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  1. Ryuuteimaru

    Subs, simple yes or no

    No playing against them is one of the worst experiences i've had in any game bar none.
  2. Ryuuteimaru

    Proposed nerfs for RN CL's

    Edinburgh, Neptune and Minotaur are all bottom or close to bottom performing Cruisers for their tiers.
  3. Ryuuteimaru

    Proposed nerfs for RN CL's

    What do you ecpect WG are complete morons when it comes to balance, leander and Fiji are the only good ships in the line the rest are under performers nerf those two and there's zero reason to grind the line so you might as well bin it.
  4. I think the player base is shrinking, but will it be shut down anytime soon no.
  5. Jean bart is one of the most OP BB's in the game.... It's basically the Alsace but better in just about every way.
  6. Ryuuteimaru

    DDs Gameplay and no teamwork these days

    Stopped reading at DD are the weakest class. Wrong they are by far the most powerful class in game currently, and thank the gods most idiots have zero clue how to play them.
  7. Ryuuteimaru

    İzumo freeexp or not

    Solid LOL it's utter trash. Everything about the ship is garbage. Guns lose the rest of the lines accuracy and hitting power, third turret is useless meaning you're under gunned most of the time. Armor is trash sneeze on it and it takes massive damage. Awful agility. Some of the worst AA, Camo and Torp protection at the tier. I'd rather play any other T9 BB than this trash, hell I'd rather play the Amagi as a Tier 9.
  8. Ryuuteimaru

    Why WoWS is not fun anymore

    It's gone the extact same route as WOT and I knew it would, it's why I've never been invested in the game because I knew they'ed introduce powercreep and OP premiums to induce spending. Doubt I'll ever play a wargaming game seriously again.
  9. Ryuuteimaru

    İzumo freeexp or not

    Just got to it and it's a massive downgrade from the rest of the line. Guns are mediocre at best, Armor is utter trash even worse than the Amagi and that ship has barely any armor it seems to take pens and citadels at just about any angle and under sustained fire it melts quickly. I don't have the Free XP to bypass so just going to do Co-op with it, against other players the ships trash.
  10. Ryuuteimaru


    The time subs are added is when I quit.
  11. Ryuuteimaru

    Manfred von Richthofen, a study in insanity.

    Yup same as WOT and arty it doesn't cause camping, everybody goes hides behind the nearest hill or building. Just had a game against this trash more or less 2 shot me in a Amagi with bombs in near enough 2 minutes of the game starting.
  12. Ryuuteimaru

    Alsace is just BAD...

    By far the worst BB I've played, god awful guns that are inaccurate and does jack damage unless target is broadside, it soft as hell takes massive damage from everything and constantly loses turrets.
  13. Ryuuteimaru

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Finding out how useless the Hindenberg is in ranked and against Russian cruisers.
  14. Ryuuteimaru

    Ranked 18 Experiences

    Russian cruisers, Russian cruiser and more fing Russian cruisers pretty much sums up this session.
  15. Ryuuteimaru

    Ranked 18 Experiences

    Played 5 games and it's a complete waste of time completely dominated by OP Russian cruisers and CV.