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  1. CptBarney

    ST, Adjustment Firing mechanics

    Ahh so weegee is bringing italian autoreloaders to wows, but with a twist.
  2. CptBarney

    Can we get Yudachi some love?

    Poi need some love bois.
  3. CptBarney

    How to brake the game even more

    So we are getting italian autoreloader mechanics in wows? But with some kind of weird twist to them? Ok. *smashes small bits into smaller bits.*
  4. CptBarney

    General CV related discussions.

    does des memes, worcester and california provide deadly AA or any noticeable difference if they were to go hybrid or full AA builds atm? just wondering since, im gauging whether miss pitty pittsburgh should be shoved into the game lol.
  5. CptBarney

    Flamuu Vs Wows aftermath

    Ye, although we have a chance as us men have most of the spots in the top 20 and top 20 all-time streamers which is pretty cool. But ye having the tibbies helps alot if you fail at being anything more than a wet towel on the floor.
  6. CptBarney

    Flamuu Vs Wows aftermath

    But then wows isn't significant in terms of online game anyways, so i guess it fits really. Not sure how the others would do in other games, with pops consistently above 100k+ or 250k+ like csgo or WoW for example. But then personality does have a big deal, if your highly charismatic and got a good personality and can relate to a good wide portion of users you will make a lot of bank on twitch. Helps if you have an established user-base already beforehand.
  7. CptBarney

    General CV related discussions.

    Imagine her in Azur lane as some, chesty, derpy and loud CV. It wouldn't be AL without planet busting chests anyways.
  8. CptBarney

    General CV related discussions.

    Kagas, weird german sister?
  9. CptBarney

    General CV related discussions.

    wats an immelmann? explain to barneh.
  10. CptBarney

    General CV related discussions.

    are just we trying to get to page 500 now?
  11. CptBarney

    Before you consider buying Flandre ....

    Sort of, it merged all the servers together. But wait times for pvp can range from 30 secs to 4mins on average about 1 and 15 secs 45 secs on certain times (found later hours are better). Communication is also, pretty impossible as you are playing with people who know all sorts of languages so yeah... PVE is still active, although huge wait times today for some reason for one of the modes. Hitboxes are still somewhat borked as well. Balans is non-existant lol.
  12. CptBarney

    Before you consider buying Flandre ....

    Guess they are taking the AW route it seems. They have nerfed several premiums and buffed others already. Thank god as well as the door wedge was basically impossible to fight against as a tier 9 (wish i was exaggerating that).
  13. CptBarney


    Oof, so she gets her head cracked open basically, just to be a bit more hidden. Although makes me wonder without any of the negatives would she be any better or still one of the worst CV's at tier 10.
  14. CptBarney


    I mean audacious does try to fit her fat bum into the cloak from time to time. Dunno if they got rid of her legendary upgrade that gave her very good concealment for a CV.
  15. CptBarney

    General CV related discussions.

    R.I.P Hosho 342BC - 2312 AD. Will always be in our minds and souls.