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  1. kilotangoHUN

    0.9.5 - Changes in Soviet Cruiser Branch

    Nope it is said to be a "special" (coal) ship, similar to Salem
  2. kilotangoHUN

    0.9.5 - General Feedback

    Yeah, WG tries to force us to use RB very, very hard. But failed for me... I dont see any chance i enter a situation when they take away ships for half price (plain robbery), then make me grind them again. NO THANKS
  3. kilotangoHUN

    Clan Brawls

    hey guys just got a message saying that the rules are changed. Anyone knows WHAT EXACTLY changed?
  4. kilotangoHUN

    all christmas codes

    here another one: わかりません
  5. kilotangoHUN

    Weekly Warships Stream


    well now what? The forum page says "26th dec." for stream, if i open the wows twitch channel it says" 27th dec. global new year stream" Now will be a stream today or not?
  6. kilotangoHUN

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.0

    "With the release of Update 0.9.2, Unique Upgrades will appear in the Armory's Research Bureau" So lets look up the Wargaming-English dictionary. Yupp Here it is: "You don't want to play our new toy? (i.e. Research Bureau) Ok, then we will force you to it..."
  7. kilotangoHUN

    PTS - 0.8.10 - General feedback

    Thx. But what about bots in higher tiers to reduce waiting time? Gess you want to test the game itself, not the waiting screens, so it would be your benefit as well, if we spend more time in match,and less on waiting screen
  8. kilotangoHUN

    PTS - 0.8.10 - General feedback

    exactly. or an in-game message would be even nicer
  9. kilotangoHUN

    PTS - 0.8.10 - General feedback

    Why can't we have bots upper tiers? (edit: after 15 minutes 1v1 vs an akizuki...)
  10. kilotangoHUN

    PTS - 0.8.10 - General feedback

    yepp, in low tier its filled with bots but high tier: 5-8 minute waiting for an 1vs1. And now server unavailable BTW
  11. kilotangoHUN

    PTS - 0.8.10 - General feedback

    Just a quick question: How the hell am i supposed to get to 750k torp dmg with MM like this?
  12. kilotangoHUN

    PTS - 0.8.10 - General feedback

    Error connecting to server. Shouldn't have it started already?
  13. kilotangoHUN


    Hey Guys! /SARCASM ON(!!!!!!!) Anyone having lockup,complete computer freeze (like i had before the micropatch the other day) Dont blame WG because (ACCORDING TO THEIR SUPPORT!!!!!) its not bug, not their fault, jut bad internet connection........ here is the message they sent me when closed my ticket of computer freeze: " SOLVED Hello kilotangoHUN, Thank you for coming back to us. We appreciate the report you sent us and understand that you are still having issues. Based on the last ping plotter report you sent us, it appears that there is a connection related problem that originates on your end which possibly causes the game to freeze. We would like to encourage you to follow the below troubleshooting: · Check your antivirus and firewall. · Restart your router as well as your modem, by cutting it off its power for around 20 seconds and then turn it on again. · If you’re using a Wi-Fi connection, reduce the distance between the router or Access Point and your PC. · If possible, use Ethernet cable instead. · Contact your Internet Service Provider for additional assistance. We hope you can solve your problem, but if this is not the case, please also send us a WGCheck report with network diagnostics so we can further investigate. We hope you can understand our limitations. Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us again. " /SARCASM OFF got it mates??? Internet connection causing lockup?????? WTF?????
  14. kilotangoHUN

    General Feedback

    Sorry to say this,but useless. I have an ongoing ticket where it was proven to me that if a different person replies my ticket than before, he/she absolutely does not read the previous conversation, and asks for info already given by me /gives general advice already discussed not helping.... Not to mention 3 precious premium days passed, and my ticket is "on hold" WG's customer "support" really needs drastic overhaul....
  15. kilotangoHUN


    For me it's some interesting. PT ran smooth, but live client completely freezes my computer on clicking "play/"/playx86/playx64 in GC, only safe mode, that seems to work (mostly) After some fight with support my problem is "forwarded to a specialist". Lets see what they come up with. But meanwhile my premium time is ticking.....