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  1. D7v

    Hall of Fame Rewards Issue

    I wont accept any apology which is not supported by giving Stalingrad to me.
  2. D7v

    Hall of Fame Rewards Issue

    For me it is a big loss that I couldnt get the bonus 3 containers I still dont have the tier 7-8 uk dds I wasted so many hours just to get 3 free containers and was in superior league %5.
  3. D7v

    Hall of Fame Rewards Issue

    Stil waiting for my reward I was in %5
  4. D7v

    British Cruisers

    Royal Navy Ninja cruisers kommen
  5. D7v

    Leningrad - Premium DD in the shop

    Sims is better
  6. D7v

    Best Premium Ship - [edited]

    ALl high tier prems are great except Indianapolis perhaps but she s decent too
  7. D7v

    Benson Hull (b) - (c)

    Unfortunately you lose a lot of things when you choose defensive fire hull. It would be great if we didnt need to make such a choice. EU serv CV count is too low so firepower is better choice almost always.
  8. D7v

    British Cruisers

    I don't think very late I say November 1st at latest.. It is better they come well tested rather unpolished.
  9. D7v

    1kk credit with myoko

    mission bombed
  10. D7v

    I'm the only one that get more credits?

    Cos he was a camper too
  11. D7v

    I'm the only one that get more credits?

    So wrong Good player does not mean that he she ended game with full hp or survived. Good player has a strategy with the team together. Good player leads a group of players behind him and can make the team win and get sunk in the process.(Considering there is no communication in team it is a random match) Some player can survive whole game without taking damage and sniping from J1 with such a ship like Scharnhorst which is not intended even for sniping (corner of map) and doing very little damage while whole team sacrifices and wins the game. That coward should not earn any credit at all.
  12. D7v

    Declaration of War against Battleships

    Go especially against German rant BBabies
  13. D7v

    one time offer

    Best offer I had was 1 day prem for free on holiday
  14. D7v

    Russian Destroyer Nerf

    13km is still a good range for a fast moving rapid fire high velocity gun high manuev ship... More than it becomes just too op in good hands.
  15. This guy came out of nowhere... First post.. Necro.. STrange