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    WG INSULTS Royal Navy and UK - what is going on?

    OMG The flag, the flag is upside down!!!, it will be right way up when capsized, the usual result for the RN line, two minutes into a match, worry more for Scotland! when they leave the UK, we are taking the Blue Cross off their flag, wont be so kean to wave it then will they
  2. The_Bearded_Clam

    cruisers radar is there a counter?

    well M8 I'm in the same/similar situation as you and everyone else that like to use DDs, the only counter is don't play DDS or only in the low tiers were the Radar "BS" is not implemented, as the introduction of Radar has made WOWS unplayable, how can you have a line of ships that rely on stealth to achieve their goal, in a game that offers little to none, with the introduction of Radar? Received an update today, how odd the isokaze is now slower in turns, post update, and slower to recover speed once the turn is completed, WG has the same brain-dead attitude toward WOWS as they did to WOWP, nice game at first release, but soon the "nerfs" and "tweak's" started and eureka! a failed game, you may find as many as 1000+ players, playing WOWP on a good day, not bad considering that the population of the EU is in excess of 500 million, it sort of puts WG, as an online game producer into prospective, a Terd, with a ribbon tied around it, is still a Terd, WOWS is a terd in progress, give WG a little more time, they have learned nothing from WOWP, and so, if you do not learn from history, you are ultimately condemned to make the same mistakes, I enjoyed playing WOWS, but the honeymoon period is coming to a close, I don't enjoy playing anymore, I'll spend my money elsewhere, close the door and turn off the lights, if you are the last one to leave!
  3. The_Bearded_Clam

    Containers Feedback

    Played the TS 8 crates, two of which took 37,000 XP to earn, all 5 flags, yippee, what a reward for testing YOUR game, with MY free time, free time for me not for WG! in future WG stick your gimmicks were the sun don`t shine, should you require further game testing, DO IT YOURSELF!!!!
  4. The_Bearded_Clam

    Skills are a Bake

    Hi All just got my third three point skill, torp increase +5 Knots, - 20% range decrease, added to +25% acquisition Range of Torps, Minekaze - 7.0 Klm Torps less 20% = 5.6 Klm, however 25% Acquisition Range = 1.4 Klm, taking the torp range back to 7.0 Klm, + 5 Knots in speed, well it does not work, range is then set a 5.6 Klm, with no real advantage but increase in speed 5 Knots, added to a waste of 3 skill points don`t waste your time lads setting your skills as above, just another WG Bake, all the skills should have a effect as stated in the pop up applet/description, it would appear they do not!!!
  5. The_Bearded_Clam

    Dud torps

    Hi The torps hit along the full length of the ship, it had very little HP left, yet it was the flooding that sunk it, not the first time it happened, the next game happened again, stuck the Gnevny with 2 torps in the forward end under the forward guns, one midships, due to the spread of torps, again it did not sink, taking photos of the screen with phone, because the print screen does not work, works in WOWP, but not WOWS, not a clue why
  6. The_Bearded_Clam

    Dud torps

    Hi Just finished a game, using dud torps, not the first time this has happened, anyone else had the same/similar result?
  7. The_Bearded_Clam

    Bad news from America...

    well this explains alot, playing DDS in ranked, i had a suspicion it may be a bug with the detection, firing torps at 6.5Klm undetected, the target changed direction before the torps hit the water, not on just one single occasion, on many, over the last 2-3 weeks the amount of occurrences has dramatically increased to the point were torps are pretty much useless, unlesss you are within 2Klm of the target, but that said how to get within 2klm with an aim assist included in the Hack, you don`t without dying for the single kill, this Hack has pretty much stuffed the game, just like the hemorrhoid hack in WOWP, the best advice, dont spend you money on the game, why be ripped off, as for the users of the cheat, ban them, permanently,
  8. The_Bearded_Clam

    Ocean map

    Ocean map is a real dung heap, WG would like you to invest your cash in the game, and what do you get this for it, no choice of map!, its random apparently 5 times on the bounce I have been dumped on this Ocean map, changed my tier DD, from 4 to 3, still the same crappy map, running a Yank DD, could not get enough credits to pay for repairs, torps are useless here, not enough range or speed, use the guns, detected, all of the opposition fire back that are in range, GAME OVER!!!! a two year old child has more imagination than has been put into making of this map, but WG carry on, kill the player base until its another WOWP disaster, WG have the business acumen of a blacksmiths Anvil Rules of Business Rule.1 make money Rule.2 see rule 1 Rule 3 don't piss up the backs of your clientele, claiming its rain, refer to rule 1 for guidance, forcibly retire the employee responsible
  9. The_Bearded_Clam

    Constantly late getting into a battle

    the computers at your work are for your business, not gaming, running Microsoft office is one thing, gaming is completely different, I doubt if the computers at your work are out of the ark, what micro chip are they running? what DDR type memory are they running? what is the clock speed of the memory? what type of architecture is the possessor? (example 1155)? are the dual or quad core? what htz 1.6, 2.4, 2.8, 3.4? what read/write to the HDD do they have? what is the virtual memory set at? I build my own computers, have done for years, believe me, gaming and office, are a world apart
  10. The_Bearded_Clam

    Constantly late getting into a battle

    Win 7 needs al least 8gig of ram, 16 gig is better, an old system will need DDR 1 type memory to upgrade, more resent/newer computers run DDR3 or DDR5, the memory card has a small recess on the plug-in side of the card, its location on the plug-in side is different for each type of memory, DDR 1 will not fit in a DDR 3 or DDR 5 slot, and visa versa, you will need to open up the computer (NOT CONECTED TO THE POWER SUPPLY!) remove the memory cards and examine, it will be written on the side what exactly the memory is, DDR1 etc, size 2Gig, 4 Gig, 8 Gig, and also the clock speed, 800Htz, 1200Htz, 1600Htz, (important) if you are adding memory, same size, same speed, if you are completely replacing, the biggest, fastest you can afford, DDR Compatible to your motherboard, Novatech are a good outlet for purchase, with good support, if its a shop bought computer it may only be a "half motherboard", with (2) memory slots, most "full motherboards" have 4 memory slots, so it is easier to upgrade the memory capacity also settings in the game, update, turn off the "enable seeding" it may help your connection speed,
  11. The_Bearded_Clam


    the sailor's always knew when man eating sharks were in the area, shark crap smelt of repellent packs and was full of whistles
  12. The_Bearded_Clam

    Now this is what I call an update......

    Well it wont be three days premium of my choice, like the next three Saturdays or Sundays, busy over the weekend, back at work Monday!, compensated for what exactly?? off work today, started the download 6am, and it is still going, on a 20meg link, WG should have broken this update down into smaller parts, not this god forsaken lump!
  13. The_Bearded_Clam

    unpacking takes forever

    Hi All go to settings> update> turn off, Allow Update Seeding will not completely cure your problems, but it may help
  14. The_Bearded_Clam

    Now this is what I call an update......

    Great Update, 7 Hours and still counting, so much for my day off, WG is just a bad joke, they may wonder why i wont pay for any of the WG titles, COS ITS NOT WORTH A TOSS!