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  1. FIow3rPow3r

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    hasta la victoria siempre
  2. FIow3rPow3r

    Is the WoWs grind too generous

    To make things easier: edit* I sent a ticket to WG asking if this was legal, of course it`s not, but after a couple of months it is still there... Sharing accounts is forbidden by the game rules, Giving links to the web pages like this is forbidden by forum rules, I know your intentions are not bad but that has to be removed. Be careful next time please Exavatus
  3. FIow3rPow3r

    Atlanta.Is she still worth it in 2019

    I suggest you to wait! the game is actually under development… something that you buy today can change in a few patches. There will be more sales in the future. Keep your money
  4. FIow3rPow3r

    What should happen to the Giulio Cesare? - The Complete Poll

    You win! That is the most stupid answer so far
  5. FIow3rPow3r

    What should happen to the Giulio Cesare? - The Complete Poll

    Oh God! How can it be so hard to understand?! The benefits come from the silver and exp bonus, not of course from WG`s dividends…. I was recently accused to be an owner of the GC only cause it is OP so I must be accurate.
  6. FIow3rPow3r

    What should happen to the Giulio Cesare? - The Complete Poll

    I never said that boy... If you answer for me it isn`t a conversation. Ok let`s play your game kid! "WG realeased OP ships for whatever reasons, I can not afford them and now I`m angry , so they must be nerfed! Without them I can`t have a decent winrate so my account must be hided. Who cares if someone spent money on them, I have my free account, I don`t spent a single penny in WoWs but I want the game balanced and to say my opinion in forum!'' Yeah you are right, a conversation with you it is pretty useless PS @Lebedjev from wikipedia: In general, to invest is to distribute money in the expectation of some benefit in the future when you buy premium time you get a benefit, when you buy a premium ship too (not only the OP status but a away to earn money and exp fast) next time check the dictionary by yourself best regards!
  7. FIow3rPow3r

    What should happen to the Giulio Cesare? - The Complete Poll

    Wow! you are assuming many interesting things here. If we protect our own investment we are bulling other players?! I want to have fun too but be honest, WG bully us first by releasing OP stuff for money reasons. about the story of the E25, that is why I said definitively! A proper refund can be a bundle for the premium shop equivalent to the value of GC (the bill is next to me) cause I already got the Belfast Last but not least, you said: "Also I simply dont respect people who buy ship because they are OP. I play game to have fun and for others to have fun. " How can you understand for what reason a player bought a ship? Do you also know next lottery numbers? Or when the world will end? PM me please!
  8. FIow3rPow3r

    What should happen to the Giulio Cesare? - The Complete Poll

    as I already stated I prefer to leave the crap as it is and simply remove them from the shop definitively, if this was already done the chance to have 1 of these ships in a game was certainly less… Anyway I`m not against a nerf either, but for what we know if we don`t accept the new tier 6 GC we simply get compensated with doubloons. Sorry but I can`t tolerate that, cause: 1. I already have enough doubloons; 2. there aren`t amusing ships available for gold (at least for me); 3. I don`t need camos, premium camos, flags or free exp; 4. it`s kinda fraudulent to change my type of investment ; Unfortunately WG is a business company and just because that their only goal is to make money. This is how the world works
  9. FIow3rPow3r

    What should happen to the Giulio Cesare? - The Complete Poll

    post counter +1 another useless answer lets have a discussion then 1) I want game balance too, and I want WG to balance ships before they get out, again you forget how many times during the test period of these ships they were described as OP. To refresh your memory you can check videos of CC about GC and Belfast for example. Then WG removed them from the premium shop due to their OP status. then they put them in gambling containers (that made for you for the sake of gameplay); 2) You are assuming that most of the player base check the forum and the patch notes but I`m not 100% sure about that, so the effective number of players aware of this fact will never be the whole community. Apart from this WG has always shown us how fanciful they are (tier 9 premium ships, steel campaigns); 3) Yes we have the GC and you were able to check it! why are your stats hided? Dear @Oderisson, there is no worse deaf than those who do not want to hear….
  10. FIow3rPow3r

    What should happen to the Giulio Cesare? - The Complete Poll

    Yeah and in the meanwhile they also put them into santa crates, seems like you forget this passage everytime you profess your game balance! Also there are no reasons to answer a guy with multiple post, unless you want to boost your post counter
  11. FIow3rPow3r

    What should happen to the Giulio Cesare? - The Complete Poll

    Just to answer your last sentence @MrConway, I would die to know an owner of the upcoming DD Leone! Anyway you are a good guy with an inconvenient task
  12. FIow3rPow3r

    What should happen to the Giulio Cesare? - The Complete Poll

    @ilhilh here we call the doggy position, the sheep position but let not digress on that, it can get worse quickly If the GC nerf goes on, you will probably get my same fate, so don`t cheer on that. Take a look on what is going to happen next Flint and Belfast outperform tier 8 @MrConway, so as soon as you deal (or "IF"") with the GC, we can expect to get those nerfed as well?! My question is still valid, why did WG not listen the ST and CC if not for a mere matter of money ? They were well known to be OP.
  13. FIow3rPow3r

    What should happen to the Giulio Cesare? - The Complete Poll

    Really, @ilhilh next time counts up to 10 before writing…. You are barely saying that everyone who don`t have your same idea should not be able to expose his thoughts. Go check your primary history book, there is a specific term for what you are asserting! If you like the doggy style position it`s up to you, but if they nerf the GC I will want a proper refound. Kind regards! Flow3rPow3r Edit to be more precise you are the sheep during the doggy style position
  14. FIow3rPow3r

    On how to balance and refund OP premium ships - an inquiry

    If I can predict things as @wilkatis_LV says I won`t be here, trust me! Maybe I will not be clueless every time like you and other players who followed the game in the last years but what about new players who just watch the latest CC videos about a good solid OP premium ship?! Seems like you focus only on BIG TEXT, without reading the underlined part of my post carefully, so: ...PLAYERS VIA THE FORUM, SUPER TESTERS AND CCs ALWAYS STATED THE PROBLEMS OF THESE SHIPS (FOR EXAMPLE THE BELFAST)... Now be serious, do you really think that they were wrong? that this isn`t only a business plan? that putting them in affordable containers was a "mistake". They keep saying things to customers which are steadily disregarded and this has an impact on the active players number. Also you miss the part about compensation, I bought her via the premium shop and they are giving me back doubloons which, in case of a new appealing ship out in the shop, are USELESS. They won`t give my money back? it`s fine, but give me at least a coupon of the same value for the premium shop. Not a great customers care at all. Don`t you think?
  15. FIow3rPow3r

    [ poll ] Giulio Cesare, you want her to stay in T5 or move to T6?

    Since WoWs came out there were many of premium ships which were called OP, and during their testing period players via the forum, super testers and CCs always stated the problems of these ships (for example the Belfast). Instead of earing them WG decided to keep their road and now we have OP premium ships sold. After 2 years and millions of euro gain, WG barely says: "oh sorry guys! you were right, lets nerf them!". THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN A FRAUD! The most important thing is that THIS WILL BECOME A PRECEDENT AFTER WHICH THEY WILL SELL OP STUFF IMPUNITY JUST TO NERF IT AFTER THEY REACHED THEIR MONEY GOAL! WHAT I'M SAYING IS EASILY CONFIRMED BY THE FACT THAT INSTEAD OF WITHDRAW ALL THE OP SHIPS REALEASED (for the sake of gameplay)THEY PUT THEM AS REWARD IN GAMBLING CONTAINERS! Then we can mention also the days when WG said: 1- there will be only one type of gold currency ---> they left us with doubloons instead; 2- there will not be any kind of premium ships over tier 8 sold in the premium shop ---> and we got a tier 9 premium ship for money followed by the first tier 9 ranked; 3- add more... NOW THEY ARE ASKING US TO TAKE DOUBLOONS AS COMPENSATION WHICH ARE COMPLETELY USELESS IN THE PREMIUM SHOP NOT TO MENTION THE FACT I WILL NEVER BUY AGAIN ANYTHING FROM A COMPANY I DO NOT TRUST With love from an ex WoWs player