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  1. CptBarney

    So where do real man play at? ☆ (tier)

    The new! Explosive! Undodgable, Wing torp bucket! for only 5.99 every tuesday! Button smashin good!
  2. CptBarney

    CV Lexington stuff

    shush, it's better than spamming the forums with the same topic either way i knew the thread was pointless hense why talking about random things is fine, since wargaming is not interested. same goes for the pinned thread of submarines, its a worthless thread because they will take nothing from and it ignore us so providing 'feedback' is well useless. if you want to do the above you may as well use the ru forums since they seem to hold the most influence atm.
  3. CptBarney

    So where do real man play at? ☆ (tier)

    Tier 9 and 4. No particular reason for the latter.
  4. CptBarney

    Too many CVs

    Your welcome it was always my goal to balans miss hosho, for the arrival of miss zuiho
  5. CptBarney

    Discussion: Secondary Battery Mod2 to slot 5

    All three fam with 5% extra burny stuff. although moving it it elsewhere would be a big help (or maybe changing or adding a skill so that it fulfills this).
  6. CptBarney

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Dunno it just makes more logical sense to me you could scale down from tier 10 (scaling down is easier than going up). I dont mind lower tiers the smoll maps and tiny guns ranges allow you to get into the fight easier (but i guess bb’s are a bit on the chonkeh side). Ye. I did post with my steam account but with multiple issues logging i gave up and just settled for my world of tanks account (19k battles roughly).
  7. CptBarney

    CV Rework Discussion

    I dont find many cv games unless i go to tier 3, 4 and 5. Otherwise i might get 1 match with a cv every 4+ games. i actually wished they had just improved the rts system. What makes me laugh is that many players here offered litteral solutions to solve the problem or to make the cvs far better in general, maybe even reducing the skill gap (bads will be bads unless they actively change playstyle). But instead went for a watered down version of world of warplanes with some random ship that you seldomly control. With aa being some weird burnt popcorn maker. but then this is the same company that thinks subs and go karts are a gud idea and that paid gold ammo was ok until they changed it (probs due to backlash on the forums).
  8. CptBarney

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Hopefully soon since i want to actually play them before i turn into the mummy. Strange how they start at tier 6, better to do tier 4 or 10 and then scale up or down accordingly.
  9. CptBarney

    Toxicity against carriers

    If the cv's are good and above players your f'ed either way since if they want you dead they will kill you no matter what. (experience both sides of this). Only thing you can do is hope the enemy carrier is shite and gets bored otherwise it won't be a good match regardless (or your team wins before you die).
  10. CptBarney

    Hindenburg Floating Citadel ?

    I actually hate facing hidernbergs and roons, they are one of the few cruisers that give me trouble and are a bloody nuisence to hit (because they all seem to know how to slow down and speed up at certain times and turn or do werid movements etc). I also end up citadelling them mostly at long ranges unless one decides to broadside me at close range but usually they have to be at an angle otherwise my shells usually just overpen (probs just me failing to aim as per usual). But then miss georgia does have slow shells but i don't do a hugely better in other faster shell bb's like the jean bart (probs just aiming issues).
  11. CptBarney

    The cat ate the homework.

    My cat decided, failing to jump and head to monitor was a good thing that spun my monitor around making the one shot i needed that more difficult in one of matches. We won but it was funny nonetheless. Oh and sky having several fits making moving and shooting that much more awkward (especially when it came to citadelling a iowa in miss georgia, or lining up torps in lexi but i managed to kill the dd who was hiding in the smoke lol). Internet went ded for an 1 hr after that.
  12. CptBarney

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I doubt anything in this thread will be looked at too be honest. If so, i don't see the reason for subs, they add nothing new to the game and simply create even more balancing issues (like these games dont already have enough) which later on will probs have a reeeework of its own 3-4 years after launch of said class. The fact that subs don't have regular torps and no torps to damage other submarines isn't a good thing and hopefully they will actually add sub vs sub gameplay, also sub guns not working and only being able to torp at periscope level again makes no sense. Makes sense why they thought adding the double barrel mechanic would be a good idea. Subs would be a fine addition to PVE and OP's and special events, but beyond that no thank you.
  13. CptBarney

    8.8 sound mod or sound settings to make it bearable?

    Probably, suprised the torpedo sounds haven't change to cyka for left and blyat for right yet. Musicsheet says it needs to change at somepoint.
  14. CptBarney

    CV Rework Discussion

    @L0V3_and_PE4CE I finally got over 150k damage in miss lexi and it's been quite sometime since i was able to do this, first game my team was too gud and killed everything before i could hit 80k and 3 kills (tier 10 mostly 9), second game was a disaster only did 56k damage (was tier 10 mostly), third was tier 8 and only did 75k damage and 3 kills (team was killing waaaaayyy to fast). And my last game i did 160k 3 kills top tier, hunting dd's with hvar is tricky doe but i appreicate the faster rockets. also you can make a funny in dat thread with the tinfoil guy.