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  1. pen_15

    Final nail in the coffin

    It's only one of the reasons though not the main one...He has said several times that main reason he don't play EU is because much more people here recognizes him and focus him down. Also much more streamsniping.
  2. Yeah right. There is the other income that is tied to winning and therefor encourages teamplay. The base xp, of where all other xp income are calculated from. Does it make my destroyers afk less? Does it make my battleships sail the border in the A line less? Does it make half of my team not to leave whole flanks open for no reason? If credit income would be based on winning you would not only be pissed off, now you also couldn't afford to play at all. That's how bad the average teams are in this game.
  3. Credit income is tied only to your personal performance. Winning or losing doesn't affect your income. One of the few fair and smart mechanics in the game.
  4. Standard AP ricochet angles are 45-60 degrees. So you have 120 degree wide strike window with penetration capability and 90 degree wide window where ricochet calculations doesn't take place. Molotov has 70mm citadel armor which at 60 degree impact angle is 81mm effective. 203mm AP rounds have +400mm penetration capacity at one kilometer. Maybe AP rockets will get improved ricochet angles so more agile cruisers doesn't get unfair advantage against carriers.
  5. How about ships like Molotov. Premium ship that some poor soul have bought with real money. Fragile cruiser with light armor AA capabilities are limited Has a large turning radius -WoWs wiki I'm certain that the original dev team left the studio long time ago and now there is a goverment nominated work group working on the title, who has no previous experience in game development. Game that once was a good and promising casual fun with beer and friends has turned into a some sort of frankenstein monster that no one has control of. Now you actually need beer to keep your sanity when playing this thing.
  6. That sounds like surgery where you take out the tumor from a patient and plant it to another, OR..Wargaming balans department
  7. Yes! Finally a proper counter to those -island hugging -HE spamming- no skill- cruisers. What I'm a little worried about is that how much this will take away the ability to counter destroyers. Best solution would be to have very large attack squadrons consisting both AP and HE rocket planes from which you could choose instantly depending of the target ship. But I'm certain that WG will come up with a good solution. Also I would like to see actual guided missiles on planes because sometimes it is hard to hit manouvering ships with un-guided rockets. Then at least in the higher tiers I would like to see the shot baker. While not completely historically accurate to drop the "helen of bikini" from an aircraft, it would give carriers the same kind of devastating damage potential as battleships have, propably on multiple targets. It could be something like the fighter consumable, but automatic as it could otherwise make cv gameplay too intense. Baker would give the game a nice historical touch too as it was the weapon that sunk Arkansas, Nagato and Prinz Eugen amongst others. Anyway. Looking good. Keep it up.
  8. pen_15

    Smolensk Not OP

    Fair enough but isn't it questionable when you have so much higher performance in one ship compared to the next comparable ship and you also have your highest dmg round ever just a few days after you've gotten the ship that you then decide to go to the forums to tell people that this ship is not OP don't you think? Smolensk is broken for different reasons than if it fits op's playstyle adaptation or not.
  9. pen_15

    Smolensk Not OP

    I'm not interested in discussing of why you think you have massively better stats in Smolensk than in Zao or most other of your cruisers. The fact is that you do. The only thing more brokenly OP in the game are carriers. But then again there are people defending the carriers not being so. People who have massively better stats in them than in any other class and i think that their motive doing so are similar to yours.
  10. pen_15

    Smolensk Not OP

    That's why op has 16% higher winrate and more than double better avg. damage in Smolensk than in his other tier 10 cruiser Zao. OP to the max and completely broken.
  11. pen_15

    Is it time to jump ships

    That was a nice game. My first contact was
  12. pen_15

    German cruisers - worth it?

    That's true when you only look numbers. In reality it has not so good dispersion that you will get used to 825 dmg full broadside volleys. Meanwhile things like Zao throws reliably 5-10K volleys. Hindenburg has very good AP dmg but is very situational. It is a good brawler, but how much this game promotes brawling in the current meta?
  13. Gotta say that observing this farce is more entertaining than the game itself at the moment and definately more entertaining than any tier 10 ship would have been. It's even better than last year. Keep up the good work.
  14. Fair enough. My intention was not to make a direct strenght comparision between the mentioned ships (which would be pointless considering they represent different tiers). My intention was to correct the false claim that there is no other HE spamming cruisers with smoke generator in the game except russian as it was put in the quotation. I have seen this claim a lot lately in the forums.