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  1. CptBarney

    Me want Musashi '44, TX, Freemium

    Give her 3x the damage for aa and aa hp mounts compared to shiki and damage reduction from plones by 25%. balans.
  2. CptBarney

    General CV related discussions.

    Considering how high both the skill floor and ceiling of DD's are thats insanely good. Even more so with all the ruddy subs and super carriers whizzing around the map nowadays.
  3. CptBarney

    General CV related discussions.

    BrigadierRosen - Player info and stats - WoWS Stats & Numbers - EU (wows-numbers.com) forgot my stats lol, not sure how easy midway and lexi are compared to now since back then.
  4. BrigadierRosen - Player info and stats - WoWS Stats & Numbers - EU (wows-numbers.com) What i used to play, especially miss georgia. haven't touched the game in almost 2 years so i have no clue how easy midway and lexi are now or harder.
  5. Peak gameplay lads. At least he got to trade i guess. Very fun. Much wow. I find it hilarious how this video proves that wargamings word can't be taken on anything. And how this bloke basically predicted sub gameplay in 2022.
  6. CptBarney

    General Submarines related discussions

    @El2aZeR Now famous. Also what the hell is happening to this game? Ill probs be the only one @Yuu5Eleven will know thats quit the game and not come back lol and still visits the forums occasionally. (Stop changing ye ruddy name). have a common brainlet. also be nice its his first visit here.
  7. CptBarney

    General Submarines related discussions

    The NA Community Aces - World of Warplanes - WoTLabs Forum Seems like they have had experience since 2013 maybe 2012. Imagine being this malicious to their player base for at least a decade. lol. Like others have said, putting them in specific game modes and i guess carriers as well would help massively with the balance team (which may still consist of 6 peeps at this point). And not only that bring in new fresh content. Oh well.
  8. CptBarney

    General CV related discussions.

    I mean thats pretty obvious, but i have no clue who your addressing with the rest of the comment. I haven't even touched the game in over 2 years maybe 3 years now fam. Seems like jokes go over way too many heads these days.
  9. CptBarney

    General CV related discussions.

    Guess we need a proper broken CV then lads. Ninja haku, combined with midways flexibility, combined with enterprises mentalness, combined with kagas fat plane squads and regen, combined with secondaries that can reach 14km. Our next tier 12 cv. And obviously increase those stats by like 2x.
  10. Got to have our tier 10 odin now. Can't wait too see the tier 11 and 12 version lol. We don't see many 45cm or 48.2cm german ships ever.
  11. CptBarney

    There is a problem with the servers.

    Yeah the game engine is old as hell and their servers set at low tick rates and high ping rates means there's going to be a lot of issues. 20 years is ancient in gaming terms since tech moves at very rapid pace where you can get thing made obsolete multiple times in the same year in rare occurrences (not just game software).
  12. CptBarney

    There is a problem with the servers.

    The tick rate is 285ms for the servers which is very bad. So even if your internet is fine there will be delays in some ways. Guess server upgrades are as important as dem quality of life upgrades that took 5-6 years to implement.
  13. CptBarney

    Who is HP?

    mewlot packard and merry christmas during 2022 feb. Can we get a happy halloween with daves dodgy pc's?
  14. Reminds me of gaijins 'fixes' to the 'economy' Can't have nice things for the plebs. you must turn your game into a job.
  15. CptBarney

    T9 MM wrecked by superships? (the feels)

    Then we get our lords and saviours in the form of tier 12 and tier 12.5 ships. like hyper kremlin with 703mm guns and tier 13 enterprise so @El2aZeR can delete players so hard and so fast not only does it terminate their accounts, but ends up short circuiting a server or two at peegees server farms. Thats each time as well. Probs only cost £500 with an azur lane skin too and enty herself as captain. Maybe they will get somekind of super mode as well. Oh and don't forget our super subs as well with thermobaric ballistic guided nuclear missiles.