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  1. Dorian_Warwick

    Armada: Canarias

    Then they will say that a full branch won't be released because there is no interest because the ship sold badly... Canarias will sell badly because is a poor ship, not for lack of interest. Yes, her reload is good compared to other heavy cruisers... which becomes irrelevant becuase her per shell damage is barely higher than the average light cruiser of the same tier.
  2. Dorian_Warwick

    Roadmap for 2022

    While I agree in the Mendez Nuñez as premium, In no way the Blas de Lezo would be an oddball at tier 5. The class' original weaponry (and the one Blas de Lezo would have as she was never modernized, as she sank in 1932) comprised 6 british made 6" inch guns, a weaponry which is prety much standard for a T5 cruiser. While I see your reasoning, there is no real reason for it, and I'm fairly reluctant to repeat a ship, givent the existance of a suitable option. That said, good job with the tree, looks interesting. However, you could remove the tier 2 premiums, as they won't ever made it to the game, since WG discontinued long ago tier 2-4 premiums (the Viribus Unitis is the proof of that, as it should clearly be tier 4) because due to the fact that tier 2-4 are excluded from pretty much everything, most people don't want tier 2-4 premiums even for free, as for them, t2-4 is something that you play the minimum required to reach t5 or directly skip it using free exp. Also, I suggest including either the Churruca or the Alcalá Galiano as t5 premium destroyer.
  3. Dorian_Warwick

    Roadmap for 2022

    I still disagree. That could be represented through different hulls, like a lot of ships in game. And I totally fail to see the reason to repeat a ship when there is a much more suitable candidate for tier 5 anyways (Blas de Lezo) I would totally love to see the whole proposal. And, about the Armoured cruisers... I think that at the very least, the Panzerschiff version of the España is interesting and, if nothing else, could make a good premium.
  4. Dorian_Warwick

    Public Test of Update 0.11.1: Round 2

    You know that european customer rights judges have EULAs for breakfast, right? Those clauses are void since they're against EU customer protection law.
  5. Dorian_Warwick

    Roadmap for 2022

    If you admit some suggestions: Reina Victoria Eugenia and Navarra are the same ship. So better replace Navarra by Blas de Lezo. Because even if they weren't the same ship, Navarra/Victoria Eugenia is simply too slow for a tier 5 light cruiser. You are missing the whole destroyer line: t2- Furor t3- Bustamante t4- Alsedo t5- Churruca t6- Ceuta t7- Teruel t8- Audaz t9- Lepanto t10- Oquendo Spain could also have a full fledged CA line, as there are some interesting armoured cruisers and interesting project t3- Carlos V t4- Cardenal Cisneros t5- España Panzerschiff: A 1930s project to update the Españas by removing the wing turrets, adding four/six (depending on the source) twin 150 mm turrets and replacing the steam turbines by Diesel engines to create something similar to the Deutchsland class Panzerschiffs, delayed due to lack of funds and ultimately cancelled due to the outbreak of the Civil War, and the ultimate loss of the two remaining Españas during it.
  6. Dorian_Warwick

    Roadmap for 2022

    Not bad, but what about you replace that fictitious T3 battleship for the España class? Also I'm missing the Almirante Cervera class, which could be a decent T-4/5 light cruiser
  7. Dorian_Warwick

    Roadmap for 2022

    Economy overhaul... Why do I have the feeling that PvE players will get the short end of the stick again...?
  8. Dorian_Warwick

    Research Bureau picks

    I have a question that might not fit here... What happens with the exp the ships already have? The in game info says nothing about that.
  9. Dorian_Warwick

    Question about research points...

    I have a question about this... what happens with the exp the ships might have? The game says nothing about that.
  10. Dorian_Warwick

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.1

    I hope you have taken in account PvE players... You're going to piss off a lot of what little remains of the spanish community if you don't let us get the Canarias.
  11. Is there any mod that can block the possibility of entering the battle/choose ready status in division without a commander? When playing alone I have no problem because there is a warning, but in division... I'm tired of finding myself without commander because someone decided that it was a good idea to allow ships without commander... Since they won't be removing it... there is any mod that can do that?
  12. Dorian_Warwick

    Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update

    So, increasing the survability of destroyers was indeed a problem... why I'm not surpised? Also, if deadeye is the big problem, then WG get rid of it. Or not, we all know how WG works...
  13. Dorian_Warwick

    Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update

    Refer to what you want. I'm an IT worker, and "reduction of functionality and/or performance" is the textbook definition of "downgrade".
  14. Dorian_Warwick

    Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update

    It is a downgrade, becuse the previous system had said functionality... In my country at least, the removal of a useful functionality is a definition of downgrade.
  15. Dorian_Warwick

    Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update

    The part of not being able to see all my reserve captains at once, regardless of nationality, is the part I see as a downgrade.