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  1. From today, Windows 10 started detecting some Trojan in ModPack. I know i can trust this pack, but why it started doing this from today?
  2. When some player uses Hydro for example, it would be good if his teammates can see that, maybe as a icon above player or as a info text in different text section.
  3. Hey, I played WoWs for a long time when it was in Closed Beta and then my focus went on some other very addictive games (damn you Dota2 ). But now i'm back (ta da da da music behind) and have been playing for a month. I have lots of Premium Ships and also my T10 Montana + T9 Cruiser (not very far away from T10 DM). I'm 30+ guy who is very interested into this game and investing a lot of time and money. Trying to play best (still dont have best WL ratio, because of my bad start 49%). In my last 2 weeks i do have very good WL ratio (55%+) and I believe it will go higher as i advanced into this game. So reply if you are interested, i would like to meet interesting people and have more fun in this game
  4. I just want to know if someone else from Macedonia is playing this game?