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  1. 7obruk

    way to op

    This must be the best one what I read for long time.. i will copy that
  2. 7obruk

    About COOP loading time

    I would say yes for this... And should be easy enough to do even for wargaming
  3. I almost got it, but because of miscommunication.. i didn't get it
  4. Getting 2 camos for a same ship.. AND that old perma camo even gives better bonuses
  5. 7obruk

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    I bet this "perma" mission is as perma as those legendary upgrade missions were
  6. Is this same what happened back in a days.. if you unlock possibility to use 2 different color schemes on japanese ships it just resets it to green one.. only have to go there and click second color scheme
  7. 7obruk

    Soviet Cvs

    I think you said earlier that there were too many CVs in queue, so you cannot reduce amount of them in battle because their queue time will go too long... So that doesnt happen now then?? Or you just lying, like always??
  8. 7obruk

    Tier VII premium container contents

    What if you have all of those ships what is on that list @YabbaCoe
  9. U should remove name on those pictures.. its against forum rules to name and shame
  10. 7obruk

    Austin vs. Bourgogne

    I have them both... Austin is all about trolling around, when on bour u can actually help your teammates in clan battles or even random in that matter
  11. Mostly because amount what it costs compared what u get... Resetting lines same amount of a free exp and u have nice stack of a points for upcoming ships if u already have all of them
  12. Hi, First bonus code is: LETTHEPARTYBEG1N Second bonus code is: B1RTHDAYCAKE Third: T1METOCELEBRATE Fourth: HEROFORDASHA
  13. Actually just Ägir.. And to on topic, i would say Alaska too