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  1. konyvfalovb

    Not getting the CBT Reward

    Well... 35 battles. Got to lvl 5. Did 20 more battles last day to get the reward. Didn't see this, and I was late. [censored] this world.
  2. konyvfalovb

    Not getting the CBT Reward

    Could you link me where was that written? I must've missed it.
  3. konyvfalovb

    Not getting the CBT Reward

    Why? The blog stated that one needs to have 50 battles in the CBT. June 25 was IN the CBT period.
  4. konyvfalovb

    Not getting the CBT Reward

    As far as I know, with 50 battles in the CBT one was rewarded with a US tier 4 battleship. I completed it last day, just before the wipe, but I managed to get 51 battles, yet I don't have it in my shipyard. Should I write to the Support, or something? Is this a bug? What should I do?
  5. konyvfalovb

    Closed Beta Keys distribution, allocation and etiquette

    "CB key distribution". This sounds like you're giving keys away here. May be worth the effort to get someone to change this part a little bit. Maybe to "About CB keys distribution". As you said, people don't read all the posts - even I don't, only the first few and the last few. Opinions?
  6. konyvfalovb

    Suggested mechanics to enhance tactics and variety

    AFAIK, they said that there won't be any player-controlled submarines in the game. And, if you don't want them (or you claim that there will be none) why not just ignore it and comment the rest? No, don't ask me, I don't want submarines either.
  7. konyvfalovb

    Variety of maps

    What you're saying is nice. Additions are always nice. But there are some restrictions/additions that you might consider adding: 1. Shallow lands should be tier to tier 5 and above - any player who hasn't obtained a tier 5 ship yet should not see swallow areas where most BBs won't get though. This should prevent some WTH moments from newbies. 2. Did you consider having small patches of stone just a few metres above sea level? These could be shot over by practically anything.
  8. konyvfalovb

    Language and keyboard

    Let's hope it's something that's being worked on. It would be great to hear feedback from the devs, though.
  9. konyvfalovb

    Closed Beta Keys distribution, allocation and etiquette

    If we're talking about proverbs, here's one for the people from Hungary: "Ki korán kel, aranyat lel" - who gets up soon, finds the gold. Time is crucial, which some people don't seem to know.
  10. konyvfalovb

    Closed Beta Keys distribution, allocation and etiquette

    The thing is, that although I feel things are a bit "unfair" towards WoWp and WoT alpha- and beta testers, it would've been very unfavorable to us, who haven't beta-tested any game yet. I, personally, have been waiting for a chance for years. Ectar, I'm curious if you've considered contacting some WoT or WoWP testers for invitations. I'm just curious.
  11. konyvfalovb

    new player-- can u control secondary armament?

    An additional comment here, you can also turn these off (if you want to hide in a smoke, for example).
  12. konyvfalovb

    Language and keyboard

    As a Hungarian, I'm not using a QWERTY keyboard but rather a modified version of QWERTZ. Many frequently used keys are swapped/added in this language's variation (such as buttons for éáűúőüóö), but also the special characters (.,-?!"). WoWs seems to take its keyboard input in a QWERTY standard. This is really annoying. In WoT, I can use my own keyboard settings for special letters and layout. Is this feature is being worked on? If not, would you please add it to the To-do?
  13. konyvfalovb

    Sailing into an island - what can you do?

    You mean, press m and tell the computer to go somewhere? In WoT it took me about 200 battles to not kill myself immediately, and about 500 to realize that I can flank around. Took about 1500 until I could use concealment to some useful degree. This one's obvious. But it'll take a long time.
  14. In my last battle I managed to sail right into an island. While I was caught sideways on, I couldn't reverse out, I couldn't sail forwards, nothing worked. Is there anything I could do when I catch land?
  15. konyvfalovb

    TOG is love, TOG is life!

    They actually stated that the TOG is going to a tropical island to meet the E-25. And there's a lot of sea to cross...