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  1. Blue_Bug


    I sure hope you are trolling. Bots can't do manual drops, so if they hit something it is the misstake of the player. Futher more PvE games are much quicker pace as PvP games. So a High tier CV can make much less atack runs. I doubt very much that bots have full commander points.
  2. Blue_Bug

    Carrier EXP

    So, it doesn't. You get it for tanking damage not for survival. If nobody shoots at you , you don't get less xp for surviving the game. You get less xp for tanking less damage.
  3. Blue_Bug

    Carrier EXP

    No, not a single bit
  4. Blue_Bug

    Carrier EXP

    Please note that the screen shots doesn't tell a lot. The exp and credits depends on a lot of factors. So if you want to make a point, please post screenshots of all the batleresults.
  5. Actually there is a good reason for it. If friendly damage is turned off, players get totally careless with their shots and torpedoes. Just for the chance for hitting an enemy. The only concesion WG made was to half the damage from friendly torps.
  6. No it doesn't. However the TK history of a player has an mayor impact.
  7. If I am correctly the TK system works as follows : - When somebody kills one teammember he gets the teamkiller status after the batle. - After killing the 2nd teammember he will get the teamkiller status immediately (and turns pink). - When turned pink any damage to teammembers will be reflected. In batle it seems like that somebody isn't punished for aTK, but he will be after the batle.
  8. I don't think so. In the article they speak about "unlock". So I don't think that any port slot is included.
  9. Blue_Bug


    Did you miss the sentence above the tasks? : ""Yamamoto" Campaign Tasks must be completed in Random Battles with Tier VIII+ ships. Additional restrictions may apply to individual Tasks." Acoording to me the misions are the same for all servers.
  10. Blue_Bug

    Tin foil hats at the ready!

    Damed, with me it is just the other way around. When my premium time runs out I do very well. That is just to seduce me to buy more premium time, because when I have spend some money on premium time, I loose batle after batle.
  11. Blue_Bug

    Do you want to wake the dragon?

    As this is an Pan Asia branche it should work as every branch. So your Anshan commander will not work. However every commander of this branch you can put in your Anshan. (or you have to retrain your anshan commander to one of these ships.)
  12. Blue_Bug

    Gamescom...an offer you can't refuse...

    I don't see a problem with this post. The only thing I see is a collecter who realy want to keep on track with its collection and due too circumstances can't visit the gamescom. As long the forum isn't flooded with posts like this I don't see why any moderator would have a problem with it. Although I would advise @Jethro_Grey to post it also on the World of tanks forum as there will be players with no interest in WoWs and still will get some WoWs giveaways.
  13. Blue_Bug

    [Plausible Bug / Exploit] The Unseen Target

    If this is your most convincing video.... good luck with your conspiracy theory. Please , also be carefull with your acusations. You acuse (more or less) the Kutazov of cheating, while his ign is shown in the video. How ever you only see 4 shells only. It is more likely that the Hipper (behind the Kutazov) did the shooting. The Kutazov has 2 x 3 barrels on the front while the Hipper has 2 X 2 barrels on the front.
  14. Blue_Bug

    T8. Losing Money.

    You don't suck. By posting on the forum you show that you willing to learn. That is more than most of the players. Your batle count is a bit low. So you have not much experience. You can't compare your self to players with over 5000 batles. This seems to be your first tier 8. High tier gameplay is different from other tiers and much more unforgiving. Especialy in CA. It takes time and experience to adapt. So good luck in your batles.