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  1. CV=easy mode and anti everything with little to no risk for the player. If you want to return to the CV rule the game times kiss this games player base good bye.
  2. Yes the Hindenburg, crap ship so no point in keeping it if I am not going to use it.
  3. Squishy as hell and guns that are next to useless against BB.
  4. Because ranked is always boring.
  5. God knows why people use Leanders they're useless in ranked.
  6. Graf spee is Sub par LOL. It's probably the best cruiser to take this season, it's fairly tanky can self heal and has hydro it's also armed with large caliber guns that wreak other cruisers and are a threat to BB plus well angeled decent ranged Torps equal or better that most same tier DD.
  7. Pretty much target Cruisers frist with everything other than maybe DD and targets of opportunity IE DD fairly close range, Cruisers are piss easy to kill and will give you the advantage.
  8. Are you dumb or just pertending to be, all the German Cruisers are bottom tier when compaired with other cruisers Tier for Tier and that fit's my experience playing them. They're crappy one trick ponies that easy to counter if your playing against them.
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA Hindenburg=worst perform T10 in the game.
  10. With the state of the game I have very little interest in playing.
  11. Get used to it all the top tier German cruisers suck with the Hindenburg been the worst of the bunch.
  12. Supercontainers what are those?
  13. No thanks keeps those CV nerfed, rather play BB heavly than go back to CV been the king and roflstomp everything meta.
  14. The line in garbage up to Teir 5 good at Tier 6-7 then trails off again at Tier 8-10.
  15. World of tanks had 300k players online peak hours at it's height of it's popularity.