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  1. Seems I was mistaken about task criteria, so I offer my apologies. Mod please close this. Thanks for the clarification, shamlesscreature.
  2. Gothyc

    Christmas convoy misson is here

    I've been really unhappy this Xmas because I felt like I was losing faith in this game that I invested so much time and money into. Now, this is a spark of hope. Not just because we got the missions, but mostly that you have shown that you are actually listening to the players' concerns. Please keep that up. Thank you.
  3. Gothyc

    Santa's Convoy - The Mission!

    I am very happy to hear this! Now to decide whether to buy the AGS and get that extra week, or not... hmm!
  4. Gothyc

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    I wonder. After EU players complained about missions being more difficult than in other regions, perhaps someone at WG EU got in their head that we hate missions altogether and would rather just... pay for stuff instead? If so, that is a great and unfortunate misunderstanding on their part. I, and many others here it seems, just want things to be fair between servers. It's not rocket science. I too will hold off any further purchases until this has been resolved in a satisfactory manner. For me, this was pretty much the straw that broke the camel's back. At least it feels better now having written a statement instead of keeping quiet, as I usually do.
  5. Gothyc

    Contest: Cruisin’ for a bruisin’

    Another question: I submitted my email and in game nickname and hit the Submit button, but got no comfirmation message that my details had been received. Am I in?
  6. Gothyc

    Whatever happened to Ranked Battles?

    I understand what you mean. People playing badly makes you more upset in a ranked battle, that's for sure. But in my experience, the amount of mindless fools were slightly less in ranked battles... and hopefully that's not me forgetting my rose tainted glasses on again.
  7. Gothyc

    Whatever happened to Ranked Battles?

    I miss ranked battles immensely. I'm not a very social player, so don't do divisions or team battles. However, I still like being able to play with people in a more competitive environment, with people who are really trying their best as was far more often the case in ranked battles than in random battles. Random battles is actually slowly killing my fire for the game. Please bring back ranked, and soon!
  8. Gothyc

    Fubuki torps post-0.5.3. Which ones to choose?

    I'm using the 57 knot/15km torps and I'm very happy with them. The area/movement control factor should not be forgotten. Just making ships constantly have to look out for and dodge my torps so that they show my allies their broadsides has helped my team a lot. And of course, hitting ships behind the one you aimed for is always very satisfying.
  9. Gothyc

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    I'm guessing they did some core refactoring of their code and for some reason their testing team failed to do proper regression tests. Perhaps because of lack of time, or perhaps for some other reason.
  10. Gothyc

    Project R progress wiped?

    Same here. I hope they have someone in place who can fix it today.
  11. I've had this too, this whole week. Normal ping is fine (36 ms), but then every few seconds there are packet losses and up to 1000 ms lag. Unplayable.
  12. Gothyc

    Where is the technical issues forum?

    I had all settings on normal compared to last week, when I was able to purchase from the store as normal. I think I must have tried at least 10 times this weekend, and it did work once on attempt 7 or so.. then stopped working again. This was using VISA card. I got some advice in game to open a paypal account and try using that, and indeed that seems to work. Maybe certain card vendors are glitchy?
  13. Could someone please point me in the right direction? I can't seem to make purchases in the premium shop, getting a "Something went wrong, technical difficulties" or some such message after filling in card details.
  14. Gothyc

    Kawachi - a particularly inaccurate BB or just me?

    Today, in my last game with the Kawachi, I got into a chicken duel with an Omaha.. the two ships kissed eachothers' broadsides (he torped me) and I fired off one last broadside before death. Took him from 3/4 health to insta death with a full salvo that detonated him. I gained Close Quarters achievement. Fair trade, I'd say, and an epic final game for my Kawachi.