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  1. guys, guys, guys.. the issue isn't my system (64bit W10) or my hardware (is a 3 month old HP Omen gaming laptop - won't bore you with exact specs, but it was more than sufficient a week before). The update seems to have broken something vital, at least in my client. Will try a clean install, but I'm not exactly holding my breath especially with regards to UI bugs
  2. Since last hotfix, the game is completely unplayable, and I don't mean CV balance - UI has been regularly going haywire to the point of being completely useless, and I also have severe performance issues. Just to give a couple of examples: Port UI becomes laggy, some parts are completely non-responsive (clicks on buttons won't register etc), sometimes the ship overlays ("commander unavailable" etc) don't display correctly or even at all. All it takes to trigger this is either a single battle or even 20-30 minutes of just sitting in port. Various bits of UI freeze or spaz out in battle - minimap that shows no enemies, enemy distance displays that are frozen at the same value ever since first spotting, hidden or rearranged consumable / ammo icons - all of these, sometimes even at the same time Massive FPS hit - 6-12 FPS where just a week before I rarely dropped below 50 on the very same settings I've given WG the benefit of doubt in the past, but this starts to look like some internal contest regarding how much they screw up.. I mean, balance is one thing, but I at least expect basic functionality. And while I use mods, they're Aslains and the very same setup was A-OK prior to the hotfix. Some screens. Note the minimap, and also compare the range in target marker to range in crosshairs. And yeah, coop/ops, no way I'd go near PvP with this sort of issues.
  3. CNW

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Way to completely miss the point of the complaints, mate
  4. CNW

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Two problems with that a) it WILL get your account suspended until the chargeback is canceled b) there's a time limit to do that (VISA has 120 days IIRC, MasterCard is likely similar.. not sure about American Express), once that's passed, you're SOL. Not sure if it's 120 days from purchase or from the change, but I'd bet it's the former. And the delay in nerfing compared to this time limit really got my inner conspiracy theorist going - when's the last time GC was available through the premiums shop? Wasn't it before and during the T5 sprint season? Which just happens to be more than 120 days ago.
  5. CNW

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Is Giulio Cesare OP as balls? Yes, it is. Is uptiering it a way to solve the problems? Absolutely not, the main issue is that it sets a very dangerous precedent with regards to changes of purchased product. Doubloon refund is honestly a laughable compensation, with doubloons being devalued to the point of being nearly worthless. Monetary refund would be the way to go here. If you absolutely have to touch GC in any way, restrict its matchmaking so that it won't see T4s. (0/+2) Edit: Two further points - to anyone comparing this to what is happening to premium CVs, and what happened to stealthfiring and smoke firing nerfs - those were result of a class-wide and game-wide changes... This.. is a change targeted at a specific premium ship, something that WG specifically promised not to do (And for the record, the doubloon only compensation sucks here too) - which brings me to my second point - from a customer relations perspective, this change is downright idiotic for WG to implement. Who would spend anything on premium ships that can be changed on a whim and the only compensation you will receive is essentially useless? No one in their right mind, that's who.
  6. CNW

    Nováčci, otázky & odpovědi

    Na T10 permakamo sleva nebyla nikdy (ani teď přes vánoce, ani loni v dubnu) - a nečekal bych ji, vzhledem k ekonomickým bonusům kamo.. T6-T9 se zlevňovaly, protože nešly moc na odbyt a rozhodně nemají takový poměr cena:užitek jako T10
  7. CNW

    Unfair Game Play

    Why am I not surprised..
  8. Škoda, mohla být výhra a kraken, ale Neptuní torpy byly rychlejší než můj reload..
  9. Je to jen srandamód, ale ten aimhax na leviathanu je výživnej Gumování křižníků je pro plebs, drsňáci dávají 120k bomby Rasputinům..
  10. Lightning je nový držitel rekordu v době mezi pořízením lodi a první bitvou s ní (hrubým odhadem měsíc).. a asi jsem se k němu měl dostat sakra dřív, protože tohle mě bavilo..
  11. CNW

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Gambling is bad, m'kay.. with that out of the way.. can I join too? !raffle.. err, I want to join the lottery
  12. Za notné asistence enemáckého týmu (lol citadela do stojící Montany na 20)
  13. T10 ekonomika, co chcete.. Jak to zlepšit? "Git gud" už není reálně (v podstatě není kam) zbývají 3 varianty: zainvestovat dublony do prémiové kamufláže začít používat ekonomické vlajky (zdá se mi to, nebo je Rolf na tomhle screenu kromě ZH nemá? Minimálně Zulu a ta na -10% ceny oprav..), lehce omezit prémiové spotřebáky (Rolf dle cenovky vozí plnou sadu, já bych se vyprdl minimálně na letadlo, ale Rolf je narozdíl ode mě už ve fázi, kdy tohle řešit nemusí)
  14. Přijde mi, že s Kitakaze mám jen dva druhy bitev.. buď jako jelito vjedu ve třetí minutě do torpů, nebo.. A kombinace nových vlajek je fakt smrtící, ještě 2-3 takové a Harugumo je doma.