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  1. Absolute_Potato

    Maps Screenshots

    If you like to work together on the map, this might also be an good solution. https://wowstactic.tk/
  2. Absolute_Potato

    [NED] Looking for active clan members!

  3. We're still looking for some Dutch speaking compratriots for Clan Battles... We zoeken nog steeds Nederlands sprekende spelers (Vlamingen ook meer dan welkom) voor Clan Battles.
  4. Absolute_Potato

    ST, New ships

    That I didn't know. But nowadays Cruisers (if positioned correctly) can be really strong. Look what a Wooster or Smolensk can do...
  5. Absolute_Potato

    ST, New ships

    Maybe I should clarify more, because it is not like black & white. First of all, I am a cruiser main so I understand the pain of a cruiser that gets blapped. But not every shell that overpens you is on or below the waterline. Chances you get an overpen on the waterline that can cause flooding might not be so great. Additionally you can add a percentage chance of flooding to it.. Doesn't need to be a high percentage.
  6. Absolute_Potato

    ST, New ships

    Flooding is also a effect from Torps (from a DD or a CV), doesn't mean you're instantly dead. Flooding could also be the same as a torp from a CV (damage wise).
  7. Absolute_Potato

    ST, New ships

    The addition of bigger guns is going on for some time (Georgia, Thunderer, Ohio and now Yashima). It is easy for a big caliber to overpen a target. Would it not be fair if there is some form of a flooding mechanism, when a big caliber overpens another ship (e.g. cruiser or destroyer) on – or below the waterline? Having a hole of 460 mm or bigger in your hull (which are basically 2 holes – 1 on every side) on or below the waterline should cause a flooding. @shonai
  8. Absolute_Potato

    PTS 0.8.11 - General Feedback

    It's not. It was a response on how the Puerto Rico should become available.
  9. Absolute_Potato

    PTS 0.8.11 - General Feedback

    I can understand the logic / reasoning that everyone should at least have some decent experience from tier 7 and up before they enter T10. But how hard is it to get approximately 250K Coal for a Smolensk or a Thunderer? Even when you play up to T6 and get your daily containers earns enough coal to get to T10 in a hurry. Probably we should accept the fact that the T10 meta is changing to a more arcade play style. And maybe this is the reason that a lot of players are complaining about roflstomps on T8,9 and T10.
  10. Absolute_Potato

    PTS 0.8.11 - General Feedback

    I noticed that when a ship shoots a mountain, gras starts to burn for a couple of seconds. And rocks give some shattering. I couldn’t see if the rocks disappeared partially. But the effects got my attention. anyone noticed it to?
  11. CV's where used in KOTS by the top 3 clans of the EU series. Although not in the finals. Don't know if that was intentional or by choice of the clans. IMO the impact of a CV is mostly at the beginning of the CB, because it provides an oppertunity to adapt to the situation a little bit earlier. And during the game a CV can keep a low HP opponent detected when he / she is trying to hide in concealment. But a good DD will try the same, but isn't that fast as planes. And yes, a good CV can pry out a well placed cruiser / battleship. But a well coordinated team can do that too.
  12. Absolute_Potato

    ST - cyclone in Clan Battles

    That will probably mean that all captains in CB will need RPF / Radio Location. Otherwise you might get a nasty surprise when you pop up in front of a BB with your cruiser (full broadside) and the BB will go like NOM, NOM, NOM!!!
  13. Absolute_Potato

    ST - Submarines

    That shouldn't be difficult, just sink someone of your own team and you're pink :-).
  14. Absolute_Potato

    Credits issues

    With premium account and a permanent camo on T10 ships., you always make credits. Even when you play a game with 40K damage. ofc it will not be that much, But still you make credits and fxp