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  1. RAF_Ninja

    Clan Wars Match Making - How?

    Yep, when you're 2-1 and fighting for you survival and MM says "Here, have a game against [AAO]" lol.....
  2. RAF_Ninja

    Update 0.6.10 - Known Issues

    Here we go girls and boys!! Stoke up those boilers!!
  3. RAF_Ninja

    Update 0.6.10 - Known Issues

    Thanks for the update - looks like we'll have to wait a few more minutes for the RN BBs ;)
  4. RAF_Ninja

    servers down?

    Seems so, mine is down also edit: Seems there was a mini patch this morning https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/little-fixes/
  5. RAF_Ninja

    Dragon Kings now Recruiting [EU 18+]

    Dragon Kings are still looking for good CV players to join our clan teams at T8, we are also recruiting all other classes. Head over to http://dragonkings.eu for more info.
  6. RAF_Ninja

    King of the Sea II

    Excellent work guys - DGKS will look to applying again
  7. RAF_Ninja

    Gift Containers a joke!

    I purchased a few small ones (I'm cheap and have my daughters wedding to pay off lol) for a total of £21.20 this is what I got. 10 x £0.85p Commanders boxes 100 Zulu hotel 10 ocean Soul camos 10 ocean Soul camos 100 Zulu hotel flags 100 New Year 2017 camos 100 Zulu hotel flags 30 days premium 400 doubloons 100 Zulu hotel flags 100 Zulu flags 5x £2.54 Captains boxes Marblehead +10 commander 25 WoWs anniversary Camos 90 days Premium 40 Dragon Flags 1250 doubloons So apart fro the camos/flags I ended up with 120 days premium 1650 doubloons and a Marblehead + Capt I think that's not too bad and way better than the Secret Santa from last year.
  8. RAF_Ninja

    Crowning the Winter King!

    Christmas Party last night - banging headache this morning, go easy on us Szepczące Chrabąszcze ;)
  9. RAF_Ninja

    Crowning the Winter King - Signups

    Team Name: Dragon Kings Team Captain: Desteeg31 Team Setup: Desteeg31 CaptainBirdseye Supermint RAF_Ninja FOG_Yamato The_Toom Chazwozza HarrierUK Alidore Jeepster Kysmet MrSpik LordMathis
  10. RAF_Ninja

    Crowning the Winter King - Signups

    Removed as double posted
  11. RAF_Ninja

    Crowning the Winter King!

    Dragon Kings will be signing up
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  13. RAF_Ninja

    ShellShockers Recruitment - OPEN!

    Hey guys thanks for the promotion to full member, anyone looking to join a great bunch of players with regular clan team battles, TS, training nights and fun events with real prizes give Shellshockers a try - you won't regret it!
  14. RAF_Ninja

    ShellShockers Recruitment - OPEN!

    Spoke to Danny a few weeks ago and joined the TS server a couple of times but there wasn't anyone around - probably just the wrong time of day. Anyway if you are still open for recruitment I'd like to give it another shot
  15. RAF_Ninja

    Update on Project R in Europe

    hahah I miss the inter service banter ;)