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  1. 7obruk

    I heard a story about one trick pony

    Well true about Asashios base detection. But wait when you get only one DD who is Asashio and enemy have 2 of them and your team Asashio decides to go hunt BBs.. Ok it's rare but possible . -T
  2. Hello, Back in a days i heard a story about Kitakami got removed from a game, because it was one trick pony... Well can Wargaming tell me hows Asashio is any different?? Actually i can answer myself, back in a days Wargaming, tried to make game better these days they waste all resources to make premiums, so they can release 3 premiums per month even if they don't have an idea how to make them work. Old Skipper -T
  3. Hello everyone, I decided i will stop buying premium ships, i have them all since this post, And unlocked all silver ships. But because Wargaming don't wanna do anything about current problems in game, i don't see point giving anything to them, if they don't keep their part of bargain... Aaand port are SUPER laggy if you have more than 100 ships in your port.. It literally can take like 10 seconds or more to just click new commader for your ship and stuff, so yeah.. But back in a topic.. Few changes to ships and give Wargaming a hint, what they should do, and stop just making premium ships what makes port even more lagging as already told. Khabarovsk: was great ship, but now meh... So how about we making it like a DD hunterish light-cruiser thingy... to do that: Nerf torps even more to 4.5km so they really are self defense, then give her smoke and heal, so then you can smoke up and helping your team, but because of that 13km range, shouldn't really be a that much of a problem and her spotting stays a same, so it will need someone her to spot those DDs and can only help for killing them. Shima: well getting outgunned badly, so give her slowish 20km Deep water torps (what can hit cruiser,BB,CV) and rest torpedo options stays a same, so player can decide he can be a battleship killer, or more aggressive and have faster torps Conqueror: Well everyone will know this, but i will still put it here.... HE reload 45 seconds if alpha damage and fire change stays a same, so player are forced to use AP more often, and enemy BB can have change to angle against it... Or alpha damage down lets say like 5k volley would be a great volley, but still sets fires, so it compensates... or put her fire change down, but then it would lose her "THING" Mino: Give her 17.2km range, and lil higher shell velocity, so travel times stays a same, because to be honest if you are not totally brain dead, mino really is not a problem maybe 1 out of 10 sees her really a problem... Only if he is a good player and locks himself nicely behind island, but then just get closer, and she start hitting that island.. and if he is open and smoked up, just shoot a smoke What you guys think?? -Tobruk
  4. Hi, Just wanna know what people got from those, because i got super super super lucky.... Dunno who i bribed from Wargaming to get these, but well Actions stations captains -Tobruk
  5. 7obruk

    [ALL] female German Voice Mod

    Please someone give her a medal... This really is worth of taking believe me guys And what comes to myself. Well truly love it, so seriously thank you for your hard work from me and few others -Tobruk
  6. Finally met Corvi in battle.. he was playing on his Lex and did very great job, but got unlucky :/
  7. Just saw IceyJones on his Atago... High Caliber etc. normal stuff :')
  8. 7obruk

    6.3 Spotting

    Hello fellow sailors, I'm been testing this new spotting and have to admit, it's a great change and been waiting something like this ages.. But now the actual thing what i wanted to say is... There is few ships what i sees this a huge buff... Buff?? how?? well let me explain.. Atlanta get spotted by 10.7km and now when she shoots her guns, will get spotted by 11.1. So in another words now it's like crazy go in type of ship, and if you kill who ever spotting you, you are instantly unspotted.. no more 20 seconds waits Same goes to kebab. 10km without shooting after shooting 11km... -Toby
  9. To answer your question is simple, no they don't, or at least not yet.. However changes can be made before release, but by now they don't... "New T10 kebab" for example will get spotted around 14km after shooting her guys and without shooting around 10km.. Hope this helps -Toby
  10. 7obruk

    Ibuki have 360 turning gun?

    Well sadly i will have to tell this... it was bug...Only In that game it turned over that blocked area to the right.. Reason why it is like that are simple, it turned with back guns to the right, and when it was turning it got knocked out
  11. 7obruk

    Ibuki have 360 turning gun?

    Am i been missing something or does one of the ibukis front gun turn 360?? Sorry bad picture, but i was middle of the fight.. anyways i hope you do see enough -Toby
  12. Met LilJumba today... He was on his Zao and took out iowas and yamatos, and so on so on.... On short terms, he carried the team -Toby
  13. 7obruk

    Honorable Service - Clear Sky

    I think people didn't read correctly... Have to play TIER 8 and higher, and my answer would be De Moines, and hope enemy carrier player are drunk or sleepy or just stupid
  14. Picture tells more than thousand words i heard. -Toby
  15. 7obruk

    RNG Cliches

    Last hit after you get unspotted puts on fire