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  1. Yamineko

    PRAVDA Kai - Open Now! [KancollexGuP Community]

    Nickname of Prinz Eugen in Kantai Collection. Refer to: http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Glossary#Pudding
  2. Yamineko

    Shards - closest or furthest cap?

    It's easier to cap because the enemy can't go into a position, where they can constantly shell the cap. Unless they go into a very awkward and narrow space, in which case they can either prepare for a torp, HE or general carnage fest. It's not that it's per se easier to cap, it's just that the enemy has issues defending it. Especially since you have a constructed trickle effect (DD arrives before CA, CAs arrive after enemy CAs can shell/radar the DD, BBs arrive way after enemy BBs can shell), that you don't have from the other side. The islands are simply disadvantageous for the closer team, since they can't support en route, while the other team can. Even when they are finally in, it's too cramped to be effective.
  3. Yamineko

    Shards - closest or furthest cap?

    I agree, one should go towards B initially in any ship. But you can go pretty easily over to C in case you see your team doing crap like camping the spawn and sniping (which you will see early in the game). So you can transit from a maximum impact for a win position to a maximum impact for damage position really easily, if your team goes B+C. As usual, can't do that with A. I thought by now we'd have clarified that A is never the way to go (unless in a DD and feeling adventurous, aka not wanting to go B), no matter how you play or your team plays. We have plenty of replays by ColonelPete (thanks btw for all them), where we can see B+C working and A(+B) failing. And it should be pretty obvious that it neither increases your impact on the game, nor your personal damage due to it's isolation and potential enemy positioning. Which is by the way another reason why B+C is better. Assuming pubs will mostly stay at range and use the course that gives them maximum protection, for A your pubs will go into potato waters (most likely) and won't influence the game at all. When you clean up A, they will use a 1/2-line to A/B-line shift, because C/D-line is too close to the B cap for their comfort (from what I've seen this happens quite often). Even if they do end up going B using C/D-line, thanks to the islands they will come around rather close to the cap and the enemy has an easy time killing them off while they trickle in around the islands. As you pointed out, trickling in is another thing pubs love to do. On C that's not an issue, because your sniping BBs/CAs shouldn't have entered potato waters before the enemy is wiped out (or at the very least aren't far in yet). Turning into B from their long-range positions is also not that hard. When you have a good team, you can push easily into whereever you want anyway, so the question is what average/below-average players will do. And B+C maximizes/utilizes them in a way A never can. 4 potatoes are still 4 ships that can deal damage, but not when they're behind an island, which is the case for A, but not for C. I think in general you have a fundamental misconception about public behaviour. (rest in spoiler due to length and being a bit off-topic): tl;dr:You don't make pubbies follow a sound tactical strategy like in CW. You use/guide their instinctive behaviour to support yourself and help them survive longer in return.
  4. Yamineko

    Shards - closest or furthest cap?

    That's the issue with randoms and why divisions are so powerful. When a quarter of your team (aka your 2 mates and yourself) follow a plan, you're usually winning already. Plus it creates a strong pull for the rest of the team. "3 people are going this way, seems to be a good idea". But yeah, that is why I'm discussing this map from the pov, that your team is doing either nothing or at best sail in the direction you pointed out and you're more or less alone. Complex team play like holding B and pushing whereever is usually beyond public behaviour scope. You have to play in a way, that works even with the worst team to maximize your impact (and be it only so you can have 100 more xp and a good feeling for being at the top of the ladder). You want to have a position, that is superior for yourself, not necessarily a team strategy, since team strategies rarely seem to work from my experience. Which is why I'm so strongly advocating B+C
  5. Yamineko

    Shards - closest or furthest cap?

    Same. Also, I've noticed that when your ships go to the A potato zone from south, they are absolutely useless and sail in circles, while they still shoot at something when they go to the C potato zone. Same ofc mirrored from the north. More arguments for screaming b+c at the start ^^
  6. Yamineko

    Elimination thread 3: Tier VII *Winner!*

    Huge bridged are best bridges. Flat bridges are for little boys. With that in mind:
  7. Yamineko

    Elimination thread 3: Tier VII *Winner!*

    You wish it'd be over in 35-40 posts, but this ain't gonna happen here, we don't follow rules I'll continue with 28 if you don't mind mtm. Blyskawica: 28 Belfast: 28 + 1 = 29 (Same reason as before, in ages of smoke and radar this follows the meta to the letter) Scharnhorst: 31 - 3 = 28 (Versatileness, can't push that well in domination and against cruisers, citadels/high dmg rolls are even more unreliable than it is usually the case for germans) Can I also add that I find the Scharnhorst somewhat visually unpleasing? This impacts the performance I do with her, because I can't play well in a meh looking ship. So as per rules, it's a valid performance reason ^^
  8. Yamineko

    Shards - closest or furthest cap?

    That sounds like a strategy for a coordinated team. However, remember we're discussing this in the context of a normal random battle. As you pointed out, each approach can easily be locked down by an enemy DD or torpedo cruiser, leaving you very few options, if you can't coordinate with your team (and let's face it, that's likely). And the enemy camping the bases they have isn't an unlikely scenario, due to pubbies being in general sniping and defensive players. Furthermore, even in a coordinated team (or CW team), a synchronous push over multiple flanks is reeaaally hard. Like you have no idea how hard. You usually wouldn't gamble on that and you certainly wouldn't in a random battle. Lastly, even if you succeed, the enemy can just come in behind you and take B. You say it's easy to deal with them from established positions, but you need to give up a lot of these positions if you want to challenge the A cap. And don't assume the enemy there will have a very bloddied nose, as I already explained before, the route to A is safe, although you can block them from pushing B. I agree with your former positioning idea, but I'd rather push towards C. Using the same opening at F8 that should be secure, you have a clear path to C and the enemy will have trouble challenging you through the gaps. I also think that if your entire team followed your strategy, the game would be completely lost. Pushing A is inefficient, pushing C is also inefficient if the enemy has a DD somewhere there (though still somewhat more covered). Unless the enemy are complete idiots, they should have the 2-cap advantage and you lose any positional advantage as soon as you begin your push towards either A or C. You somewhat have to trust, that at least a portion of your team will stall either A or C until you can push out of B. As I said somewhere before, you lose a lot of map control if you focus on B. And this leads us back to my old question: A+B or B+C? And that we can cleary answer, since stalling and defensive play is much easier at C. But for personal initial deployment, going your route and denying B seems like a very good idea (btw, in case your DD can get B unchallenged, you'd have to go C anyway, since you moved towards it).
  9. Yamineko

    Shards - closest or furthest cap?

    I see, that does indeed make sense. That position does seem strong. How would you push from there if the enemy were to take both A and C and dug in?
  10. Yamineko

    Shards - closest or furthest cap?

    First of all, the BBs won't be through the channel until long after the first smoke runs out, so let's disregard them. Only his cruisers will be able to support him against DDs and radar cruisers. Oh fun fact, the enemy BBs will be in effective firing places earlier, since they don't have blocking mountains. Second this is very risky for the DD. Even disregarding the radar cruisers, smoking late will make him eat a ton of damage against any other DD. Assume you're in a Fubuki and the enemy has a Benson. Do you go A, running the risk you're fighting a Benson, who will most likely remove most of your HP? Also, if he goes past the first exit that the cruisers are supposed to take, he has a hard time getting out. The second turn to the right is very awkward (unless he is already standing there, which would make him both immobile and early to smoke), as it presents the entire ship to any enemy. The turn to the left removes the DD too long from the game. Third, I think the cruisers have very little to gain there. If the enemy only sends a single DD and maybe one cruiser, they can be effective and take both out. But if not, they risk being killed by torpedoes and the enemy BBs/CAs (the BBs arrive a lot earlier than yours, and the cruisers will be immobile). The exit to the right is also very risky: What if the enemy pushes B with a BB? You have no way of telling what the pubbies will do and if there is a BB, your cruisers will be screwed. What if the enemy has a carrier? That position is even more risky for cruisers camping in smoke. All in all I think going A is a break even at best and a death trap at worst for cruisers. And for the DD as well, if he plays aggressively like you suggest (let's not forget, he is at the mercy of his cruisers that they hit better than the enemy does). You also forgot BBs circling at 0-line ;)
  11. Yamineko

    Elimination thread 3: Tier VII *Winner!*

    Blyskawica: 41 Belfast: 34 + 1 = 35 (Versatile ship that can adapt to almost any situation. Like burning Scharnhorsts to death. Also I simply love shredding DDs in this) Scharnhorst: 44 - 3 = 41 (I'm bad at aiming, the guns don't work for me at all in certain situations, plus it just can't reach the survivability or sexiness of other germans imo)
  12. Yamineko

    Shards - closest or furthest cap?

    In all 3 games today and in 3 games out of 5 yesterday the enemy went in mass to the furthest cap. And no, nobody can punish them for that. How exactly can you snipe even a BB at 15-20+km unless he is a total sleepyhead? Let alone cruisers, who won't even be spotted while transiting to the far cap. Oh and neither will the BBs if they run concealement builds (which are recommended for a lot of BBs by Flamu and other very good players). How anyone can view the transition to A as a weakness in itself is beyond me. You are perfectly safe, you can shoot the enemy if you feel bold enough and you can relocate to B whenever you feel like it. EDIT: Thanks for the edited in picture. I misunderstood you partly. But pushing that way into B is very risky. If the enemy has 3-5 ships at least going to C, you can get hit in the back and side (in case you go a bit too far, which pubbies will do). But then again, going to that position will take some time and you won't be able to get more than 2-3 salvos in on the transiting enemy BBs/CAs. While you gain a very debatable position, you give up way too much map control and crowd into the middle. An early push into B with most of your ships probably won't work. Enemy can crossfire you too easily while you have no way of getting out anymore. You can't get C or A either (assuming you lose A, which is likely), since you have to fight through the enemy first. If I understand your picture correctly, you want to smoke up BBs pushing into A? That's usually not working, since the BBs arrive around the time the first smoke of the DD in A runs out (if he smokes at all). Even if it works, they are prone to getting torped or cita'd left and right in that cramped space. Even worse with a CV in the enemy team. You also lose a lot of time by staying in smokes. It might work with a fast battleships spawning closest to A. But it's a very risky strat that I'd not dare as a BB, because there are too many unknowns. Maybe if my division mate is a DD and I know he would win any DD knife fight in A, while there are no radar-CLs to counter him? Please correct me though if I misunderstood your strategy (the rest I agree with btw).
  13. Yamineko

    Shards - closest or furthest cap?

    Shards is limited to 7-9 MM, so on average you have to consider radar cruisers as a given. I agree with the rest, though I'd like to point out that a CV is even stronger than you think: If he keeps B perma-spotted, any DD going there can't get out without taking heavy damage anymore. He can use his torpedo bombers to dominate the closed caps. This map provides a real field day for skilled CV captains. That sounds like a very good summary of what I tried to express with my walls of death text.
  14. Yamineko

    Shards - closest or furthest cap?

    Point taken. Then let's call it "support". They move towards C and...well shoot in the general direction of the enemies with a chance of hitting them. I'm even reluctant to call it support now. Yes and no, I was assuming in that example I was north, since you asked about it. With "cleaning up" I don't necessarily mean pushing into. Often the guys in A die within 3 minutes of them being spotted, one should still be able to see B in that case (you're around D/E-line at this point?). If they don't, then there's mostly more of them and you can lose some time to wipe them out from your superior positioning. That should give you enough time to regroup and move towards B. If B hasn't already been taken by the rest of your team, since it has to be weaker (if there is lots of people at A that make you stay there longer, there is less people at B/C).
  15. Yamineko

    Shards - closest or furthest cap?

    Mostly, the BBs (at least I do) only stay there to clean up A. Afterwards, they move towards B. It's the CLs and DDs that will take A after the CL in it was taken out (which should be fairly fast, I doubt they will last more than 3 minutes after being spotted). If you wanted to keep A clean afterwards, you'd have to commit your entire DD for god knows how many minutes against CLs or DDs that are closer than 8km. Heck, even a BB at that range, who expects you, can be deadly. Sounds really risky to me, when you can simply go to B and cap it. Even if they push it aggressively, it's risky at best. The enemy has many options to counter that. I already listed some of them and they are well within what pubbies usually do. Sure it can pay off and no risk no fun, but as a solid strategy it doesn't sound that great. Watch ColonelPetes replay in the second reply to this thread (or my analysis of it on page 3). There you can see a good example that they are NOT fast enough if the enemy wants to smoke them out. And why would they push C: First of all, they do. I see it quite often that the enemy goes towards the further cap. I think pubbies will go towards the closest islands (and the BBs start closer to the C-islands on south, although the cap is further away). Also, C gives more space to maneouver, so that also draws them. And they can always fire into the cap or enemy potatoes, so they are somewhat useful. The same doesn't hold true for BBs going A, if they go to the potato zone, they won't fire at an enemy before the 10 minute mark. If they go directly into the cap, they are prone to eating a full torpedo salvo if they aren't careful. And don't get me started on CVs, they have field days there.