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  1. koliber_1984


    Balance dept. on long vacation, in the meantime cvs, submarines, hybrids. Loooking good.
  2. Nope. You will get shiny new T8 version of Belfast if you wish, or pray to RNGsus during Christmas crates. Good luck mate
  3. But lose a random battle having less than 300 be\ase is rather rare, don't you think? You're right, I will do this as usual in co-ops anyway. EDIT, it's win a battle with base exp above 0, or lose above 300 exp battle to blow it off.
  4. koliber_1984

    Dev blog 9.12 the good and the bad

    I'm in the middle of my 1 week break form the game, and it feels good. Will return for next week uptade to grind some Kansas (yikes!). Oklahoma here i go!
  5. So, minimum 300 base exp in the batlle (no need to win this) to blow snowflake off. Nice
  6. koliber_1984

    Fen Yang T8 Pan Asian DD announced

    Mmmm Hibiki, my favoirute Japanese whisky . Anyway, this chinese Akizuki looks fun.
  7. koliber_1984

    New Ships, Camos, and New Year Dockyard Event

    Quite a story. Take care mate.
  8. koliber_1984

    Marco Polo T9 Italian premium BB announced

    Wait what, Hizen to dockyard announced? You have more data? No devblog yet...
  9. koliber_1984

    Marco Polo T9 Italian premium BB announced

    Oversized Roma with higher caliber SAP guns, OK.
  10. koliber_1984

    Vampire 2 Commonwealth T10 DD announced

    It's rebadged Jutand/Daring?
  11. koliber_1984

    PSA: don't forget to upgrade your new American BBs

    I took secondary range for lolz, 6.3 km sec.range is so fun, I even shot 2 dd's with it. BTw with Halsey on board, turrets do 36s turn, it's enough for me. BTW AA is realy good vs T8 CV.
  12. koliber_1984

    How can I get the Eagle camo for Kansas

    Why you need perma camo for this fatboy? Just grind to Minnesota using your expendable camos and forget kansas even exists
  13. koliber_1984

    PSA: don't forget to upgrade your new American BBs

    32k exp gained in 2 battles with Kansas, grind may be quite fast. Boring slowly, but steadily: