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  1. gbgroger

    Jean Bart Why Oh Why Did I Wait

    Ive accidently pressed F while playing CVs too many times....thats an anticlimax for sure! *Flight recalled*
  2. gbgroger

    Jean Bart Why Oh Why Did I Wait

    Agreed but for me the choice was this or Georgia. JB seems like a solid, fun choice. Next is probably Yoshino. Ive got DM so Salem does not interest me.
  3. gbgroger

    trust me, DONT buy that soviet container!

    Yeah this is a new way for WG to make money. Will they also do this on every new ship line? Like the french dds? "Lets milk the players with gambling boxes! HURRA" I sure hope its not neglecting the core gameplay and balance of ships.
  4. gbgroger

    How do you play the Kronshtadt? Give me Advice!

    Like a stronger moskva
  5. Russian. All its ships are in some way for or another very different from the others countries...and the majority of them are strong and competitive. Case in point right now; bbs.
  6. gbgroger

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    I must say this makes me happy! While balance is important ofc, this is a step in the right direction for two things for me: 1) WG listens to player feedback, especially if many will not buy ships anymore 2) It restores my confidence in premiums and Ive now officially opened the idea to purchasing more
  7. gbgroger

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I agree that some days or hours can feel like a pain in the [edited], MM-wise. But WG has stated that MM up/downtier is calculated and remembered between rounds. My suggestion is that you chill out, perhaps fora whole week and do something completely different from computers, nature or sports can be a good substitute. Then return with a happy and open mind. Enjoy.
  8. gbgroger

    My 150+ containers dissapeared?

    Dont they open automatically after a while?
  9. gbgroger

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    Ive gotten quite a few right now, but no missions. Could it be that I have some of them. I had actually forgotten we could get ships by them
  10. Do you think he or WG staff that matters get this message? Its a very relevant question.
  11. gbgroger

    Is Roma worth the buy?

  12. Agree, we are testers at this point. I dont buy WGs explanation at all that they themselves inhouse cant test new concepts. They just dont want to put in the payed testers and time. I get that rework is hard on the customers but being put through this unbalance test phase needs to be rewarded greatly. And btw; i want serious compensation for changing the Ceasar this much.
  13. gbgroger

    Why the game is devolving.

    Ofc OP has a point, this is why bbs sitting at the border, doing absolutely nothing still can get more xp than dds that actively cap and win rounds. WG encourages this and its bad.
  14. gbgroger

    Shokaku help.

    Im glad I chose Lexington, it seems strong overall and HE bombs can do 12k dmg per strike while doing many fires. Its easy to do over 100k dmg per round and fighters sure can nuke any dd and do fast, high dmg strikes to any ship. Jap AP bombs are a hit and miss for me, especially vs cvs and dds. But really, doesnt shokaku get 3 torps per strike? surely? lexington does and jap cvs should be torp focused in my book.
  15. gbgroger

    How good is the Alaska

    If you put in good effort is a fun and good ship. Like a des moins on sterioids. If you like strong cruisers go for it.