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  1. el_corto


    I do not know my friend, I just found it and I said to bring it up to make it. these are spoiling the game
  2. el_corto


    ok thx man
  3. el_corto


    Good evening . Such behavior often see from players, only the killed began lei for my mother, I am 40 years and do not tolerate small children with bad mouth, please do something. Thank you for your patience
  4. el_corto

    Greek language

    anyway I asked her if the Greek language will come. ????
  5. el_corto

    Greek language

    yes no greek ships bat Greek language I do not say to the Greek market the dd in Greek cuisine has better food from other countries City ;)
  6. el_corto

    Greek language

    good evening warriors we know they will enter the Greek in game ????
  7. el_corto

    Paper Ship Competition Submission Thread

    the winer is ??????
  8. el_corto

    Datamined 0.5.2 Patch info

    Goes to the xp the captain and not gathered
  9. el_corto

    Deadliest Catch

    7 killllllllllllllllllll https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7qfhggBW7FqNzVSZXFWR0pSakk