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  1. CptBarney

    Charles Martell

    French cruisers and oddly similar to french tanks (amx 50 100 line) both excel at the mid to late game when you can focus on 1v1 duels without getting blapped by everyship in the game. Dodging and kiting are the greatest strengths of this ship and you should use it often to attack dd’s and bb’s i played bad in both games of my charles martel today but thats because i dont play a lot, but its still a sound ship from tier 5 you basically kite angle and dodge shells which allows you to hold a flank suprisingly well. The reason why its better against the other two classes is due to the former not having the firepower and hp to withstand your shells and hp pool and the latter due to not having enough dpm and accuracy to consistently hit you and kill you. the martel can rekt cruisers like the algerie and la galissionaire but thats usually the cruiser with dpm than itself.
  2. CptBarney

    European research tree?

    The battleship designs for all of those nations would be interesting even if they are fictional hope wargaming experiments with different turret and gun layouts. but yeah i also agree was suprised to see the russians first before the italians but oh well.
  3. CptBarney

    Possible solution to balancing CVs for everybody

    Well my post just went out the window. r.i.p ladz. i wonder if the king of dots aka yasakarxx will show up?
  4. CptBarney

    buff midways flooding chance and torp damage

    Pls buff ranger. kthxbye.
  5. CptBarney

    European research tree?

    I dont mind if they fill the tech tree with fictional ships, actually wouldnt mind seeing a non-aligned tech tree in the game with some random flag. But id rather have the italians in the game first they should of been here after the germans or brits (which ever was the last out of the two). oh well.
  6. CptBarney

    Possible solution to balancing CVs for everybody

    This kinda reminds me of armoured warfare (pretty much dead now) with their arty in how if you fired a shot you would get pinged on the map do it two more times snd your spotted regardless of location for 10-15secs i think it was. how you would do this in wows is beyond me since i have no clue how you could go about it. i dont believe forcing players above 55% wr to be spotted permeantly is a good idea since this will discourage better players from trying or playing cvs in general. Especially since the other cv player has a worse winrate could just continuously farm damage and kill the cv since the enemy cv has to actually find where the enemy cv is first then strike. so me as a 53% wr player could just focus the enemy cv then i get free reign over the skys and can even focus more on spotting dds for my team and strike without worrying about covering teammates. not really a good idea at all, but nice try.
  7. CptBarney

    Most underrated cruiser?

    Algerie, i dont think people realise how good of a cruiser it is at tier 7. sure it does better mid-late game but still a viable ships especially with those 203mm's
  8. https://wows-numbers.com/player/552657871,BrigadierRosen/ im doing ok it seems, in my ranger.
  9. CptBarney

    Your favourite BB: tier for tier

    no u, can spank you otherside of the planet with her.
  10. CptBarney

    Your favourite BB: tier for tier

    T3: Nassau (just a nice brawling ship) T4: Moggy (Myogi) T5: Kongo T6: Queen lizzy T7: Lyon T8: Havent had the honor yet. Moggi best t4 waifu. fite meh.
  11. CptBarney

    Your Favourite CV: tier for tier

    Tier 4. Hosho (Pre-rework) (soo much better to get away and also prefered torps over db's before the re-work). Tier 5. Miss booooogue (First ship i played that broke the 100k damage barrier for me). Tier 6. Ranger (Post Re-work) managed to break the 150k mark several times, i do like the ship but the lack of projectiles especially for torps is annoying. Never got past tier 6 pre rework with the independance.
  12. CptBarney

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    1. Black swan 2. Chester 3. ST louis 4. Kuma 5. Emile bertin. 6. La galissionaire. 7. Algerie. 8. Charles martel. 9. Saint louis.
  13. CptBarney

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 3

    ew, id rather not use HE in my lizzy because its AP is so good most of the time (fat gunz), not sure what wargaming were smoking when they made that mission but then they did just nerf the furious for no reason
  14. CptBarney

    Public Test: Furios Nerf / Buff + Azuma

    nice so the furious gets its only redeeming feature nerfed just for the Medium/heavy bombers to drop a few more bombs. Lol, how sad. im not even going to bother wasting the florins on that.
  15. CptBarney

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    T2 - none (dont really mind which one too be honest) T3 - V-160 T4 - Isokaze T5 - Havent played enoug yet T6 - Gaede T7 - Maaaaaass T8 - none T9 - none T10 - none