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  1. Well, last year I bought 1x5 big gifts, this year 2x5 mega gifts. last years conclusion: 2x ships some prem days some doubloons This years conclusion: of the 10 box neither ships, nor doublons (prem days are out of the gamblings anyways) (sarcasm on) well lets be positive, at least I earned 100 oil for my clan (sarcasm off)
  2. kilotangoHUN

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I wanto to join the lottery. THX
  3. kilotangoHUN

    Bug Reports

    The frreze on first match start is the same with me. Have to kill the process manually....
  4. kilotangoHUN

    Making a complaint against wargaming staff?

    You can try contacting Crysantos, he helped me out when I met a careless costumer "support" guy....
  5. kilotangoHUN

    What can WoWs learn from other games?

    IMHO: WG SHOULD learn at least one thing from WT: the immediate response to players for their action (both in terms of XP, and credit), i hope this would help ppl learn what to do and what not...
  6. kilotangoHUN


    Wooww, would love it. I WANT it
  7. kilotangoHUN

    Anniversary Event

    I bought the russian Dasha, and quite disappointed,i miss the "enthusiasm. Her voice is a little bit too "neutral for me....
  8. kilotangoHUN

    Bug Reports

    Yepp, the "old mission popping up" is almost a dialy issue for me. The most annyoying about that I can't keep tracking the daily mission status....
  9. For me, all RN cruisers from T6 up to T10 , still love to use them time to time....
  10. kilotangoHUN

    Drops FPS

    Well man, i totally agree, for me it's unplayable since 7.2 on normal settings. A little workaround tip that helped me: Try changing back to DX9
  11. kilotangoHUN

    [GO NAVY!] Resource Tactics (team-switching)

    Can't it be some ninja messing with conditions? So far i got the offer after 3-4 matches, regardless of outcome, but yesterday i got it after 10-something matches
  12. kilotangoHUN

    Minotaur - Detonations

    Yep, i know man ;)
  13. kilotangoHUN

    Minotaur - Detonations

    Well should be easy IF I would have enabled replays
  14. kilotangoHUN

    Minotaur - Detonations

    Well, i can confirm. In a Clan Battle i got detonated with Juliet Charlie hoisted.... I was thinking of submitting a bug report, but don't have a clue how to proof that JC was hoisted during battle....
  15. kilotangoHUN

    Server downtime delay - servers back up at 13:00 CEST

    "Sometimes this happens when an unexpected problem occurs" Hmm. Sometimes, only when a patch is applied. But don't remember when was the last patch that went without a glitch.... Actually a smooth, flawless patch would be unexpected... /Sarcasm off