly for situations like you've had where you are not familiar with those ships) you can get information from various sites I've mentioned before (and I've forgotten the devblog too). Also, about MrConways answer, he also stated "These players are also all very competent and experienced - there is a good chance the results would have been just the same in any other ship." which I believe is completely true, but since these are WiP ships people are creating drama. Plus I remember him playing 3 Worcester/Buffalo when they were showcasing US CLs, which makes his comment kinda hypocritical. Anyway, that's it from me as it seems having different opinion is wrong and I do not want to create disagreement here, or derail the topic, so this was my last comment.
  14. The fact that you hate us because you got kicked/left this clan is your problem, and isn't really something to be discussed on forum, plus I wasn't even there at the time. If you disagree with me feel free to give an argument.