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  1. slipzen

    HELLO!? WG! The hamster died

    Still, you dont pull the plug so close to a mission deadline. EDIT: Without notice.
  2. slipzen

    HELLO!? WG! The hamster died

    Yeah, 10 000 xp to go and only a couple of hours left :/
  3. I guess week 2 missions doesnt start today but rather wednesday? (or whenever it was the event started)
  4. slipzen

    All new here, and need some advice!

    How is that the problem? (rather than playing against bots that cant either hit or have any tactics)
  5. slipzen

    All new here, and need some advice!

    Same as what everybody is going to say: Ditch playing vs bots as soon as possible! I think that this is actually really important. Playing games against bots will teach you a way of playing that really doesnt work against human players, and if you have a lot of games against bots this behavior will be harder to unlearn. Alot of the players i've seen that really sucks despite having many games played have had like 100+ games against bots. It's kinda like thinking that a lot of kindergarden math will make you better at higher levels of math. Doesnt work that way.
  6. QFT. That 1,2 million XP just laying there is really annoying. Not really worth the 150 EURO it would take to convert it though.
  7. slipzen

    This ....... just hurts ... :-(

    Could you post the team score (censured ofc)? Also, this is me almost every game with my beloved (but cursed) Fuso. Not 8 kills and 195k dmg of course, but i always carry... but never far enough. It's probably the single one ship i'm best with but still i have a shitty 50% WR (as compared to 55% overall) :'(
  8. slipzen

    change "sink ships" missions please!

    Well, MY point was that the thing you call kill stealing seems like a very inefficent way to get kills. What is the point in not shooting at targets just for the off chance that you'll hit for the last 500-1500 hp or whatever. I'm sorry if i come of as rude, but regardless of what you say there are still 2 "camps" regarding this: The ones who does, and the ones who doesnt believe that kill stealing is even a thing. I lean more towards the latter.
  9. slipzen

    HAX: Accused of cheating

    There is one question that for some strange reason never seems to come up in these kind of threads: Are there actually any cheats/hacks possible? I mean, i know of aim mod etc. But are there any proof that the kind of super cheats some of us gets accused of actually exists? Just played a game in which a team mate was accused of having a cheat that made all his hits damage the enemy engine, and having the shells hitting him just bounce of. I mean, what kind of next level "hacking" would that even require? EDIT: Next game i'm just gonna open chat and type in "noclip" and head straight towards an island. That will be fun
  10. slipzen

    change "sink ships" missions please!

    I dont see how though. Trying to get the last shot in isnt exactly easy. Sure, if you're a DD who waits until your ally BB has shot his salvo, but a CA trying to get the last killing shot while another ally CA shooting on the same target? It's one thing, the scenario in your earlier post: Changing target to the one with low HP. But i was talking about not shooting at all, until the very last moment. Seems really hard. (hard in the sense of that you'll probably get less kills overall)
  11. slipzen

    change "sink ships" missions please!

    But what would be the point of that? You wont get more kills by only try to time in the last shot.
  12. I know he got reports from atleast me and one other at my team. But it's more the psychology behind it that i'm interested in. I cant really fathom how a simple "dont help me" can be interpreted as a big insult. EDIT: Or more to the point i guess: How you can be so insulted by this that you value your personal vendetta higher than actually winning the game. In my 2300 something games, i've only once been pissed enough not to care about win/lose, and that was when someone on my team actually shot me for not following his commands.
  13. Ok, with over 2000 games played i've seen it all when it comes to stupid/insane/bizarre behavior. And yes, i know that the forum is littered with rants about them. But the one i really cant wrap my head around is why some people get super offended when you as a carrier reject their help. Just finished a game with a no-fighter Ranger. When i informed the team that i didnt have any fighters (just to let them know that i wouldnt be able to offer AA-support) a cleveland offered to protect me. Since ships camping at a CV is almost always a really bad decision i declined, since he could help the team a lot more in actual fighting (and killing the planes long before they get close to me). What happened then? The moron actually started giving away my position to the enemy in chat. Not just once but everytime i moved they got an update. And i've seen similar behavior before. People that reacted to "dont waste your time protecting me" as some kind of personal insult. Sorry, i know i'm ranting. But seriously, what the hell is up with that? P.S. No surprise the guy has a 44% win rate with 1600 games played. It seems as though some people actually put in an effort to be bad players.
  14. slipzen

    Noob question: Avg XP discrepancy

    Yeah but still. Less dmg per game (not much less but still), less kills, 26% win rate, less base defence etc.