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  1. PaulKaidy


    You're right - too much rum 2 nights ago lol
  2. PaulKaidy


    Thanks for that. Will check reserve - missed it!
  3. PaulKaidy


    I hit the reset a tech tree column and lost all my USN DDs and their captains. Anyway to get them back? What's the purpose of the reset research option? Cheers
  4. PaulKaidy

    Oldster looking for clan

    Hello, I've been playing WWW since 2015. I joined a clan but they were pretty inactive - as in never doeing anything. I'd like to find a new clan that'll put up with an old chap. Any takers? 5069 played 47% victories 0.88 destruction ratio Cheers, Paul
  5. PaulKaidy

    New Ships!

    Simple question - when are we going to get the full range of RN DDs?
  6. PaulKaidy

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - British Battleships

    Why oh why have you Ruski's effed around with the British BBs? Stupid ranges in comparison to other countries, stupid fire chance percentiles, low survivabilty percentiles if judged on like for like capabilities. Get your act together! The majority of you subscribers are naval buffs and want some sort of reality in the game.
  7. PaulKaidy

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - British Battleships

    Interesting point. I haven't played BBs at all since I joined many moons ago. What range do you think is ideal for the big boys?
  8. PaulKaidy

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - British Battleships

    Effective range has always depended on being able to "see" your enemy - therefore this "arcade game" - that does actually purport to be a fairly accurate simluation - can use visibility to compensate for the extreme range of some guns. I think there should be equality in ranges - not reduction in ranges of some BBs Bismark in game - 21.2 km, actual 36.5 km so why does KGV not have a similar in game range?
  9. PaulKaidy

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - British Battleships

    British BBs - why are there glaring errors with their gun ranges? KGV - main battery range 18.1 km - in real life 36.5 km to 38.6 km Queen Elizabeth - main battery range 17.1 km - actual 30.6 km
  10. PaulKaidy

    British battleships incoming

    Why oh why do WoW eff about with known stats and capabilities of ships - especially British ships - BBs in particular? speed, armour composition, shell capabilities.Why?
  11. PaulKaidy

    Nelson - passive gameplay and camping intensifies!!

    Which idiot wrote up the pros and cons of Nelson? Weak armour compared to other tier BBs? Rubbish - it had, in real life, the same or better. So we are faced again with WoW wrongly modelling a good warship.
  12. PaulKaidy

    British Cruisers

    I cannot comment favorably on the British cruiser line up. They are all light cruisers and will fare badly against any other nations cruisers. Why no heavy cruisers? Why no projected cruisers? British Cruisers of WW2, ( Raven, Roberts- Naval Institute Press ) has a chapter on War Programmes. Sept '39, " these were to have the following characteristics: To carry 9x9.2" (3 triple turrets, or 12x8" in 4 triple turrets. March, 1941, ranging from 15,600 to 17,000 tons, all carrying nine 8 inch guns, in triples. Secondary batteries went from 4x4.5 inch twin mounts ( as in the Illustrious to Eagle classes ) to 8/16x4". During late '41/early '42, a pair of cruiser/carrier designs were put together, one of 18,000 tons, and the other of 20,000 tons. The first would have had six 8 inch guns, and the other, nine, all in triple turrets. Both ships would have had a flight deck ( of 380 or 340 feet ) with fourteen a/c, two lifts and a catapult. Whilst I'm at it I hope we'll see some decent British captial ships. Lion design 1946 50,000t std displacement 56,500 full load, 840ft loa, 118ft beam. 9x16" guns 3x3 new type firing interval 20 seconds. 24-4.5in DP (12x2), AA battery 60-40mm Bofors (10x6). Speed about 29kts. The increased beam would have allowed better underwater protection than Vanguard (v a 2000lb charge of TNT), 14in belt and 4in-6in deck. Projected larger version 59,100t std, 69,140 full load, 9x16" AA increased to 68-40mm). H class - 55,453t std; 62,497 full load, 872' wl, 911' 5" loa x 122' x 33' 6": 3-shafts, 12 MAN double-acting 2-stroke 9cyl diesels, 165,000shp = 30kts,Armor: 4in, torpedo bulkhead 1.75in,armored bulkheads 8.75in,main turrets 15.25-5in, secondary turrets 4in-1.5in, CT 15.25in Armament: 8-16in/47 (4x2), 12-5.9in/55 (6x2), 16-4.1in/65 DP (8x2),16-37mm/83 AA (8x2), 24-20mm AA (6x4),6-21in TT (submerged), 4 aircraft Complement: 2600 (estimated)
  13. 59 yr old Brit. Experienced in DD, CV and some CL. Have Fubuki and three other Japanese DD's. German CL's Nurnberg. US CV Ranger, US DD's including Farragut. Level 12. 379 played. 97% Victories. Most destroyed in one battle 5. 5.21 Destruction ratio. Warships destroyed 354. 384 Aircraft destroyed Team Speak no problem.