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  1. Fritz_alter

    UI Improvements

    In Update 0.7.7, the Minimap will conveniently display the point where the ship’s guns are aimed. This will allow players to better understand the firing and aiming mechanics. The point will always be displayed on the Minimap -I would welcome the toggle sooner than later
  2. Fritz_alter

    General Feedback

    MrConway, I don't mind the game center portal but, with the last update and it skipping whichever game I wanted to log in it's skips also the intro/trailer video's, somehow I find that a bad experience even before I start playing. 1. Description Game center login-all skipping game intro 2. Reproduction steps Select short cut, press 'play game', get game center portal, instead of selecting a game it's login game center, login, jump to harbour - no game trailers 3. Result Whatever noob I am and however fast I lose my crap in-game, this reduction in esthetics is appalling, I can no longer enjoy a deliberate hold-up while I experience these intro's/trailers 4. Expected result Some fix? Get intro rolling after login and only after pressing a button you jump to port? Get a setting option in the Game Center for game trailers? 5. Technical details - ps. I am not trolling, I really dislike missing the intro's edit: If you log out after logging on through wg game center while the game is still loading, you get the normal login routine ..with intro's/trailers
  3. Fritz_alter

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Wonky dispersion - I experience huge difference in doing dmg, all rng/noob&patch related(?) But this was a nice win, with extra pleasure due to silent saltiness (downvotes) *edit* well, get rid off art. plotting room helps, fools on me ofc for not seeing the problem - ty wg (but really, some NA post about Missouri captains helped)
  4. Fritz_alter

    Space Battles

    Don't mind helping out on some testing/grindfest towards collectable
  5. Fritz_alter

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    I like the alternative interface mode option in wows settings. Checked? That might influence/affect game performance.. why then, wg, bring the warning/visibility range indication in this mode? Not very useful (even for those who play without map awareness), no option to exclude it from the more helpful info and probably, when it affected game performance without, of some hindrance at the moment.
  6. Fritz_alter

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    [WG reported for patch] edit: 07/03 little patching today [7.2.1+]? fixed lag for me, ty wg
  7. Fritz_alter

    Update 0.6.11 - General Feedback

    The slow in-game upload problems described in several post happens to me too. Well, after patch 0.6.9 load/lag/freeze/disconnect-problems a reinstall fixed my problems.
  8. Fritz_alter

    Ranked Battles Season 7 - General Feedback

    MM - no issue/queue-time maybe Balance - it might be less fun but T6 seems like equal playing level/no truly OP ships, nice mix of maps and spawns TI - lots of disconnects my 2cents/general - maybe freeze the karma rating(whole/drop/prior to R1/something) in ranked - it's toxic out there - make star gain for top 7xp earned, star loss for bottom 7xp earned//with less xp win bonus (or 7gain-1hold-6lose//6/2/6) - I think it will improve game play/fun in grinding/remove toxicity a lot (yes, i get pink sometimes - even deserve a drop now&then, in general you can't do good, hardly get recommended (if deserved) and win or lose you're bound to piss off someone but that doesn't seem to matter it's just delayed or slow flying shells/fishes for no apparent reason other then being salty)
  9. Fritz_alter

    battle of Port Arthur

    Some grind this 30 Dragons.
  10. Fritz_alter

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    I can concur with the above mentioned observation. Only played a few battles after the new patch ..but, less DD's, total different game play ..not only DDs (or maybe coz of that DD play), the passive playing style was massive throughout my played games (often it became this great lemming train of which I would be one of the first salty victims coz almost everybody waited for someone else to engage the enemy -I'm mostly a somewhat aggressive and bad BB player, but games were/seemed pre patch more enjoyable). Looking forward to more spoils. Maybe missiles.. coz we know ..arty prevents camping.
  11. WG WoWS Congrats on your anniversary Nice visual poem Also -Problem fixed- Logged in, missing flags were present - ty
  12. "The friends thou hast, and thy adoption tried, grapple them to thy soul with Tanks&Ships of Steel."

  13. This post is about nothing/spam but I still wanted to share it on the forum. Funny thing, I'm a mediocre player in wows and maybe even a bad one in wot. I do enjoy both games and when I found out what a hidden account is for wows, I opted for one - I don't care for stats much and like to keep the judges guessing. (okay, we lost, as a team, still I was in the top two for what it is worth) Hidden account but not ashamed of almost anything and a vanilla noob from beta till present -I haven't used a mod ever in wows- I am since of today at '0' Karma. I saw this drop coming when I started unlocking and playing higher Tier ships and I made some screenshots the other day of an untypical game with typical reactions, that still keeps me grinning when I think of it (in this instance it is a shame that I didn't arrange to save replays). Karma is a Bit** they say? I hope it doesn't hurt in wows either. You play bad -reported-, you play well -reported-, go figure and a hidden account probably won't help. Call me anything and the 'Wallet Warrior' is deserved, I don't consider it name calling - I'm probably having a blast, we lost? Okay, too bad, maybe next game.. . I don't use aimbots - sry if you do. Karma says zero, yeah, as in ..seems broken. hf&gl
  14. Fritz_alter

    Battleships = play a different game

  15. CA do a proper amount of dmg to a BB, they could get more hp (but that seems fine on higher Tiers). I still think, although I understand the need for rng and don't know the specifics on dmg dealing, that BB have problems with rng hits, rng dmg (which is likely related) and stupid distribution of shells close around/in midrange and up to close range (which I don't understand either apart from gun statistics mentioned and doing rng on it). BB Shells differentiate well on long range, but up closer its really annoying to shoot over and under in huge (rng/spreadfigures?) differences. I fail to see this is about aiming, skill, movement of the ocean or recoil in sequential fire and/or that it is a part of balancing out the ships (as a counter to rng erratic dmg dealt).