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  1. Absolute_Potato

    (DUTCH) Discord Community [div/chat/hulp]

    Nog steeds welkom! Join nu! https://discord.gg/QpGNNge Als je een Nederlandstalige of Vlaamstalige speler ben, je bent van harte welkom.
  2. Absolute_Potato

    Important message for the community

    It looks like some decent amount of thinking has gone into the message for which I am hopeful. Transparency with your communication is mandatory in this era... Say what you do and do what you have said. Looking forward to the changes!!!
  3. Absolute_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    Yeah, in CB once the game got going I focused the defending side of the enemy (mostly 2 ships) and support the pushing side on request. But when in a Petro, I got almost destroyed because of a mistake I made. A moving ship is a lot more difficult to citadel with a MVR, you can mitigate a lot of damage by wiggling. But in Randoms especially in early game when all ships are still in the game, getting focused down by a CV is annoying. But even while playing DD (RN DD) you can annoy the crap out of a CV player. But you have to play differently.
  4. Absolute_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    In CB a faced a lot of MVR (I played MVR, Hindenburg and Petro). But when I was with any surface ship, I managed to dodge most of his attacks. Even a slight angle changes the results of his attack significantly.
  5. Absolute_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    Yeah, just looked at the numbers of previous week, they are higher. You are right about the Bourgogne, giving this ship to everyone is indeed a recipe for some fun and engaging games :-) The numbers are gaining for the FDR and MVR.. so expecting some nerfes on these ships.
  6. Absolute_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    This is compared to cruisers and battleships (again, based on the 3rd quarter results). It's sorted against the avg damage. The MVR stands out, but is that because MVR is so strong, or is he mostly played by experienced CV players and other players still have to learn to counter a MVR?
  7. Absolute_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    Now with headers.
  8. Absolute_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    I used the maplesyrup of the 3rd quarter. So that is why I don't have the actual figures of the FDR. And it shows different values. But I did make an mistake about the spotting damage (did not refresh my excel view).
  9. Absolute_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    A single squadron can be an option, but a destroyer have the option of shooting HE, AP or Torps (3 consumables) and some of the DD's can even use Hydro and or radar. To put an CV on the same level, you would have 3 squadrons.... But how would you balance the health pool of your squadron's?
  10. Absolute_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    A lot of players are talking about nerfing the CV... But unfortunately it is not that easy.... Because if it was that simple, WG already would have implemented this long ago. If you look at average damage and kills of the CV's, CV's perform at the level of the better cruisers and at the bottom level of BB's. CV's excel on spotting damage, although they do not outperform DD's on average (yes, CV's are in the top 10). With MM the CV takes a place of a BB, so they should be able to attack and give a punch. But if a player thinks that he can play a static game with a CV in the game is almost the same as sailing broadside with a Zao to the whole enemy team within detection range..... (we can predict the outcome of that action). The DPM of a CV is not that great, if the position of the CV is not optimal it might take a while before he can return and attack again. A CV can still be deplaned (varies per CV). So, what kind of nerfs are we talking about? Remove the spotting or restrict it to the minimap (but CV's get outperformed by DD's on spotting damage)? Have DD's spotting range from the air cut in half (so that everyone get's torped to smithereens and have every BB player crying that DD's should be spotted)? Change the aiming rectacle so that DD's almost don't receive damage from rocket attacks? (that is already done). If you change the game mechanics to much on one class, you also have to change the other balance too.. DD's complain about CV and Radar CL / CA complain about to much BB's with over-match in a game. BB complain about DD's, HE Spam and CV's If you look at the numbers (yes they are average, but that's is universal and applies also on all other classes), does anyone have a good idea how to balance CV in respect to other classes? I use Maplesyrup for analysis.
  11. Absolute_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    What I don't understand is why players are not accepting the challenge. Sometimes you load in a game and the opposite side (the red's) does have more Typhoon and Hurrican players than my team.. It's challenge accepted. Maybe I loose. But I am certainly going to make them work for their win. No f...ks given.
  12. Absolute_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    Yeah, that is how I play DD's right now. In the beginning I spot, possibly contest the cap and try to avoid a gunfight. At the start of the game there is just to much support present and it only gets you killed.
  13. Absolute_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    This provides a bit more perspective.
  14. Absolute_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    This came from Maple syrup. These are the results of the 3rd quarter.
  15. Absolute_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    I don't regrind CV lines, because the grind is too tedious. It's easy to go from T4 to T6. But as soon as you reach T6 the MM is mostly not in favor of the CV.. And the step to T8 is almost a quantum leap. MM throws you most of the time against T10.. The 355K XP to T10 is just tedious.. Back in 2018 I was a whale (more like a baby whale compared to what I see nowadays with the ARP Yamato and Puerto Rico) and bought myself a lot of mega santa crates. Which still gives me a shed load of New Year camo's and special economic flags (which I only use in CB or when I want to turbo grind a line like the T10 CV). And yes, the RN CV is also not fun to play, although the stats from the last quarter shows that it is not performing bad against Haku and Midway (MVR is still a league on it's own).