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  1. gbgroger

    Black screen problem

    Ive had the same problems for months now. Sometimes it happens every once in a couple of hours and some days many times a day. The screen goes black (and a bit white in the middle). The game keeps running and I hear sound. I guess its a graphics problem? I need to restart the computer to do something. I have the latest graphics drivers and tried different graphics settings. Any hints on what can be done?
  2. gbgroger

    so now Furutaka hasn't got a citadel anymore?

    Haha its a matter of opinion man but furutaco is not bad. Its a pro player ship and can really shine.
  3. So u are an egoistic bastard, we got it. Good to know. I thank the world not all are like this. This blatant disregard for others is well known among psychopats etc. Then again, these kind of ppls often never see themselfs in any kind of bad wrongdoing.... a total lack of empathy.
  4. gbgroger

    This is the present gameplay.. Pure [edited]

  5. gbgroger

    Friendly Damage

    yeah that solves it alright!
  6. gbgroger

    How to Mikhail Kutuzov tier 8 premium cruiser

    ...im sry mate, but im allergic to ships standing still and using this as "how to..." only aggrevates my feeling. As Sub said, you eventually learn that most cruisers are deadly when using AP at mid distances. U can cripple cruisers in a few shots if aimed at citadells in those situations. As well as doing 5-10k AP dmg to bbs. You show great promise though!
  7. gbgroger

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel: What's next?

    how about just no. Not all like anime in Wows.
  8. gbgroger

    Suck as battleship

    well kongo is quite accurate for a low tier bb. Play better.
  9. gbgroger

    The double xp and credits is orgasmic

    agree im making 500k a round all day long! I can soon buy a montana from this weekend (but I dont want it!)
  10. gbgroger

    Please play some more RTS before playing World of Warships

    You are right this is kinda of a strategy game with shooting elements. I take it by your post that you want to teach ppl something? How about getting your average winrate above 50% before trying to sound good at this game?
  11. gbgroger

    How to play the Furutaka

    Informative and fun, keep it up! I like your style!
  12. gbgroger

    PSA: World of Warships showmatch at The Grand Finals

    WORD! Thx for writing what I was thinking. "Competitive teams will buy atagos anyway, just look at them" Well thats circular logic at its finest. Yesterdays match proves that premiums are plain better than regular ships and I think its a real low blow to the ordinary gamer, who is really skilled but refuse to dish out endless euros on ship bundles.
  13. gbgroger

    Disappointed with my new Japanese battleship

    Agree with the posts here. The light in the tunnel starts with Kongo and its smooth sailing after that. Fuso, godlike sniper and among the best bbs ingame considering its tier. Nagato, tough brawler which can handle almost any opposition when driven by a ballsy player at 12km and closer. Upgrade and use secondaries! Amagi, very nice sniper again. Not much can live against its barrage. Ok armour, remember to angle well. One of the best in ranked in my oppinion. Izumo, hated bb which becomes manageable at hull C. Many enemies laugh at it and end at the bottom of the sea. Use angle well, plan turret attacks and murder the opposition- aim well and guns will kill. Turns bad, handles bad against yamato like all ships. Yamato, gggggggodlike bb whose guns can pen even the mightiest of angled armour! My next conquest! I hate it now, soon I will have it and love it!
  14. a certain paranoia is healthy. I do belive im more cautious in a cruiser as it has much less hp and can not repair. One bad move or encounter and you might be toast. Not so in BB. Cheers comrade!
  15. Well indeed bbs have exploded dds at close range. Look up what the warspite did in Narwik fjord against a german dd. It literally blew it out of the water at point blank range. I honestly think you need more rounds under your belt, learn to anticipate the game more, turn more in bbs and actually try dds for a change. Ive seen threads like these from bb commanders for ages. Ofc I also get hit by dds but not by all of them and if I see a dd, especially at closer then 10km - its toast. Learn my friend.