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  1. Ryuuteimaru

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    I could only stomach the line up until the Neptune and found it to be a joke, all the ships other than the Leander and Fiji are complete garbage tier ships and even those 2 ships aren't that great anymore and who ever designed the Neptune wants shooting. The only thing they had going for them is smoke and the higher the tier the less useful that becomes, it's a line I have zero fear of fighting in fact hunting Neptune's and Minotaur's in my Hindenberg is one of my fave pass times.
  2. Ryuuteimaru

    Verdict on Nelson?

    Don't know what ship you're play it's definitely not the Nelson, as soon as I am spotting in it I usually get focused as eveybody knows how squishy it is.
  3. Ryuuteimaru

    Reasons behind "Roflstomps"

    Ya and the DD rips you apart ROFL.
  4. Ryuuteimaru

    Reasons behind "Roflstomps"

    Bow in to something you can't see ya right...
  5. Ryuuteimaru

    Reasons behind "Roflstomps"

    I find just like WOT the match making always stacks one team with the good players while the other team is by in large filled with players that barely know what WSAD is.
  6. Ryuuteimaru

    Isnt fire overrated?

    So ships didn't carry oil, cordit, AA ammo on deck ETC, fires where pretty common on ships that suffered hits.
  7. Ryuuteimaru

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Other than Trops the Gneisenau offers nothing, in fact I enjoy playing against them as they're easy kills.
  8. Ryuuteimaru

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    ERR no the Bismarck and NC are significantly behind the other T8 silver battleships, unless you think 8k lower average damage is close stats wise.
  9. Ryuuteimaru

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Your kidding aren't you the NC is the worst performing none permium and the Bismarck barely beats it, they both have among the worst average stats of the Tier.
  10. Ryuuteimaru

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    It's among the 3 worst performing T8 battleships along with funny enough the Tirpitz so ya... Gneisenau is bottom tier as well.
  11. Ryuuteimaru

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Not a bad idea, Bismarck is garbage as well thats when I dumped the german BB line I preserved though the Gneisenau and found the Bismarck just as bad.
  12. Ryuuteimaru

    Nelson now! or Musashi later!!

    I found the Nelson to be an extreme waste of free XP, it's far to fragile takes massive damage from everything, guns are very meh as well.
  13. Ryuuteimaru

    Upcoming Roon / Hindenburg reload nerf

    HAHAHAHA WG nerfing an average performing crusier HAHAHAHAHA, the only time a Hindenburg does anything is against scrubs who show broadside at relatively close ranges other than it's sup-par.
  14. Ryuuteimaru

    Skill based teams now!

    So been put into teams of 47% dunces against teams full of 55%ers is my fault good to know....
  15. Ryuuteimaru

    Verdict on Nelson?

    Wish I could Get my Free XP back, worst battleship in the game. And that video is awful camping in a battleship, and what tanking you just camped.