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  1. koliber_1984

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    My 'Best Battle" SC, I'm a bit shocked :
  2. koliber_1984

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    1k doubloons from monthly SC. Nice
  3. koliber_1984

    I missed today Twich official braodcast.

    really? I missed that time too...
  4. koliber_1984

    Yay! 25% discount voucher on coal/steel ships has arrived

    Just bought Shikishima, waiting for new Steel ships to come
  5. koliber_1984

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    After getting Enterprise from NY certificates, i decided to whale for benham, the only high tier ship I wanted. So I bought 20 megas and boom! Happy
  6. koliber_1984

    So....it seems that we have a new bug......:(

    LOL, that's why my Vampire II evaporates so quickly now in ranked and I'm called n00b much more frequently... ffs WG please fix this ASAP.
  7. koliber_1984

    Your expectations from the free Santa containers

    I also expected nothing special from this event. Just exchanged my 50 certificates for 10 mega Boxes: T6 De Grasse T7 Florida T8 Enterprise ( I hate CVs BTW) Thx WG, I think
  8. koliber_1984

    Best Tier 6 tech-tree ships to play in Operations?

    Makarov, no kidding Edit. Too tired to response properly, sorry
  9. koliber_1984

    CV enthusiasts, let's talk about Nakhimov

  10. koliber_1984

    Update 0.10.11: New Year

    Question: when I buy Repulse first for cash and then get it from Dockyard, what's the compensation?
  11. koliber_1984

    New Year event

    I go for Mega ones for sure. I don't care, if I get any of the 13sthing ships, most of the rarest I have in my port anyway. Dragon flags and doubloons will be enough fo me.
  12. koliber_1984

    New Ships Announced

    And Tashckent at T9. BTW max range of main caliber gunz on T10 is 8,5 km(!). Just LOL
  13. koliber_1984

    What is your 'rarest' ship in WoWS?

    Have you all forgot about ARP Nachi? Back in the days, you Had to kill sthing like 20 Ru ships? Yep, I made it 💪
  14. koliber_1984

    Vampire II or not

    Vampire 2 FTW