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  1. StLaszlo

    EU Weekend Server Issues - Compensation

    "Those of you who played at least one battle since January 5 up to January 20 (when the issue was solved) will be able to claim 2 days of WoWS Premium Account and 2x Belle Époque containers." So technically if you were unable to log in, you will be compensated ONLY if you can play. I know the issue sometimes let me into the server, but how play a single battle if I unable to log in?!?!?!?! Also it's January 21 and when I tried today many times I was still unable to log in, so the issue isn't solved on 20.... Also it's not a weekend server issue, as I met this issue even January 7-8-9 2 weeks ago.... I'm glad I was able to log in during January 10-13 and do all the missions as hard as I could. Edit: I can't check if I able to log in now, as my PC busy to download the Asia client now. ^^
  2. StLaszlo

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    Sorry, I never used forum. Just came here to search some place where I can report the stupid login issues. It's the 2nd week when I can't realy log in into the game, because the log-in loading screen turn to infinite and do nothing. So while I bored to watch the infinite loading screen and can't log in to actually play, came to forums to look around and hope someone posted it or there is a part where I can tell it to someone who'll fix these server side issues. But as I didn't found what I searched, but found this, I posted here. ^^
  3. StLaszlo

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    Well. Lets start with ARP. Takao, Kirishima (yep before the bear form too), Kongou. Kancolle: Hatsuzuki, Hibiki, Yamato, Nagato, Musashi, Prinz Eugen, Bismarck, Graf Zeppelin, Shimakaze, POI I mean Yuudachi, Yahagi, Taihou, Asashio, Arashio, Kongou, Haruna, Zuikaku, Akizuki, Choukai, Hamakaze, Umikaze, Gangut, Kaga, Amatsukaze, Tenryuu, aaaand Warspite. I would give pics too, but... it's already long enough. :D
  4. StLaszlo

    Unfair Game Play

    Pro tip. LEARN THE GAME. In the game there are every ship has different abilites, like the US light cruisers are able to shoot over even high islands! Also a spotting aircraft can make the aim over island realy easy. You should check the replays and in free camera the position of the enemy ship, then if you have the same ship you even can try out how he do it. But man, just report someone and call it cheater because you don't even know how the game works is not fair.
  5. I grinded my Taiho to keep it, I also want my Hiryu. Taiho is a historical carrier while Hakuryuu not. I can accept if you remove them for a short time and later they return. But I realy realy hope I will get them both when they return and not need to grind more xp, free xp, coal or doubloon on them when I grinded for them already.
  6. Everyone should calm down, they wrote: 12:00 UTC!!! That means here in CET that's UTC+1we have 12:40 so in UTC it's just 11:40. Or if it's still summer time zone (I can't remember), then it's CEST which is UTC+2 so in UTC it'S 10:40.
  7. StLaszlo

    Win Big With Signal Flags vol. 2 - Results

    Well, I was not as lucky to win a Roma BUT still won camos at least. :)
  8. StLaszlo

    Deffender Ribbon Madness

    Well, I don't have T9-10 DD only Cruiser and BB.... But.... Now I did the base reset.... With 15 Ribbon...... Only use AP... on a BB and 2 DD no fire, and I get the resets.....Now all I need is the final task... But it's still a joke when my own fire block the base reset ribbon, so WG should do some fix on it if they want players use the good Ammo on every ship and change HE and AP more..
  9. StLaszlo

    Deffender Ribbon Madness

  10. StLaszlo

    Deffender Ribbon Madness

    Yeah, I wait, what do you think how I collect 9-10 but then ship set on fire, and not a single?!?!?!?
  11. StLaszlo

    Deffender Ribbon Madness

    So I just try to do the 12 Deffender Ribbon in ONE battle with a T9-10 cruiser Task of Yamamoto campaign.... And I found an interesting but annoying problem. If I shoot HE on BBs they sometimes set fire BUT, when I collect deffender ribbons and the BB capture the base, no friendly ship in the base, no other ship shoot him etc, all what happen is my HE shells set him fire. The problem is, during the fire, as I see the enemy still can capture, but no matter how many times I shoot him again, I never get a new Deffender Ribbon on it. Still no friendly ship in the base who stop capping (I evade the base too). So I just shoot the ship shoot shoot but not get a single ribbon........... Too annoying cause it's not the first or second battle where I lose the task with 8, 9, 10 and even 11 ribbon because it. But the fire not stop the capture and I didn't get a ribbon for the fire dmg. It would be a great gift if a patch solve this problem somehow I think, so I started this topic if anyone noticed this problem too.
  12. StLaszlo

    WoWs 2nd Anniversary Achievements List

    Well in the battle, I earned 30k main gun dmg, nearly 30k fire, 1 kill, survived, and won the battle. Also, I get it on my last battle, during battle, after it, i died. Here are the screenshost, first from the battle wich not gave it, second wich gave it. :)
  13. StLaszlo

    WoWs 2nd Anniversary Achievements List

    Well, I did most of the achievements with the help of that US link, BUT the Death by Baguette is wrong. I don't know what should we do with the French ships, but 30 000 dmg with main guns, and EVEN 30 000 dmg with fire, and the kill just not enough. If someone can tell me, I would be glad :)
  14. StLaszlo

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - Bug Reports

    It's not a new bug, I saw it since 6.09 patch. Visual bugs on many ship texture, I saw them on many ships. I have 2 screenshot about the problem. But I saw them on russian destroyers, nearly "invisible" Zao, Roon without "nose", etc.
  15. StLaszlo

    Arp missions bonus commanders and flag

    I hope the late is only because they still not fixed the Kirishima/Iona voice bug.