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  1. Nelson now! or Musashi later!!

    I found the Nelson to be an extreme waste of free XP, it's far to fragile takes massive damage from everything, guns are very meh as well.
  2. Upcoming Roon / Hindenburg reload nerf

    HAHAHAHA WG nerfing an average performing crusier HAHAHAHAHA, the only time a Hindenburg does anything is against scrubs who show broadside at relatively close ranges other than it's sup-par.
  3. Skill based teams now!

    So been put into teams of 47% dunces against teams full of 55%ers is my fault good to know....
  4. Verdict on Nelson?

    Wish I could Get my Free XP back, worst battleship in the game. And that video is awful camping in a battleship, and what tanking you just camped.
  5. The DD spam has to stop

    Cruisers the so called DD counter are complete waste of time to play currently, you get spotted early by the DD and blown out of the water by the BB behind them.
  6. Verdict on Nelson?

    Just got it, finding it a extremely weak battleship the armor is awful even 6inch AP will wreck you, the gun are inaccurate the AP is unimpressive I've had broadside battleships and the AP just doesn't do much and the HE isn't particularly good either no way is it 46% fire chance so far from my experience the chance is around 25%. Only good thing about the ship is the fast turrets other than that it's trash tier.
  7. Nurnberg (Tier VI) - the Fighting Machine

    A garbage teir ship. And the AP isn't that great, 960 m/s sounds great but it has the lightest shell at Tier 6 meaning the shells bleed that velocity faster than other Crusier and the shell also have a really low Krupp value which means it doesn't have the same penetration as other nations and a higher chance to shatter.
  8. Submarines.

    Stupid idea, last thing this game needs is another craft like the CV.
  9. Verdict on Nelson?

    Just another pay to win ship.
  10. Dunkerque slower than historically correct?

    Yes they do "Force" them trials are just that trials to see how far they can push the ship to find faults etc, sea Trials are also carried out under unloaded condations without any ammo, fuel ETC. Example Iowa class. 45k tonnes unloaded=35.2 knots 57k tonnes combat load=32.5 knots
  11. Dunkerque slower than historically correct?

    In trails they pushed the ships to the absolute maximum those results while in theory where possible they where never used in service as it put to much pressure on the machinery, they'd have to be refitted far to often. Also it's game balance for example the Yamato in real life had a turning circle of around 650m in game it's 900m.
  12. The Best T10 Cruiser?

    Oh and you forgot to mention the Hindy is by far the worst performer at T10. My experence with the piece of crap is you get spotted early by a DD or planes then get pummeled by 4-5 BB until you manage to find cover.
  13. The Best T10 Cruiser?

    Zao is the best, Hindy is by far the worst,
  14. Nelson confirmed cost and stats

    Used them all haven't had Free XP flags drop from containers in months.
  15. Nelson confirmed cost and stats

    I'd need another 773 games of that level to earn the 200k XP needed so no this isn't earnable for the average player.