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  1. FILO is looking for YOU!

    Still a few spots open for you.
  2. FILO is looking for YOU!

    Still have a couple of spots open so feel free to apply :)
  3. FILO is looking for YOU!

    Happy to welcome our newest member :)
  4. FILO is looking for YOU!

  5. FILO is looking for YOU!

    Platonic bumping
  6. FILO is looking for YOU!

    FILO needs YOU! It's time for us to expand once more, and that means it is time for you to join us. We finally were able to set up a Clan Battle Team, thanks to our last recruitment event. Having tasted blood, we want to expand our roster this season and have a few empty spots to fill. As we are looking to expand our competitive and Clan Battle Teams, we are unfortunately not accepting super early beginners this time around. But don't worry, your time will surely come. What we are looking for: Players with the intent to play team based. Be that Operations or Clan Battle Games. We enjoy a good round of messing around in the Training Room. Doing our own scenarios or just inventing funny new game-modes. We want you to be on Teamspeak and thus you need to speak english. Ideally you have at least 1 Tier X ship ready, but a Tier 8 ship to start working towards Tier X would be sufficient. Activity-wise you don't have to be online every day of the week. But we are looking for people who are around to take part in Clan Events and Division up. What we offer you in return: We are a big community stretching over all Wargaming Titles. We have alot of Streamers in our Community, and some experienced Players to learn from. We consist of people from all around the globe and are a welcoming bunch. If you are interested in joining, feel free to contact us in-game. Our Recruiters are always happy to answer your questions and will be by your side for the recruitment process. Our Website: https://www.firstinlastout.eu/ SyntaxError Achatius PhillerTheBiller Sjjoosten Sincerely yours, Phil
  7. As of today, we are closing our recruitment program. We welcome all our new members and will get to work on upgrading our capacity, to get the next badge of members to join our community. Sincerely yours, PhillerTheKillBiller
  8. Currently we are at 2 spare slots. If you want in, now is your chance :)
  9. We welcome 2 new members into our ranks!
  10. We welcome our first new Member. Hopefully there is more to come.
  11. FILO NEEDS YOU! We here at FILO are looking to expand our playerbase. Recently, we have had some openings in the Clan roster and are looking for YOU personally! You want to be part of a big and always evolving community, stretching over all Wargaming Titles? Our Warships branch is currently expanding and looking for both new and experienced players. Our criterias are pretty straight forward: - You enjoy the game and play it quite regularly - You want to play with others, either learning from experience or sharing yours with new players - You like to take part in big 7-man Operations and potentially in Clan War - You are willing to join us on Teamspeak Our goal is to expand our regular playerbase and thus the community as a whole. If you are interested, feel free to contact our Officers in-game. Redberen PhillerTheKillBiller Syntax_Error Achatius We are looking forward to meet you. Sincerely yours, PhillerTheKillBiller Our Website: https://www.firstinlastout.eu/