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  1. Healey3000

    Reward for scouting and discovering enemies !

    /agree. It would help offset the poor xp from CV fighter set ups on US fleet.
  2. Healey3000

    Dive Bombers - Tier 6 to 8 Carriers

    For the US Carriers, T6 Indy, T7 Ranger and T8 Lexington, from the perspective of obtaining max xp from a battle, can someone please explain why you want want to use any Flight Control Deck option other than the basic Mod 1 set up? With the poor Dive Bomber damage output, the low xp from shooting down planes and no xp from "saving" the team from the enemy Torpedo Bombers, I don't see any advantage in giving up a fighter or a TB for a DB in the Mods 2 or 3, unless you happened to be in a Division with a Jap CV and you made a tactical decision to give them fighter cover. How often would this happen? I don't understand either why Mod 2 or 3 give the Aircraft Rating a + on the ship profile; giving up a TB will inevitably result in lower damage/xp.
  3. Healey3000

    Ship Balance and Matchmaking Changes (Round 2)

    Found the Matchmaking much better, balance between tiers very good, and between CVs. Had no draws at all, I think. Could be due to the generally smaller team sizes in the PT? There were some very good battles, perhaps due to the closer tier matching? Had good fun exploring the higher tiers ships, Modules and the Commander skills, thanks. Sorry I'm only a casual night player so no detailed analysis from me! Ship balance seemed good though; noticed BBs were more accurate? Ranked Battles were difficult to get into, mainly cos of the wait time (late night). I was fairly poor and lost a lot, probably because I'm a casual player, so will not be getting into this when released I guess. But I did get to the next Rank, then lost 3 I think, and was surprised not to drop back to the lower tier - is this intentional? In practice this would mean players will get to a point eventually where they will simply lose all games (at their max skill level), if you see what I mean?
  4. Healey3000

    Game currently broken (game mechanics + OS issue)

    Got any figures on this? Was it a one-off or is it regular? I'm curious, cos I like playing US CVs but find the DB damage unacceptably low, but then I don't hang around to watch the fire damage! If it's as high as you say then it may make up for the very low primary damage and hit ratio.
  5. Healey3000

    Aviation Changes (Round 1)

    Re Dive Bombers, the damage went down in my battles on US CVs (only got up to Indy, briefly), from an already too low average on the main game. I was getting c.1,200 per hit, as opposed to c.1,700 in the main game. Plus, the number of hits per squadron was still ridiculously low - 1 or 2 average. So, went back to the 1:1:1 torp set up and got as much damage in a single manual squad attack as I had from all the DB attacks. Please, someone explain the reason for having DBs at all?
  6. Healey3000

    Can We Choose Ships For Battles Please.

    /this. Doesn't happen very often, but the battle is not a fait accompli if there is only 1 of them. Last night eg I was on my T7 Indy, with the 1:1:1 set up (out of choice!) and played a blinder - Dev Strike, Confed - but we still lost, convincingly. The enemy played very well, better, and stuck together as a team for great AA defense as Lorak says, which stopped and diverted a lot of my damage. Mind you, could also be something to do with the fact that we had 3 T4 ships in a T7 match?
  7. Healey3000

    Dive Bombers poor, All Planes too easily deflected by AA

    3 hits with Manual DB is my max - this is no better than Auto. Average is about 1.5 hits on Manual - about 0.5 better than Auto. => Manual barely better, say 1.7k damage per squad run, so not worth the effort/time lining up carefully. Compare with Manual on TBs - skill can make all of them hit, or all but 1, regularly. For massive damage and xp. Even I can do this as a very average player. I know these are just me and limited stats, but imho they do show that the two attack types of plane are very unbalanced. If the Fighters xp from plane kills was much higher it might help relieve the frustration a bit. Bah! Fed up. Gone back to the basic deck set up 1:1:1, with torps. Getting more damage/xp/credits even in defeat ...
  8. Often the MM is very poor, with this post's CV aspect, and with team balance generally. The initial time taken to set up the battle seems very quick to me - I suggest the MM system takes more time to find all players from 1 tier only, or from just one apart. When they are balanced this does make games much more enjoyable. My last one in my T7 Ranger CV was up against T8 and T9 DDs and CAs on Hot Spot (poor map), and every attack run resulted in obliteration for the planes just after dropping bombs, and I only got 2 hits total from all attacks! None of the CAs or DDs even needed to use the AA Barrage consumable - their normal firepower was enough. Waste of time.
  9. Healey3000

    too much power jump tier 6-7 aircraft carriers

    Agreed. Same issue between 7 and 8 (I have the Ranger!). You need to hang back behind the islands like a chicken, looking for gaps between their fighters. It is only a slightly less worse situation once ours are upgraded.
  10. Healey3000

    Dive Bombers poor, All Planes too easily deflected by AA

    twibs, on 10 August 2015 - 10:26 AM, said: Are you using manual drop or automatic drop on your DBs? Since anything else than DD you should use the manual drop. way better accuracy. These stats are on auto drop. I take your point, and Iron_Gekko thanks, I find manual drop on DBs is a very difficult skill (c/w Manual TBs for instance! That's easy). I have managed it "perfectly" on a few occasions, but tbh it made no difference to the number of hits. If it does increase the probability of higher hits I will persist as you suggest, thanks. However, does that excuse the dreadful hit ratio on auto drop with a perfect line up (ship lined up straight in the aim oval, no zig-zagging)? If you are only supposed to use Manual for reasonable results, then auto should be removed as an option. Cheers. Tried Manual aiming for DBs tonight, and made no discernible difference! Even on perfect aim on CVs there was never more than 3 hits. I tried restricting to the larger targets CV and DD to see the proof, but I didn't. Maybe there will in future be an occasional 4/5 hit with devastating results, but then I might win the Lottery first ...
  11. Healey3000

    Dive Bombers poor, All Planes too easily deflected by AA

    Dive Bombers still useless. Playing T7 Indy still, upgraded Flight Control to Mk7 Mod 3 - 2 Fighters + 2 Dive Bombers. Finding accuracy of hits ridiculously bad. Last 2 matches had in each about 4 runs of 2 DB squads, so 48 planes attacking altogether, and only 5 hits! With manual Torp Bombers you can get that in 1 run with 1 squad. Update: 5 more battles, 32 squad runs = 192 DB plane attacks and only 31 hits! Ratio less than 1 hit in 6. Cmon
  12. Healey3000

    Standard Battles - 20 min not enough time

    Tend to agree with OP in my limited time playing - too many draws - I have 8% I think. But you do need a fair amount of time to move around and position due to the tactical nature of the game and lower relative speed of the vehicles. Can see the #2 poster's point as well - longer time may just encourage more hanging back. How about a compromise: extend the time to say 30 minutes or w/e BUT have a higher initial xp and credit rewards starting base, then decrease it by a sliding % on a timer as it ticks down after a certain time has elapsed? To incentivise positive play?
  13. Healey3000

    Dive Bombers poor, All Planes too easily deflected by AA

    Updated: Slightly anecdotal results from only 8 Indy battles so far tonight, but here are some figures: 2 x 0 bomb hits. 13 x 1 bomb hit. Damage - Min 800, Max 7,500, Ave 3,100 5 x 2 bomb hit. Damage - Min 1,600, Max 4,950, Ave 3,800 (damage total) 2 x 3 bomb hit. Damage - Min 2,500, Max 4,700, Ave 3,600 (damage total) (The Min score was from a Manual attack!) There were NO drops with more than 3 hits ... from the 6 planes. I have the Mod 1 Flight Control standard 1:1:1 planes set up at present. Can't see any point going for the Mod 3 2:0:1 set up at all - very little xp from shooting down planes and DBs giving such low damage. The Mod 2 might work with its 0:1:2 but then with no fighter cover at T6 ....? Doubtful.
  14. Healey3000

    What's your favourite and most hated map?

    Hate Hot Spot - always seems to come up when on a CV, with the Death Knell already ringing loudly. Ocean = meh. Designed as a Turkey Shoot for the long range BB and CA it appears. Ice - really like, but only came up once for me as still low tiers, T6 max. Others, all good.
  15. Healey3000

    Dive Bombers poor, All Planes too easily deflected by AA

    Got it - did not see the option before under Modules/Consumables/>Click<Hydroacoustic Search to swap out for free Defensive AA Fire 1 (or the v2 for 15 doubloons)! That explains those 2 points - dispersion and instant destruction - so basically a CV should never attack T6+ cruisers. But generally, the accuracy of DBs is crap at all levels - 2 hits average, never more than 3, and frequent total misses. From 6 planes? I have tried manual DB attack several times, but still get the same results.