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  1. Ryuuteimaru

    To AA Spec or Not

    I wouldn't bother AA on most ships is now overall pretty much useless against any CV other than complete photato player, better to spending points else where.
  2. Ryuuteimaru

    Hindenburg Buff Suggestion. Make Hindenburg great again!

    I find the ship useless now, you have to lemming train with it as the AA is totally worthless and does jack crap even with defensive fire and full AA spec, add onto that it's now pretty much perma spotted... It's gone from upper mid tier ship to one of the worst T10, how to fix it with the current game meta I don't think it is fixable.
  3. Ryuuteimaru

    The new AA is boring

    New AA is almost totally worthless if the CV knows what hes doing.
  4. Ryuuteimaru

    Please nerf CV's WG. So OP now. OMG. REEE

    A midway just killed me in under 2 minutes of the start of the game and that was with a CA escorting me poping defensive fire.
  5. Ryuuteimaru

    aa completely useless now?

    I found CA AAA to be completely useless i've played both Hindenberg and Neptune both had decent to good AA pre-patch after they do nothing. But BB AA seems to shred planes.
  6. Ryuuteimaru

    concealment expert on BBs

    I'd say with the state the games in currently CE is just a waste of points, at this stage I am usually spotted within a minute of the games start and perma spotted for most of the rest of the game.
  7. Ryuuteimaru

    Tier ten DD Play Damn Hard

    DD's have already pretty much disappeared haven't seen any in 3-4 games. First game in Neptune got spotted in about 40 seconds and got instant ko'd by 2 battleships, won't be play this line again with the state of the game.
  8. Ryuuteimaru

    Tier ten DD Play Damn Hard

    Then the game is dead to me, i am not going back to the escort the BB and be bored shitless for ten minutes style from 3 years ago.
  9. Ryuuteimaru

    Tier ten DD Play Damn Hard

    Hindenbergs used to be decent, now gone two games pretty much in AA range most of the game and haven't dropped a single plane.
  10. Ryuuteimaru

    Tier ten DD Play Damn Hard

    This game is dead to me, just had a game where me and a minotaur where pretty close together a midway did 2 drops on me and we didn't even drop one plane until after I was already dead and thats after been perma spotted with 3 battleships concentrating on me for 2-3 minutes. Great job [edited]up your games yet again WG.
  11. Ryuuteimaru

    Tier ten DD Play Damn Hard

    DD's are pretty much useless now, tried a few games everything is pretty much perma spotted so DD can't really cap or do anything useful. Alot of the Cruisers are sitting ducks now especially the high tier British and the AA doesn't seem to do much either played my Hindenberg which used to do decently against aircraft barely tickles them now unless they're in the bubble for a extended period of time.
  12. Ryuuteimaru

    Poll: Will you keep playing the game after v.8.0 goes live?

    Probably no, already not playing much so having super OP carriers around again will kill what little motivation to play the game that I had left.
  13. Ryuuteimaru

    Richelieu - Tier VIII

    I find the guns on the Richelieu to be pretty shitty, funny enough I find the dispersion to be pretty decent the problem is they just seem to lack the hitting power of the other lines really struggle to get any decent damage with them.
  14. Ryuuteimaru

    PSA: Concealment nerf coming up in 0.8.0, hitting mainly cruisers

    No chance WOT is pure pay to win at this point and they're not even trying to hide it.
  15. Ryuuteimaru

    PSA: Concealment nerf coming up in 0.8.0, hitting mainly cruisers

    I think I'll be retiring from the game, no way in hell i am playing in a game thats completely dominated by CV again.