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  1. I will try to explain this in a way that even WG UE will understand: WE (PLAYERS) DON'T MIND HARD MISSIONS BUT WE F****N HATE MISSIONS THAT ARE SO SHIP/NATION/ECT. SPECIFIC THAT IT CAUSE RETARDED IN GAME BEHAVIOR AND TOXICITY ASSOCIATED WITH IT IN FELLOW PLAYERS OR OURSELFS. Make that missions as hard as you wish but possible to finish in wider group of ships or less focused on sinking specific kind of ship or tier.
  2. Temid23

    ARP Takao? nah, prepare for the ARP Nachi pain

    I know next time make a mission for EU with 20 Polish; 20 Commonwealth and 20 French ships.... Can you please stop with this dumb mission targets that push players to do dumbest things..????? Plain 100 or xxx kills would do fine for most players without causing so much frustration. PS i have great idea for WG EU person responsible for this kind of staff: He/Her will get payed for December IF sunk 10 Polish; 10 Commonwealth and 10 French ships
  3. Temid23

    So i returned to BBs...

    .................... dude I bet You tried it just to test it right?
  4. Temid23

    Project R progress wiped?

    Yup got same shite progress of all unfinished mission was wiped..... Well WG how about YOU guys sort OUT YOUR mess?
  5. Temid23

    End of the year in-game contest results

    This SHOULD be on every Cruiser Loading screen in BIG CAPITAL RED LETTERS translated to all client languages..... Also got my Marbletreasure it is no Murmonster but with that flat shell arc fit my play style much better. TY WG
  6. Temid23

    The Marblehead has been given out

    Just log in and got it myself From stats is not even close to Murmonster but still made me so happy And its some USA ship trainer with gun range better then Atlanta Edit: Gun arc is much more like on Jap CA with 4th skill you have 15km+ range and about 10 sec shell travel time + not to bad torps. my second game in it
  7. Temid23

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    One of this 2: Dreadnought in Atago in t10 game Or Solo Warrior in Murmansk won against 6 enemy ships alive, me with ~200hp left .... great job by "dont cap kill all" guys who lost by ~50 points in 3 base domination....
  8. Temid23

    Myoko challenge

    Some ppl will hate me for this but: There is little good thing in this mission I can finally see CA focusing other CA and DD instead of ignoring them and going for easier to hit BB... Somehow after mission started this game looks much more like it should be (my opinion) But still agree there should be req dmg on CA/DD and not kills
  9. Temid23

    Missons and there effect on gameplay

    I see a bit more killstealing But the best one i saw today was when enemy team just wasted 6 ships desperate to finish off my 5k hp t9 CA... They ignored BB's from my team shooting their sides while i kited them on max range it was just EPIC.....
  10. Temid23

    Share your warships.today evaluation!

    Temid23 on European server High level overview Mostly plays cruisers, especially low-tier and is excellent in them Deals a very large amount of damage Often uses torpedoes (when in ships that have them) Key vehicle - Furutaka
  11. My entry Edit: again with better result got Emden after thisone Edit2: Atlanta on rampage
  12. Temid23

    Insane DD setup in tier 9-10 games.

    +1 I even stop to play my t8 and t9 in pvp due to dd spam and idiotic team balance. Its noting funny in dodging multiple torpedo spreads coming from 2 or more angles while shooting with enemy bb and ca...
  13. If You read in game description of objective in this mode you might see that capping base now = 1000 points = instant win... Press "Tab" for objectives and points info while in this kind of battle
  14. Temid23

    Long game lading times after update.

    nope run clean client, didnt change anything in my rig have exactly same disk space as it was before client update... so i guess it must be something on WG side
  15. Before today update ONLY FIRST game was lading much longer then other. Now every game load much longer sometimes i even get in 80 sec after start.... Any idea what have changed? Any1 with same problem?